Release History

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Sitefinity CMS 8.1.5810

August 23, 2015

What's fixed

Field Controls
  • Automatic migration of all TextFields of type NUMERIC and CURRENCY in order to continue to function properly after an upgrade to 8.1.
  • Symptoms : If you have a non-required custom field of type number after an upgrade to Sitefinity 8.1, leaving the field empty results in error “The value cannot be parsed as the type 'decimal'” and the content item is not saved.
  • Feather assemblies that come from official distributions are signed. Since version 1.3.300.1 feather packages contain signed assemblies. We updated some of the packages on and you might need to clear your NuGet cache in case you have already downloaded one of these packages.
          Sitefinity 8.1 Hotfix 1 comes with  Feather 1.3.300.1.
  • Fixed issue with nuget ugprades of ResourcePackages when the folder and its content is not included in the csproj file.
  • Improvements in Sitefinity installer and ProjectManager regarding trial installations of the product.

 The Hotfix doesn't include fixes from Sitefinity internal builds.