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RadEditor MOSS 13

August 1, 2007

What's new in version 4.30 (8/02/2007)

- FEATURE: ConfigFile and ToolsFile properties for the WCM field
- FEATURE: added AllowSpecialTags property to the WCM field. If set to true, the user will be able to insert object and embed tags (Flash, Media content)
- FEATURE: marked the Telerik.SharePoint.EditorTools.GetVirtualResourceFolder() function public. Now developers can use it to get the editor's RadControls folder location.
- FEATURE: spell checking now enabled for the Lite version as well
- FEATURE: updated content provider. Now the Image,Media,Flash,etc. editor dialogs can access libraries from parent webs (e.g. SiteCollectionDocuments) after the user sets the appropriate property in the config file.
- BUGFIX: no longer dependant on the form.js script (caused JS errors in some pages)
- BUGFIX: CssEditor.css file loaded in presentation mode for all editors
- BUGFIX: fixed the asset picker script registration (caused problems with AssetUrlSelector controls)
- BUGFIX: Images, Documents, Flash, Media paths set from the Configuration file (if present)
- BUGFIX: removed unneeded title attributes from the tools files. Localization should only be set from the Main.xml file from the Localization folder.
- BUGFIX: fixed localization strings for some tools (e.g. MOSSTemplateManager)

- MISC: RadEditor updated to 7.13. Removed viewstate for the RadEditor control (it is created on each page load). Numerous Safari browser fixes.
- MISC: code cleaning (web part + MOSS Tools client scripts, moved toolpart scripts into main scripts folder, removed EditorWebPart folder)

Only for Full-featured RadEditor for MOSS:
- FEATURE: new class MOSSRadEditor - base class for RadEditor in MOSS. This class should be used in custom MOSS solutions. Use the MOSSRadEditor.Content property to get/set the editor's html.

Known Issues:
- Automatic update of reusable content is not possible at the moment