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Test Studio Express 2011.1502

May 1, 2011


We are excited to share with you all the new features coming to Test Studio (formerly known as WebUI Test Studio) with its first major release for this year. To focus more on product development and facilitate your new version upgrading process, from now on Telerik automated software testing tools will have two major releases per year. R1 2011 brings in some really nice surprises – WPF testing capabilities, reporting features, integration with our agile development tool TeamPulse are just for starters.

Make sure to get a front seat at the upcoming “What’s new in Test Studio R1 2011 webinar” which will take place on Thursday, May 12th, 11am EDT.

New Features


  • WPF Test Automation: With R1 Test Studio adds support for building test automation for WPF applications. Not only the underlying test automation framework ships with out-of-the-box support for writing tests for WPF-based apps, the new Test Studio allows users to record and play WPF tests with just point and clicks – no coding required! Worth mentioning is the fact that Telerik Test Studio has been originally built on WPF (using Telerik WPF controls) which helped the team amass profound knowledge of the platform. Even more, Test Studio has been extensively used internally by Telerik WPF product teams in perfecting our XAML components. Watch video

    WPF Test Automation

  • Support for WPF controls: Naturally, along with support for WPF testing, Test Studio R1 also ships with translators for pretty much all of the generic Microsoft WPF controls as well as most of the RadControls for WPF. Similar to the built-in extensions for testing RadControls for Silverlight and ASP.NET AJAX, the WPF control translators enable customers to create regression tests for apps built with Telerik controls as easy as possible. Each translator is responsible for processing the respective control actions (click a button; check a checkbox, etc.).

    RadControls for WPF Translators

  • TeamPulse integration: With R1, Test Studio comes with support for Telerik’s agile project management solution – TeamPulse. The integration with the agile tool enables linking between user stories and acceptance test criteria in TeamPulse to functional tests within Telerik Test Studio. Thus users can further facilitate business owners – testers’ communication by bringing transparency to converting requirements into tests.

    TeamPulse Integration

  • Enhanced Browser support: With R1 2011 Test Studio adds support for Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4.

    Reporting functionality

  • New FindExpression UI: Test Studio R1 2011 also features a richer and simplified UI to edit find expressions and debug find errors. The FindExpression builder now gives users an overview of the element, which and how many tests this element has been used in, as well as quick view of the element in the DOM Explorer. Customer can choose among various attributes in order to validate the element.

    New FindExpression UI

  • Reporting functionality:  Telerik Test Studio’s reporting feature is also being significantly upgraded and expanded. Now users have the ability to explore test list results over time, export reports in common file formats (as image or html), and leave comments within reports. R1 introduces enhanced visualization of test results through interactive graphs and charts. Users can now generate more meaningful graphs that support drill-downs, as well as having single test list results displayed in easy-to-read pie charts. With this expanded functionality, spotting test pass/failure trends and identifying weak spots in applications being tested is swift and effortless.

    Reporting functionality

  • Lock the recording surface: While building tests for complex animations and visual effects that tend to alter their behavior on mouse hover, the recorder now allows users to lock the recorded UI by pressing the “scroll lock“ key on your keyboard. In this “freeze mode” users can take the time to build verification for any existing element.
  • Simplified licensing: Now users can activate and deactivate their Test Studio license with a mouse-click from either their Telerik client account or the product itself. This aims at facilitating the work of customers who’d like to use the license both on their office machine and their personal computer at home.

    Simplified Licensing

  • One product, no editions: As of this release, Telerik Test Studio features a greatly simplified licensing structure that avoids complex pricing models. Under the new licensing model, multiple products have been condensed into a single SKU, providing a comprehensive solution that includes both web and WPF testing, TeamPulse integration, and Visual Studio plug-in. New pricing has also been introduced, reflecting the suite’s streamlined licensing. Telerik Test Studio will now retail for $2,499.


Test Scheduling
  • CommandLine support: Export your test results into the scheduling server using a command line.

Enhanced Silverlight Test Automation
  • With R1 2011 Test Studio also adds support for all Microsoft Silverlight 4 controls as well as translators for more controls like SL Toolkt's TreeView and AutoCompleteBox

Test Results Viewer
  • We also added drill-down support for loops/test as steps. If your test result includes conditional logic steps once you double-click it you will be able to go a step further in the results analysis.
  • From your test results screen now you can instantly open the entire test in the Test Explorer with a mouse-click.

Test Explorer
  • In addition to the current conditional logic options we also added “Wait” verifications.
  • Auto-Scrolling: if you’d like to drag a certain test step to the bottom of your test, we’ll automatically scroll your screen to facilitate the action.
  • Run From Here: R1 2011 allows users to execute a test from/to certain test step or to simply run a selection of steps.
  • Limit step execution by browser and version: With R1 clients will be able to limit the step execution not only by browser but also by browser version. The step execution browser version constraint is customizable by the new ‘RunsAgainstBrowserVersion’ and ‘RunsAgainstBrowserVersionCompare’ properties.

Test lists
  • With Test Studio R1 users are now able to select multiple test lists at once and queue them for execution.

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