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UI for iOS Q1 2016 (version 2016.1.0113)

January 12, 2016

AutoCompleteTextView (Now Official)

  • Getting rid of the Beta tag, this is the first official release for AutoCompleteTextView for iOS. AutoCompleteTextView allows the end-user to type faster by giving him suggestions based on the characters he already typed.
  • The showAllItemsInitially method is not working when set before setting the dataSource property.
  • Keyboard does not hide when you tap outside of the text field.
  • SuggestMode Append does not work properly.
  • The close button does not work for a selected token.
  • The Clear button does not work when using tokens.
  • The insertToken method does not work.
  • The removeAllTokens method does not work.
  • The didSelectToken method from TKAutocompleteTextViewDelegate is not being called.
  • Token delimiter is not rendered properly.
  • The inset property is not working.
  • The token layout is wrong when the close button is hidden.
  • The removeButton property is not working.
  • The attributedText and detailText properties of TKAutocompleteToken are not working.
  • The sugestionViewHeight property is not working.
  • Suggestion view shows below other views.
  • The text overlaps in some cases.
  • The placeholder text is not getting hidden when there is user input.
  • The caret is not visible when it is positioned in the end.
  • The scroll bar of the token container is displayed at the wrong place.
  • When you select and remove a token, the wrong token gets removed.


  • An option to allow sorting group headers.


  • An option to set different offsets for title and subtitle.
  • The fill and stroke properties for ticks are not working.
  • Segments are rendered in a wrong way when insets are applied in linear gauges.


  • autoRestrictSwipeDirection property to automatically choose the right swipe limits based on the current scroll orientation.
  • Improved performance when using large data sets (10000+ items) with dynamic item height
  • Improved TKListViewCell item layout when using horizontal scroll direction and multiple selection is allowed.
  • A memory leak.
  • When multiple selection is allowed and cell height is bigger the layout of the content and the checkView looks broken.
  • There is an exception when the dataSource property is set to nil.
  • Scrolling in TKListView is not as smooth as in UICollectionView and UITableView.
  • Visual gitches when reordering items.
  • Staggered layout is broken when using horizontall scroll direction.
  • Cell should be selected when doing swipe even when the selection mode is long press.
  • The didDeselectItemAtIndexPath delegate method does not fire in single node selection.
  • You can reorder items with a tap gesture in LongPress mode.
  • Selection is cleared when releasing the dragged item in a reorder scenario.
  • TKListViewCell contentView does not offset to reveal the selection checkmark when using multiple selection.
  • TKListView now deselects the selected item on second touch in single selection mode. mode.
  • Second tap on a swiped cell now resets the swipe.


  • An option to load all property annotations from JSON.
  • Multi-line text editor.
  • AutoComplete text editor.
  • An option to customize view controller based editors in TKDataForm.
  • updateEditorForProperty method to allow updating the editor for specific property.
  • readOnly property.
  • An option to set size for feedbackImage and image of the editors.
  • An option to reload TKDataFormEntityDataSource when data is fetched from a service.
  • An option for TKDataFormPickerViewEditor and TKDataFormOptionsEditor to use item index or the value in the picker as a value.
  • TKDataFormNumberEditor now edits numbers rather than strings.
  • Properties collection of the sourceObject does not reset itself when the sourceObject reference is changed.
  • Decimal and Number editors should work with numbers rather than strings.
  • Text field editor does not update its UI when the initial value is invalid.
  • The setter of readonly properties is called on commit.
  • Stepper editor initially shows its original value even it is above/below its max/min.
  • Segmented editor should use the selected value rather than its index in the options array.
  • The positive feedback message is not displayed.
  • The feedback image is not rendered.
  • TKEntityProperty's formatter property has no effect on number text field editor.
  • If you set property's groupName and index and this group does not still exist, the index is not correct.
  • When commitMode is manual the editors label does not update its value.
  • Picker view always shows the first value from the picker the first time when it opens.
  • Date picker min and max are not working.
  • The updateEditorForProperty method is not working when the property group is the default one.
  • When commit mode is immediate/lost focus and the editor has restrictions, the displayed value is not committed.
  • When you try to set a formatter to stepper or date picker editor through dataForm:setupEditor:forPorperty: delegate method it does not take effect until you change the editor's value.
  • Picker view editor throws an exception if the property value is not among the values in the valuesProvider array.
  • errorImage and positiveImage properties replace feedbackImage in TKEntityProperty.
  • Removed the valueSource property from TKDataFormSegmentedEditor.
  • Changed the valuesProvider property type to NSArray.


  • An option to change the background color of cells that display dates in year mode.
  • An option to change the month title in year mode.
  • An option to render all event fields in calendar cells.
  • The eventSpacing property is not respected when using displayEventsAsText in TKCalendarDayCell.
  • Multiple day events dots are rendered only on the start date when using TKCalendarEventKitDataSource.
  • Swipe gesture works in a wrong way the first time when swiping.


  • An option to allow centering the side drawer item image along with the text.


  • Support for balloon annotations in pie series.
  • sortMode option in TKChartSeries to allow points sorting.
  • normalizedPan property in TKChartAxis to allow setting pan in normalized coordinates [0..1].
  • Improved bar/column series to allow sharing the same axis and having different width.
  • The hitTestForPoint is not working properly when touching in some areas when using pie chart.
  • The first axis label hides when there are 2 columns and applying zoom and pan operations.
  • When animations are allowed and the data has only 1 data point the chart appears empty until you tap the plot area.
  • Selecting a data point in line series requires several taps.
  • When the x-axis is zoomed its last label is drawn outside of the chart bounds.
  • Changing TKChartAxis label font breaks the chart rendering.
  • TKChartDateTimeAxis does not sort its values.
  • When several points have same x value some of them disappear on pan.
  • Palette item textColor property is not changing axis label text color.
  • Gradient strokes do not work properly with line and area series.
  • Y-axis labels are clipped when using attributed text.
  • The fill is rendered in a wrong way when using area series.
  • InnerRadius and expandRadius properties are now relative to the outerRadius property.
  • Changed the signature for the following methods drawInContext:inRect:forVisualPoint: (in TKChartPointLabel), layoutInRect and locationInRect (in TKChartAnnotation).