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RadEditor MOSS 152

March 6, 2008

Changes in version 4.52 (03/26/2008)
- FEATURE: updated content provider. When the paths in the editor config file start with a slash, the provider will look in the root of the site collection. When the paths do not start with a slash (e.g. only a library name), the provider will look in the current web.
- BUGFIX: exception when opening the built-in image manager dialog.
- BUGFIX: exception when activating the editor features.
- BUGFIX: the list editor will now automatically remove the extra <div> elements, which SharePoint adds around the content.
- BUGFIX: the editor will no longer display the previous content on list fields with "append only" set to true and enabled versioning.

Changes in version 4.51 (03/07/2008)
- BUGFIX: fixed a problem with the editor image manager dialog and some site collection configurations
- BUGFIX: excluded a number of system folders from the default image manager list (catalogs, masterpage)