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UI for iOS Q2 2015 (version 2015.2.0819)

August 18, 2015

DataForm (Beta)

  • The segmented control looks blurred.
  • Inline editor's width is wrong on iPad.


  • It is not possible to customize AppFeedback text messages.


  • ​The cancelTransition method is added to TKSideDrawer to allow canceling show/dismiss transitions.
  • ​The selectItemAtIndexPath method is added to allow selecting an item at runtime.
  • The willShowSideDrawer and willDismiss methods from TKSideDrawerDelegate are called after the drawer is completely displayed/hidden when using a gesture.
  • The screen content becomes slightly dimmed after the drawer is closed when the mainView background color is set to clear color.
  • The updateVisualsForItemAtIndexPath method is not called when an item is selected.
  • The TKSideDrawerTableViewCell separator layout is wrong.


  • It is not possible to replace the default reorder handle with a custom one.


  • TKCalendarYearPresenter cannot be cast to UIView when ​used in UI for Xamarin.


  • An option to zoom in left and right directions on the axis simultaneously.
  • An option to set axis label rotation explicitly.
  • customRenderValues property is added to TKChartAxis to allow ticks at custom positions.
  • lastLabelTextOffset property is added to TKChartAxisLabelStyle.
  • The TKChartCategory class ​allows using repeatable categories with category axis.
  • Setting the x axis creates and sets also the y axis.
  • The y axis is misplaced when its labels fit mode is multiline and the chart's height is small.
  • Trackball can't work together with selection.
  • Trackball does not hide when hideMode is set to OnSecondTouch.
  • Calling reloadData more than twice causes the application to crash.
  • Legend title cannot be changed if set before making the legend visible.
  • The second axis is not added when adding two series with different y axes.
  • TKChart hangs when using date-time axis and its range and interval are set to 0.