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UI for iOS Q3 2015 (version 2015.3.0930)

September 29, 2015


TKGauge is a highly customizable component that allows you to show the current status of a value within a range of upper and lower bounds, illustrate progress towards a goal or a summary of a fluctuating metric. TKGauge main features include:
  • Various components types: indicators, segments, ranges, scales
  • Multiple scales with different ranges
  • Multiple indicators
  • Value animations
  • User interactions

AutoCompleteTextView (Beta)

TKAutoCompleteTextView can automatically complete user input string by comparing the text being entered to all strings in the associated data source. The control provides means for easy customization and data management. To make working with data easier for developers, TKAutoCompleteTextView works seamlessly with the Telerik DataSource control which serves as a mediator between the raw suggestions data and the UI component which serves as a suggestion view.

Common for the whole suite

  • Support for XCode 7, Swift 2.0, and iOS 9.

DataForm (Now official)

  • Improved the API.
  • Collapsible groups.
  • Customizable stack and grid layouts for editors and groups in TKDataForm.
  • didDeselectEditor event in TKDataFormDelegate.
  • Slide step to TKDataFormSliderEditor.
  • Validate method in TKEntity to validate all properties.
  • Phone, number, password, name/phone, email, and decimal editors.
  • didSelectEditor method fires only when touching the label.
  • Date-time picker does not close when an editor read-only mode is changed.
  • TKDataForm does not recognize NSDate property type in Xamarin.
  • The originalValue is never set.
  • The Validate method does not call data form delegate validation methods.
  • If you set the sourceObject of the data source ​at a later moment (after viewDidAppear), the data form wont render.
  • Renamed TKDataFormCommitModeDelayed to TKDataFormCommitModeManual.
  • Renamed TKDataFormEntity and related objects to TKEntity.
  • Renamed TKDataFormHeaderView to TKEntityPropertyGroupTitleView.
  • Removed insets and separatorColor properties from TKEntityPropertyGroupTitleView. Use the style property instead.


  • An option to reorder list view items without using the reorder handle.
  • Pull-to-refresh does not work when the list view is empty.


  • Week number cell width is now sized automatically when weekNumberCellWidth property is set to -1.
  • TKCalendar shows wrong number of months when equalWeekNumber is set to NO and using non-English localization.
  • An exception is thrown when casting the presenter property to TKCalendarMonthPresenter in Xamarin.iOS wrappers.
  • TKCalendar continues to scroll back to the min month every time you scroll left when minDate property is set.
  • A typo in TKCalendarMonthTitleCellLayoutMode enumeration.


  • Range bar/column series.
  • Logarithmic axis.
  • Discontinuous date-time axis.
  • An option to customize chart axis rendering.
  • An option to show gaps in line/spline and area series.
  • Axis labels are cut and misplaced when rotated.
  • initWithPoint method arguments of TKDataPointLabel.
  • labelForDataPoint method arguments of TKChartDelegate.