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UI for iOS Q1 2015 (version 2015.1.0226)

February 25, 2015

DataSource (New Control)


SideDrawer (New Control)


ListView (Beta)


Common for the whole suite

  • The Swift examples are now updated to support the latest official Xcode 6.1.1.


  • TKCalendarEventProtocol protocol to allow using custom event objects.
  • Inline view to display day events in place.
  • panGestureSensitivity property in TKCalendarPresenterBase to allow customizing the pan gesture sensitivity.
  • applyStyleForState method in TKCalendarCell to allow applying styles specific for a given state to the cell.
  • TKCalendarDayStateDisabled state in TKCalendarDayCell state property to indicate whether a date is selectable or not.
  • cellForDate: method in TKCalendarMonthPresenter to return the cell responsible for presenting specific date.
  • Days that are not selectable are now grayed out in month view.
  • TKCalendarTitleCell now represents the title in month names view.
  • Support for calendar:updateVisualsForCell: and calendar:viewForCellOfKind: in year view.
  • Removed the lowercase effect from all texts in TKCalendar.
  • It is possible to select a date outside of the selectable range.
  • In month names/year numbers view you cannot select a month/year which is partially enabled.
  • The didNavigateToDate is not called always.
  • A wrong date is selected when tapping on a day from the last row in TKCalendar.
  • The maxEventsCount property value is not respected when using the iPhone theme for TKCalendar in month view
  • The calendar:didNavigateToDate: method reports a wrong date when scrolling in year view.
  • The yearLabel property is removed from ~TKCalendarMonthNamesPresenter. The title is now represented by TKCalendarTitleCell.
  • The second parameter of the calendar:shapeForEvent: method is now of type TKCalendarEventProtocol.
  • The calendar:eventsForDate: and calendar:eventsFromDate:toDate:withCallback: should return an array containing objects adopting the TKCalendarEventProtocol protocol.
  • The createCalendarEvent:inCalendar: method now returns an object adopting the TKCalendarEventProtocol protocol.


  • Intertial scrolling.
  • pointIsSelected method in TKChartSeries that checks whether a point is selected.
  • allowClustering property in TKChartBarSeries and TKChartColumnSeries series.
  • rotationEnabled property in TKChartPieSeries that determines whether the pie should rotate.
  • chart:trackballDidHideSelection: method in TKChartDelegate that is called when the trackball hides.
  • The second touch on a selected item now deselects it.
  • Support for NSAttributedString in axis labels.
  • The chart:shapeForSeries: method is never called for line/area series.
  • Grid lines look smoothed when they are 1 pixel wide.
  • The deselect method in TKChart does not work.
  • Stacking is wrong when there are 3 series with a single item.
  • xAxis and yAxis properties of TKChartSeries cannot be set to nil.
  • The axes are displayed on a single line when multiple axes are added and the reloadData method is called.
  • The trackball is shown at the wrong position when using date/time axis and using seconds as time interval.
  • Strokes in chart axes do not respect the inset property of TKStroke.
  • The axis range is wrong when there is a stacked column series with values equal to 0.
  • The last tick is missing when fit mode is rotate.
  • The ticksOffset property scrambles the axis labels.
  • The point label location is not correct when using stacking.
  • A visual glitch when using a column series with a value equal to 0.
  • The removeAxis method of TKChart is not working properly.
  • The ticksWidth property value is overridden when set before adding a series to the chart.
  • There is an exception when using candlestick series with categorical axis and zooming is applied.
  • The index argument type of chart:paletteItemForSeries:atIndex: method is changed from NSUInteger to NSInteger.