Release History

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Sitefinity CMS 6.1.4700

September 16, 2013

What's Fixed

Page Caching
  • Optimized the invalidation of Page Output Cache so that only some actions (e.g. publish\unpublish\delete of a page) cause cache invalidation. As a result, the overall performance of the system is improved.
  • Added new setting on a system level which determines if a change of Permission should invalidate the output cache for pages.
  • Error when you duplicate a page, change its parent and create another language version
  • Performance improvement in page templates screen loading time
  • Forum re-indexing performance improvements
  • IFormEntryCreatedEvent now provides FormId and FormName properties
  • E-mail notification template typo fixed ("submition" changed to submission")
  • Infinite redirect issue with backend user login from different browsers.
  • Backend user is not logged in correctly using the frontend login widget, and logged in another browser (PITS)
  • Visiting a page under https causes all subsequent pages to be served under https as well (PITS). Could be configured in Settings > Advanced > System > SiteUrlSettings > RemoveNonRequiredSsl
  • Using thread filters (e.g. "Newest") results in error 404 ("page not found")
  • Performance improvement in last post ID recalculation query
Site Sync
  • Page templates - on the target server all permissions are set to "Administrators Only"
  • Performance problem with granular sync service with 4000+ pending items
Module builder
  • Inheriting DynamicContentViewMaster throws Null reference exception
Mobile App Builder
  • User is unable to upload mobile application to Icenium
  • Added support for the USPS changes from July 28, 2013, related to Priority Mail® and Express Mail®. More information can be found here
  • LinqToTwitter was upgraded to the newest version (2.1.08) to incorporate a critical compatibility fix with the latest changes in Twitter's API  (read more)

Breaking Changes

  • IFormEntryCreatedEvent - to achieve a cleaner API some irrelevant properties were removed and some were renamed (previously used only by the e-mail notifications implementation)