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RadEditor MOSS 14

October 3, 2007

Changes in version 4.40 (10/04/2007)

- BUGFIX: the built-in editor dialogs did not allow uploading new versions of the same file
- BUGFIX: fixed a problem with incorrectly overriding config file settings
- BUGFIX: checking for permissions is now done at the list level instead of the web
- BUGFIX: The CssEditor.css file is only registered when it exists and only in the <head> of the page (XHTML compliant).
- BUGFIX: Prevent a 403 error when activating a RadEditor feature with a non-administrator user
- FEATURE: ability to set a web-specific configuration and tools files
- FEATURE: ability to get the GUID of the current web using the editor
- FEATURE: the radEditorControl object is now marked as protected, so it is possible to override it in controls inheriting RadHtmlField
- FEATURE: the RadEditor features can now be read from the site collection level as well as the current web (ability to activate them for a whole site collection).
- FEATURE: the list editor no longer uses browser dialogs for the built-in Image, Link, Flash, etc. managers (not applicable for the MOSS Asset picker dialogs).