Release History

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UI for iOS Q1 2015 (version 2015.1.0526)

May 25, 2015


  • There is an exception when using TKCalendarEventKitDataSource.
  • TKCalendar does not call didSelectDate when in TKCalendarViewModeFlow.


  • The frame is not correct when using Scale Down Pusher transition and the screen is rotated.


  • There is an exception in pie chart when all items are of zero value.
  • Animating TKChart on iPad causes the chart to fully render before the animation starts.

ListView (official)

  • Linear, Grid and Staggered layouts.
  • Ability to add and remove item animations.
  • Horizontal layout support in all layouts.
  • numberOfSections, numberOfItemsInSection, visibleCells, indexPathForVisibleItems, indexPathForItemAtPoint, indexPathForCell, scrollToItemAtIndexPath methods.
  • Item appear/disappear animations.
  • Exception when trying to move an item to the last position.
  • It is not possible to swipe a cell before you scroll items.
  • TKListViewLayout, TKListViewColumnLayout and TKListViewWrapLayout classes. are now removed. Use TKListViewLinearLayout and TKListViewGridLayout classes instead.
  • TKListViewCellAnimationBehavior, TKListViewCellAppearBehavior, TKListViewCellFadeInBehavior, TKListViewCellReorderBehavior, TKListViewCellScaleInBehavior, TKListViewCellSlideInBehavior classes are now removed. Use the itemAppearAnimation property in TKListViewLinearLayout class instead.
  • TKListViewCellAlignment enum is renamed to TKListViewItemAlignment
  • The insets property in TKListView is renamed to contentInset.
  • The fill and stroke properties are removed from TKListView. Use the backgroundView property instead.