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UI for iOS Q1 2015 (version 2015.1.0423)

April 22, 2015

ListView (Beta)

  • The selection icon of TKListViewCell can be now customized.
  • The item reordering looks wrong when there is a header item.
  • The drawer-icon stays static when swiping is allowed.
  • Multiple selection does not work when it is set with a button.
  • The items are not arranged correctly when the screen is rotated.


  • TKSideDrawerView class that simplifies the setup of TKSideDrawer
  • edgeSwipeTreshold property to determine the pan threshold.
  • Scale down pusher transition in TKSideDrawer.
  • TKSideDrawerTableViewCell doesn't update its visual appearance when item's fill and stroke are updated in the delegate.
  • The itemIndex and sectionIndex arguments are replaced NSIndexPath in TKSideDrawerDelegate methods.
  • TKSideDrawerTableView now inherits directly from UITableView.
  • The viewController property of TKSideDrawer is removed.
  • The initWithHostview: method of TKSideDrawer is removed.
  • The initWithViewController:hostview: method of TKSideDrawer is now removed.
  • The hostView property of TKSideDrawer is now readonly.


  • Support for Arabic numerals in TKCalendar.
  • Cross month range selection is now allowed.
  • Setting the equalWeekNumber property to NO is not working in TKCalendarMonthPresenter.
  • The viewForCellOfKind method is not called when using TKCalendar in week view mode.
  • The "n more ..." text does show when the number of events exceeds the maxEventsCount.
  • It is not possible to override the default cell when using week view with the calendar:viewForCellOfKind: method.
  • The day cell text is clipped when text alignment is set to TKCalendarCellAlignmentLeft.


  • TKChartScatterSeries creates numeric axes if using numeric data.
  • Setting a fixed distance between chart bounds and the axis location is now possible.
  • A new method called chart:didTapOnLegendItem: is added in TKChartDelegate to allow customizing the tap behavior of the legend item.
  • A new property called plotViewInsets is added and it allows setting the spacing between the plot area and the axis.
  • A new property called textOffset is added in TKChartAxisTitleStyle to allow setting axis title offset relative to axis labels.
  • The TKChartCategoryAxis range is not updated when adding a series.
  • The Y-Axis in TKChart is rendered erroneously when the chart has specific bounds ( e.g under 200).
  • TKChart does not show axis labels correctly when using date-time axis with week calendar unit.
  • The Scatter series do not work with DateTimeAxis.
  • There is a line when the pie chart contains only one item.
  • The last point shape in series does not get selected.
  • The FirstLabelTextAlignment does not work if set to an automatically created axis.
  • Removing the annotations one by one has no effect.
  • When the axis range is small the labels don't appear.
  • Setting the hidden property of TKChartAxis does not affect the chart when using automatic axes.
  • There is an exception in TKChart when using live update and vertical axis stroke is set.

Common for the whole suite

  • All controls and examples are now fully compatible with Xcode 6.3 / Swift 1.2.