Release History

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Sitefinity CMS 7.3.5600

December 15, 2014

What's new



Search in the Cloud and other

  • Added integration with Azure Search and Elasticsearch which enables the use of Sitefinity Search on Windows Azure for both indexing and performing search.(doc)
  • Included support for search suggestions, "starts with" search, advanced filtering, etc.(doc)
  • Added filtering of search results by user permissions on the front-end (doc)
  • Added option to create one index for all sites in multisite mode.

Granular permissions in dynamic content and other

  • Added the ability to set individual item permissions for dynamic content items (in Modules created with Module builder).
  • Added permission "View backend link" for dynamic modules, which grants access to the backend section of a given dynamic type. Users with view/modify permission for an individual item, are granted the "View backend link" permission automatically (doc)
  • Create and delete permissions for dynamic content items are enforced when the corresponding method on the manager is executed and not when a transaction containing such actions is committed.
  • Extended Dynamic Content Permissions API to cover specific scenarios such as:
  1. inheriting permissions from parent content items in hierarchical content types (video here), and
  2. assigning of permissions based on tags or other dynamic content item property (video here)

Performance optimizations

  • Reduced application start up times with about 60% after deployment cold start, application pool recycle or modifications to dynamic modules and custom fields (doc)
  •  Reduced the number of queries during permissions fetching when a Page is opened in the Backend. For a page with 10 widgets, the number of queries is reduced with 20.
  • Introduced option to wait for a requested page to be added to output cache and then serve all consecutive request to it.  (doc)

Connector for SharePoint Online

  • Added support for SharePoint Online in Sitefinity SharePoint Connector

Connector for Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud

  • Added new section "Lead scoring" under "Marketing"
  • Added support for absolute URLs in DEC sentences
  • Subject metadata is added for anonymous users on Comment creation handler

(github link, project page)

Project Feather is shipped as a module, which can be installed in "Modules and Services", and contains:

Dynamic content
widgets on MVC

  • Support for the Razor syntax,
  • Based on the dynamics module structure
  • Ability to manage widget templates from the Sitefinity backend
  • Ability to control the generated widget markup (scaffolding)
  • Advanced filtering by URL (related data, taxonomies, hierarchical types

  Content Selectors on AngularJS

  • Page selector
  • Dynamic content selector
  • Hierarchical taxonomy selector (categories)
  • Custom taxonomy selector (all taxonomies used in a type including custom field taxonomies)
  • DateTime selector
  • In all selectors, added option for multiple selection of items

Sample Website on Feather

  • Updated to use the auto-generated widgets for dynamic content types
  • Integrated the newly introduced content selectors and updated the old ones

What's fixed

  • Load Balancing: Fixed problem with content changes not reflected properly on the other nodes 
  • Load Balancing:Fixed issue where server error is thrown when logging in with default admin user on Windows Azure
  • Blob Storage: Moving media items to Azure Blob Storage from different libraries/folders results in overwritten content

Connector for Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud

  • Personalization: Only 20 campaigns are displayed in "Campaign in Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud"
  • Personalization: Error "An error occurred while connecting to Sitefinity Digital Experience " in Campaign in DEC when there are recommendations without base segment
  •  Forum thread sentences are sent from sitefinity backend for new thread subscription and disabled subscriptions
  • DEC sentences are not sent for Html5 videos played from a youtube list.


  • All day events display as 2 day event in calendar view
  • Fixed an issue where event body is not exported to Google calendar, ICal, Outlook
  • Calls to Notifications service did not check correctly if the call was from backend or frontend page.
  • Search breaks when there are multiple providers for forums

Pages and Page Templates

  • Changing LayoutControl properties not applied when publish the page (FP).
  • Template won't change if you change it during page duplication.
  • Duplicate page results in insufficient permissions error
  • "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when you duplicate a page
  • Converting a Standard Page to Group and then back to Standard breaks the pages grid
  • Convert redirect page to normal page result in java script error
  • Fixed issue with overriding control inherited from a template on the page. The designer was not correctly working with the base control and not the overridden control - as result the overridden properties were lost when opening the designer for a second time
  • Fixed issue with deep inheritance - parent template > child template > page. When a control was overridden on a child template and then opened for overriding on the page it inherited the properties of the parent template control and not the overridden properties of the child template control.


  • Changing page permissions not applied when publishing the page
  • The default permissions for dynamic content types and their items used to be "Administrators only" by default .Now they are the same as the default permissions in static modules.
  • Permissions are not being enforced on API level if the transaction is first flushed and then committed which is the behavior when using the transaction manager to commit multiple manager transactions at once. The affected managers are forms, generic content, libraries, blogs, events, news, forums and dynamic content.


  • Page editor throws exception when there is a user control in the toolbox and Feather is installed
  • Fixed problem with MVC not found when attributes collection contains keys
  • MVC FileResult now sets the download filename as specified. (FP)


  • Custom Labels & Messages are not localizable when .cs files inherit from in-built controls. (FP)
  • Fixed setting pageSize of folderFIlter to 0 disables the paging functionality.
  • When a custom provider is selected, libraries from default provider are displayed instead of the libraries from the custom provider


  • Decreased number of requests to MultisiteService on every backend page when there are are more than 15 sites
  • Output cache is invalidated for non-default site in Multisite

Module Builder

  • Fixed performance issue when opening hierarchical dynamic item for editing
  • It is now possible to add more than one field of type Media "Related Images"
  • Dynamic Modules cannot be edited after moving the configuration to the database in Multilingual (FP)

Network Load Balancing

  • Resolved an issue with Level 2 cache communication with more than one database.

Sitemap Generator
  • Content items can be prevented from including in sitemap by subscribing to ISitemapGeneratorContentRetrieving event and setting Cancel property of the event to true.
  • Audit Trail: No audit log is created when changing a parent of a hierarchical taxonomy
  • Authentication: Makes the SitefinityIdentity and UserIdentity classes serializable
  • Caching: Output cache is invalidated when clicking "back to pages" button
  • Forms: Fixed a problem with duplication of a  FormControl resulting in duplicate control IDs (An item with the same key has already been added exception when submitting the Form on the frontend (FP)
  • Inline Editing: "Publish all" doesn't work in Pure Mvc page
  • Images: Added FIPS support for Url parameter signature for thumbnails
    Responsive Design: Cannot view to which pages a transformation rule is applied
  • Registration widget: Fixed the label for Confirmation Page Title that appears as null in the widget settings but is actually selected (FP)
  • Related Media: Content items with many related media fields no longer cause performance issues when opened in edit mode. (FP)
  • Sitemap Generator: Content items can be prevented from including in sitemap by subscribing to ISitemapGeneratorContentRetrieving event and setting Cancel property of the event to true.
  • Search Widget:  Added autocomplete option which can be turned on and off. Each mode renders different html markup. The autocomplete option uses Kendo autocomplete, so you might need to make some minor changes to your css theme. If you're loading kendo css on the page, Kendo styles will get applied on your SearchBox.
  • Sitemap Generator: Content items can be prevented from including in sitemap by subscribing to ISitemapGeneratorContentRetrieving event and setting Cancel property of the event to true.
  • Duplicate Page: When duplicating pages, workflow status is now properly set to Draft
  • Unable to edit a widget via user with Editor role on page based on template (the widget is placed on the page template and the option "Make editable on pages" is checked) (FP)
  • Fixed an issue where widgets placed on page templates cannot be edited in some cases.

Breaking Changes

  • Autocomplete/Suggestions mode of SearchBox renders new html markup (KB)
  • Pages API changes. The methods: GetProperties(CultureInfo language, bool fallbackToAnyLanguage) and GetProperties(bool fallbackToAnyLanguage) are now moved from the Telerik.Sitefinity.Model assembly to the Telerik.Sitefinity assembly as extensions methods. Public field requiredPropertyNames in ObjectData is now obsolete and is removed from usage.
  • Feather: The full names of all MVC widgets are changed. All types of MVC widgets now starts with “Telerik.Sitefinity.Frontend”.
  • Feather: All angular services/selectors/directives are renamed and now their names starts with the “sf” prefix.
  • Feather: The paths to all angular services/selectors/directives are changed.
  • Feather: API changes in the “modal” directive. The change is related to the way the "modal" directive loads a dialog in a modal window. The old mechanism used open-button attribute for opening a modal window and is now deprecated. You now must use the new method $openModalDialog that you use to open the modal window.

Known issues

  • Calendar widget: If you have an All day event with duration one day and you extend the event to be two days in Monthly view, it stops being All day event and it spans in three days. If you move an All day event, it stops being All day event.
  • Calendar widget: If you have an event with given start and end time in a single day and if you extend it in Daily view, the start and the end time are increased with one hour. The same issue appears if you move the event.
  • Calendar widget: All day events are not placed in all day events section of Daily and Weekly view.
  • Dynamic content items permissions: Dynamic content items do not inherit permissions from their type when using multiple dynamic content providers configured to work with different databases than the default database.
  • Feather: You must manually remove all instances of Feather MVC widgets, that are placed on pages and/or page templates in order to uninstall successfully the Feather module (via the ‘Modules and Services’ screen).
  • Feather MVC widgets for Dynamic Content: The only display mode that is supported for Images/Videos/Documents dynamic fields is the “Simple link” mode. 
  • Feather MVC widgets for Dynamic Content: The regeneration of widget templates for MVC widgets works only If the “Should regenerate templates” checkbox is checked and there is actual change in the dynamic module, in dynamic module type and/or in dynamic module field.Feather MVC widgets for Dynamic Content: The only display mode that is supported for Images/Videos/Documents dynamic fields is the “Simple link” mode. 
  • Feather Layout files: You can’t have request specific code inside a layout file. Note that the layout files are compiled and executed only on the initial request to the page.