Release History

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RadEditor MOSS 11

May 31, 2007

What's new in version 1.1:
New Feature: ability to use the MOSS default dialogs for links and images. Use MOSSImageManager and MOSSHyperlinkManager tools to enable.
New Feature: configuration file for the list editor (ListConfigFile.xml).
New Feature: added a second editor feature which enables the list editor for IE browsers as well.
New Feature: added the spellcheck tools to the editor (Ajax and Dialog based). Use SpellCheck and AjaxSpellCheck tools to enable.
Fix: moved the features to "Site Features" page so they can be enabled for specific sites only.
Fix: removed the web part dialog code. web part works only in page.
Fix: removed "masterpage" from the document libraries list in the editor dialogs.
Enhancement: added icons for the editor features

Known issues:
Fflash and media dialogs are unusable. The problem is caused by the MOSS content filters, which will strip the HTML code for flash and media objects after submit.
Original asset picker dialogs experience problems in Mozilla Firefox (MOSSImageManager, MOSSHyperlinkManager, MOSSTemplateManager). The problem is caused by the MOSS client scripts and is not related to the editor.