Release History

By product

Sitefinity CMS 6.2.4900

October 15, 2013


Inline Editing
Inline editing replaces the current Browse and Edit feature, and introduces improvements in the overall usability and user experience with the use of HTML 5.

Editing is supported for the following field types:

  • Short text (such as: News Title, Blog Post Title, etc.)
  • Long text (such as: Content Blocks, News Content, Blog posts), uses Kendo Web UI editor
  • Images (in Image Widget, Image Dialogue in HTML Editor)
  • Flat and hierarchical classifications
  • Choice and Yes/No fields in Dynamic Modules
  • Date time field in Dynamic Modules

Edits made to the content on a page are published at once using a “Publish All” button.

The reworked comments provide support for broad set of types - News, Blog Posts, Events, List, Images, Videos, Documents, Pages, Dynamic modules, etc.
The feature includes:

  • Ability to manage all comments under a dedicated section in Backend
  • Comments section included in the templates of all content widgets: News, Blog Posts, Events, etc.
  • Page comments widget available for drag and drop on a page
  • Option to configure comments settings per content type
  • Capability to create custom content types and associate comments to them
  • Separate comments threads for the different translations of the commented item

Dynamic Dashboard
Sitefinity Dashboard page shows the last content updates. The following reports are available by default:

  • Analytics timeline –report on last visits to the site (requires configured Analytics)
  • My content – recently updated content, modified by the current user
  • Everyone's content – recently updated content by all users
  • Recent blog posts – recently updated blog posts

Administrators can modify the Dashboard in Backend Pages>Dashboard using the following widgets:

  • Recent Items – can be filtered to show content reports by content type, status and user
  • Analytics Timeline – users can select the Google Analytics metrics to show in the report: Visits, Visitors, Time on site, New Visits, etc.


  • In Pages Backend users see a link to Google Analytics stats  for the page
  • Analytic module is reworked in HTML 5 thus removing the dependency on Silverlight (Kendo UI DataViz is used)
  • Reports for Events tracking are added to the module

Important: After upgrade Analytics configuration should be performed again due to a change in the authorization to Google API. Admins need to enter Client ID, permissions, and settings anew.


  • Code Sync – allows developers to share code, quickly fix bugs and develop widgets and modules. Code Sync offers tight integration with Visual Studio through Sitefinity Thunder so developers can contribute and collaborate without using external tools
  • Code Deploy – Deploy Modules and Widgets from Thunder to any Sitefinity web site

Note: Thunder will be released shortly after Sitefinity 6.2


  • Preview Video/Audio files from Sitefinity Libraries
  • Publish MS Word files as PDF on the website
  • Replace Images and Files in posts is now easier
  • New address fields support with Maps
  • Recurring Events
  • Application Skins (by popular request)
  • UI improvements
  • Customer Improvement Program and anonymous usage statistics by user’s preference

Marketo Connector

  • Integrate page tracking from a central place
  • Integrate existing Sitefinity Forms with Marketo
  • Connect external (custom) forms in widgets or templates with Marketo
  • Content personalization based on any Marketo Lead field

SalesForce Connector

  • 2 way connection of SalesForce Leads to Sitefinity users and roles
  • 2 way connection of SalesForce Contacts to Sitefinity users and roles
  • Connect Forms responses with SalesForce Leads
  • Connect Forms responses with SalesForce Contacts


  • Offsite Payments. Customers can be redirected to a page outside the site to make payments on their orders, thus simplifying PCI compliance
  • Support for payment providers PayPal Payments Standard and WorldPay
  • Automatic email notifications for pending orders. Users can subscribe to notifications for orders with status “Pending” and receive them in selected periods: “Hourly”, “Daily” or “Weekly”

MVC Support

  • Support for unobtrusive client validation in Hybrid mode MVC widgets
  • Handling of unknown actions when a controller executes


  • Pages Backend optimizations: Decreased number of database queries when editing pages; control properties persistence optimization
  • File System optimizations: Implemented support for byte range requests for the FileSystem built-in storage provider enables users to search in large video files without downloading the file on the client
  • Module builder: Dynamic content items are locked when edited by different users simultaneously


  • Image gallery widget: "Size of thumbnails" option does not work for child libraries (PITS)
  • Reset password does not work with special characters in the username(PITS)
  • Libraries configuring allowed file extensions for documents doesn`t limit the file types that can be uploaded (PITS
  • Requesting a page in edit mode in one browser, when you're already logged in on another browser results in endless loop
  • The type of Caption and Description properties of ControlProperty and ControlData has changed from Lstring to string
  • Multilingual: Media content items are not deleted properly if the item has only non-english translation (PITS)
  • Multilingual/Multisite: Duplication of a translation results in a 404 error (PITS)
  • Multisite: Adding redirect page as child page of redirect page results in error (PITS)
  • Multisite: Unable to change the URL of an existing page in one site if another site is using it (PITS)

SharePoint Connector

  • SharePoint items bigger than the library file size limitations are excluded from sync
  • Dynamic module content type loses its parent after sync


  • Filter Products doesn’t take into consideration the SalePrice/IncludedTax when Filtering by price (PITS)
  • OptimisticVerificationException randomly occurs on Checkout, Shopping cart and Shopping cart summary widgets
  • Incorrect reordering of attributes and attribute values when one of them is inactive
  • MultiSite: It is possible to delete a product type which is in use
  • Missing option [Track inventory for this variation] in variation details
  • Missing class names for "Out of stock" and "In stock" options in ProductInventoryControl

Site Sync

  • Blog post owner not synced correctly (PITS
  • When you try to send page with additional URLs containing query parameters, the synchronization fails (PITS)
  • Songs and software product types are not synced in multisite mode
  • Variations with images are not synced in multisite mode 
  • Dynamic content taxonomy statistics are not synced correctly


    • Exception  occurs when the controller contains a property of type Enum
    • The submit button of a form is not found in Hybrid mode (PITS)
    • Added support for ActionName attribute (PITS)
    • Issue with setting the page title from a controller
    • Problem with setting Meta description from a controller


    • In multisite mode, no links for forum threads and posts in search results on a non-default site


    • Deselecting the “Allow multiple URLs for this item” box for a forum group is not applied



    • Permissions per Comments and Content Type are not supported and will be offered in the next release
    • Comments count doesn't work correctly after upgrade. Workaround: Apply the new version of the comments count widget

    Inline Editing

    • Controls on page templates are not editable
    • Content blocks without wrapper tag are not editable
    • Pressing Ctrl+Z within HTML editor is causing javascript error

    SharePoint, Everlive and SalesForce

    • Oracle & MySQL are not supported for SharePoint, Everlive and SalesForce connectors

    !Important: All users upgrading to 6.2 are advised to replace the Comments widget in their templates with the new version of the widget. Failure to do so might result in performance problems.
    • During upgrade the existing comments will be migrated and will be accessible through the new comments API, and listed in the new Comments widget. Information related to comments association to content will be lost  as it is not supported by the new architecture.
    • In the case of breaking changes, you can choose to continue using the old comments API in parallel to the new one. If you want to enable it for news items, for example, go to Advanced Settings>  News> Providers> OpenAccessDataProvider> Parameters, add new parameter enableCommentsBackwardCompatibility, and set to true. By default this setting will be enabled for upgraded projects and is disabled for new installations.
    Inline editing
    • Inline editing doesn't support opening the widget in design mode, as was the case previously with Browse and edit and widgets: Video, Documents, Image gallery, and Products


    • The regular expression for tax rates validations now supports three digits after the floating point instead of two
    • The ShoppingCartAdder now requires the usage of IOrderManager which extends ICartOrderManager. Prior to Sitefinity 6.2, only the base ICartOrderManage was used


    • ContentInboundPipe - the following methods are removed: AddItemCategories, GetTaxonNames, GetTaxonName. Override SetProperties instead of overriding AddItemCategories.