Release History

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Sitefinity SDK 4.11395

May 18, 2011


-The default extraction folder is changed from C:\SitefinitySamples\ to C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Telerik.Sitefinity.SDK
-Blog posts in the Community tab are now show with a Panel Bar
-The database tool automatically drops any previous existing databases related with a sample
-All sample descriptions mention the minimum license file it is required to run the specific sample along with the proper steps to execute the sample from the SDK Browser.

Fixed issues

-Users cannot submit license file with special characters in its name
-The SDK Browser hangs before opening the database tool
-The RSS reader of blogs was incorrectly showing two scrollbar.

Known issue

-Sometimes when you run the Jobs module you will end up with "Cannot find template "~/SFJobs/Jobs.Resources.Views.JobApplicationUpload.ascx", it is necessary to run the samples for a second time to get it working.
-The SDK Browser cannot open .sln files if Visual Studio is set to run as administrator. Known issue in Visual Studio