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UI for iOS Q3 2015 (version 2015.3.1105)

November 4, 2015


  • The number of labels and ticks is not correct in TKRadialGauge.
  • A typo: minorTikcsStroke should be minorTicksStroke.


  • Different item height in linear layout is now possible.
  • Using nib files to define cells is now possible.
  • Swiped cells remain in wrong state when using deleteItemsAtIndexPaths method.
  • Renamed TKListViewStaggeredLayoutDelegate to TKListViewLinearLayoutDelegate
  • Renamed staggeredLayout:sizeForItemAtIndexPath to listViewLayout:sizeForItemAtIndexPath:


  • Navigation buttons to the on-screen keyboard.
  • JSON serialization/deserialization.


  • Multiple dates cannot be selected when in the next month.
  • The selection is missing when adding dates in multiple selection mode.
  • The day cell shows a wrong number of events.
  • TKCalendar shows many rows when the device region is set to Germany.
  • The inline events popup is not updated when an event is removed.
  • TKCalendar shows wrong week numbers.
  • The location property of TKCalendarEvent is not synced when using TKCalendarEventKitDataSource. 
  • It is not possible to scroll to a previous date when in week mode.


  • ​An option to add two side drawers simultaneously in a single view controller.
  • The sideDrawer property is removed from TKSideDrawerView. Please use the new property (NSArray *)sideDrawers ​instead.
  • The sideDrawerContentView is removed from TKSideDrawerView.
  • The sideDrawer property is removed from TKSideDrawerController. Please use the new property (NSArray *)sideDrawers instead.
  • The findSideDrawerForViewController of TKSideDrawer is changed to findSideDrawerAtIndex:forViewController:.


  • An option to turn off specific interaction recognizers in TKChart.
  • An option to cast shadow on TKChartSeries.
  • A warning when the minimum axis value is greater than the maximum.
  • Chart interaction is broken on iPhone 6s.
  • The area of the area chart is missing when a series crosses the baseline.
  • Horizontal axis values do not hide when they cross the vertical axis.
  • There is an exception when adding gaps in spline series.
  • The chart is not rendered properly when Zoom accessibility is enabled.
  • The last label is not rendered in TKChartDateTimeAxis when the end date is today.
  • The first vertical grid line is not visible when you set a stroke width of 0.5 or less.
  • chart:attributedTextForAxis:value:atIndex: delegate method is called more times than the major ticks count.
  • Candlestick width is dependent on the amount of candlestick series added to the chart even when clustering is off.
  • Changing grid properties and calling the update method in TKChart does not update the chart appearance.

Common for the whole suite

  • Xcode project templates:
    • Side Drawer Application - this template provides a starting point for a Telerik SideDrawer-enabled application using the Telerik SideDrawer controller to display a side panel with items.
    • Single View Application - the Telerik SIngle View Application template provides a starting point for a single view application, adding the necessary references to the Telerik UI for iOS framework.