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RadEditor MOSS 15

January 30, 2008

Changes in version 4.50 (01/31/2007)

- FEATURE: RadEditor control updated to latest version
- FEATURE: Added support for MOSS site themes. See help on how to enable.
- FEATURE: improved the file browser content provider (used in ImageManager, DocumentManager, FlashManager, MediaManager dialogs). The provider now allows access to document libraries from the entire site collection.
- API: Made the Escape/Unescape content functions public (to decode flash content from publishing fields)
- BUGFIX: Safari will not overwrite the selected text when creating links with the MOSS Link Manager.
- BUGFIX: The editor content provider will publish/aprove the files it is updating.
- BUGFIX: full-screen toggle (F11) incorrectly resized the editor
- BUGFIX: fixed the toggle table borders command.