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UI for iOS Q2 2015 (version 2015.2.0624)

June 23, 2015

DataForm (New Control - Beta)

TKDataForm for iOS is a customizable component that allows you to easily create a form for collecting or editing business object data. It is ideal for settings or registration/login pages. TKDataForm supports different commit modes allowing you to commit property values one by one or commit the whole form at once. You could also determine at which moment the properties should be validated choosing between three validation modes. The control lets you use a rich set of editors out of the box.

Alert (New Control)

TKAlert is a highly customizable alert view component that offers different predefined animations, easy to use block API, many customization options.


  • The fill is now applied when the blur effect is enabled.
  • Shadow does not update on orientation change when the side drawer is opened.
  • When using showWithTransition method TKSideDrawer does not arrange its main content correctly.


  • endSwipe method.
  • Manual mode for load on demand.
  • Group header layout is wrong when using horizontal orientation with wrap layout and grouping.
  • Swipe cell does not work in vertical direction.
  • Pull to refresh is not working properly when using horizontal scrolling.
  • Cell highlighting is not working.
  • cellSwipeThreshold is not working when set to 0.
  • Long press selection mode is not working properly.
  • Borders look wrong when changing layout and orientation at run time.
  • cellBufferSize property is renamed to loadOnDemandBufferSize.


  • It is now possible to localize the "n more ..." text.
  • Two new title layouts in month view mode (month with arrows, and month and year with arrows).
  • An option to wrap event text in TKCalendarDayCell.
  • Weekends can be hidden in TKCalendarViewModeMonth.
  • An option to change the event text color per event in TKCalendarDayCell.
  • It is not possible to localize the "more events" text in TKCalendar day cell.
  • The week number displayed in a week number cell in Month mode is wrong.


  • An option to set zoom limits to axes.
  • It is now possible to use custom gesture recognizers simultaneously.
  • Data points with nil values would make TKChart crash.
  • Pan jumps to the far left edge of the plot area when date time axis is zoomed.
  • TKChartAxis visiblePoints method returns more points than visible in some scenarios.
  • There is an exception when you zoom and double tap to clear the zoom.
  • There is an exception when setting dataSource to the chart and calling removeAllData and reloadData several times.
  • There is an exception when clicking on a legend item.
  • The length and offset of the axis major ticks is considered when calculating the size of the axis labels even when the ticks are hidden.
  • Setting the axis position to right has no effect.
  • There is a visual glitch when rendering area series in TKChart and there are two consecutive equal values.
  • minColumnWidth and maxColumnWidth properties are ignored in OHLC and Candlestick series.