Release History

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Sitefinity CMS 6.1.4300

July 15, 2013

What’s New

Navigation Widget
 – The new easy-to-style Navigation widget enables designers and developers to customize the look and behavior of Sitefinity navigation. This widget can generate vertical, horizontal, or hierarchical navigation based on the website’s site map. It’s lighter-in terms of JavaScript and markup-allowing for easier customization and styling. Below you can find the main benefits of the new navigation widget:
  • Simplified HTML markup
  • Editable widget templates
    • Simple horizontal navigation (PITS)
    • Simplify the styling of the Navigation widget (PITS)
    • Ability to render page links as specified in a widget template (PITS)
    • Common CSS class for the Navigation widget (PITS)
  • Default templates using Kendo UI
  • Custom selection of pages is available for all Navigation widget templates (PITS)
  • Option to set responsive transformation rule
    • Out of the box transformation to toggle and to drop down are supported

Image Thumbnails

  • Editable image thumbnail settings (PITS)
  • Support for the thumbnail generated by: Resize to area, Crop, Resize to side
  • Option to associate thumbnail settings to Image Albums
  • Ability to select thumbnails in Image Widget, Image Gallery Widget, and Rich Text Editor
  • External storage support for Image & Video thumbnails
Sitefinity Digital Assets Management 
  • New Sitefinity Desktop Application - Manage Documents, Images and Files with one click
  • Edit Images published on the web site from your desktop
  • Live document editing
  • Publish Sitefinity content from your desktop
  • Sitefinity Desktop Application can connect to any Sitefinity 6.1 web site out of the box. 


  • Included option to upload icons per forum
  • Added new forum groups view
  • Ability to lock/unlock a whole forum or forum group
  • User can opt out from notifications on their forum threads

Site Sync

  • Added option to sync widget templates
  • Enabled option to select specific items to include in sync (PITS)
    • Includes automatic sync of item dependencies.
  • Added language filtering of  items to sync (PITS)
  • Allowed synchronization to a selected target server (PITS)

 Module & Mobile App Builders

  • Module Builder
    • Added permissions per address field
    • Added code reference for address field
  • Mobile App Builder
    • Support for hierarchical modules
    • Added auto navigate option for the address field
    • You can now take advantage of Everlive cloud services new features -  push notifications and social authentication by extending the Mobile apps client-side template.


  • Added option to specify the order of Attributes (PITS)
  • Enabled the creation of product variations based on multiple attributes (PITS)
  • Added ability to associate image to a variation
  • In Multisite Management Product types are shared across all sites

Note: Upgrade from 5.4 to 6.1 is not supported, variations need to be updated. For more details, see upgrade instructions.

SharePoint and Everlive connectivity

  • Performance optimizations
  • Added ability to synchronize SharePoint picture libraries with Sitefinity Libraries
  • Dynamic content and Events items' life-cycle 


  • Ability to change Folder UrlName from the UI
  • Ability to search libraries by title (PITS)
  • Ability to Select “All” or “None” in the backend Thumbnail view


  • Support for drag and drop in Events widget calendar view
  • Tooltip for recurring events in Events widget list view is now extended and provides more detailed information – Start and End date, Time, if the event is marked as All day etc.

Content blocks

  • Ability to choose the wrapper element when using Content block - when you use Content block, it used to wrap the content with a <div> element. Now the user is able to write his own element, as sometimes <div> isn't the most appropriate one.  You are also be able to choose if you don't want a wrapper element at all, as very often you just don't need one

Email Campaigns

  • Ability to send messages containing custom fields for Subscribers - currently adding a  field like {|Subscriber.CustomField|} is resolved properly in the received e-mail (PITS)

Field Controls

  • Ability to count characters entered in the text field
  • Ability to trim spaces before and after the text filled in the text field


  • Ability to switch the location of the Geo-Location '.dat' file


  • Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX – Q1 2013 SP2 (2013.1.417.40)
  • Telerik RadControls for Silverlight – Q1 2013 SP1 (2013.1.403)
  • Kendo UI – Q1 2013 SP1 (2013.1.514)
  • GeoLiteCity.dat file is updated with the latest version


  • The notification email does not contain details about the content item that awaits approval (PITS)


  • Telerik Reporting Services Upgraded to Q2 2013 (
  • MVC assemblies upgraded to version 4.0
  • Pages: Added option to configure page extensions
  • Pages: Added canonical URLs for static pages
  • Widgets: Added MetaTitleField advanced setting to the content widgets
  • Approval Workflow: URL, Title, Author and content type added to the notification email
  • Search: Search results open the default page. Setting page where the content is published is no longer required for search indexes
  • Added Geo-Location API for location-based services


What’s Fixed


  • Search index is randomly locked, causing major system slowdown
  • Publishing products pollutes the error log with exceptions

Multilingual Support

  • Pages: Adding sync translation for a draft or sent for publishing page removes the original page
  • Pages: Scheduled page does not activate translation version
  • Pages: The translation label is not activated upon the creation of a draft page
  • Pages: Upon splitting pages language version remains inactive
  • Pages: Error when syncing a page whose language versions are deleted after creation
  • Feeds: “Select page where to publish forum” doesn’t not work correctly

 Mobile App Builder

  • Yes/No field displays checkbox instead of On/Off after editing the module
  • Yes/No field displays true/false instead of Yes/No in preview mode
  • Address field: Default value is displayed when there is no value set by user
  • Address field: The map is not correctly bound when marker is updated
  • Assets field optimization: memory consumption reduced drastically
  • Swipe down opens the application and not the applications below it
  • Radio buttons are replaced with drop downs
  • Uploading to Icenium a mobile application whose name ends with space results in error

 Module Builder

  • Breadcrumb widget doesn't Include parent items (PITS)
  • ImageField dialog for upload misses search and library sections (PITS)
  • Permissions per field don't work on one item
  • Address field under IE9&10: the arrows in the navigation of the map are not displayed correctly
  • Address fields are getting on top of fields in type field editor
  • Selecting sorting by “As set in Advanced mode" in widget designer cannot be saved (PITS)
  • Upgrade related: "An item with the same key has already been added" error appears randomly
  • Upgrade related: Switching  to multi-site mode makes existing dynamic modules visible in the content menu of all sites


  • Multisite: After copying a site the Shopping cart widget is not set for existing pages
  • Product Type: Uninstalling and installing the module deletes the workflow mappings but does not re-create them

MVC Related

  • The view content is not updated every time in pure MVC mode
  • Using property of type Enum causes an error when the default values of the controller are set
  • The session is null for a pure MVC page
  • Cache issue in pure mode
  • Issue with personalization in MVC pure mode

Site Sync

  • Calendar deletion is not synced correctly in multilingual
  • Deleted product variations are not synced
  • Ecommerce department taxonomy statistics are not synced correctly
SharePoint and Everlive
  • Reordering of folders in SF is leaving empty folders in SP, which cannot be used in sync with SF
  • List description is not added as Library description in Sitefinity
  • Sync fails when an image is added in a Sitefinity image library
  • Approval Status field breaks the list synchronization
  • SharePoint column with special characters in its name breaks the field mappings dialog
  • SharePoint and Everlive connectors: when the SharePoint module is deactivated, the Connectivity section in the administration menu disappears
  • SharePoint item with empty Date and Time field cannot be synchronized
  • Sync of a SharePoint Library mapped to a new dynamic module failed
  • Field mappings dialog cannot be opened if a mapped field is deleted in the Module Builder
  • List size larger than ~68 MB is not synchronized
  • zip. files cannot be synced properly in a specific library
  • Sync fails when syncing a list/library/calendar, which already has a module with the same name, filled with items populated from a previous sync operation
  • One way sync to SharePoint is not working properly, when deleting list item in SharePoint
  • LookUp column is not transferred properly in Sitefinity
  • Deleted documents don't appear in the Recycle Bin of SharePoint
  • Everlive: Added file to a media field in Everlive does not sync to Sitefinity
  • Everlive: Classificaton items are not created in Everlive when sync with sitefinity is performed


  • Folder cannot be created without delete permissions for libraries
  • Breaking inheritance throws “Telerik.Sitefinity.Libraries.Model.DocumentLibrary: ChangePermissions” for users with permissions to change permissions (PITS)
  • Manage Profile types: cannot select a library for fields of type Image
  • Thumbnails view: selecting all and unselecting only specific images do not leave the correct images after delete
  • Library actions > Set Permissions opens the global permissions instead permissions per library dialog
  • Creating two links to different documents with identical names, creates the same URLs for them
  • Uploading documents with identical titles using Document manger, creates the same URLs for them (PITS)
  • Bulk edit: changing the common library does not display the full path to the library
  • User without permissions for Modify library and manage documents receives an error when trying to modify library properties
  • Library actions: changing the library title does not update the breadcrumbs
  • Multiple providers: reorder does not work for provider different from the default one
  • Trying to open Embed dialog throws “A potentially dangerous Request.Path value was detected from the client (&).” error
  • Multilingual > Download List widget: Setting SortExpression (Title ASC) throws “No such persistent field known. Parameter name: nameOfPersistentField Actual value was Title_en.” error
  • The prev and next links in the DetailSimpleView view of Image library do not work properly (PITS)


  • Events widget > Calendar week view: user is not able to navigate to the next week in a 2-week event
  • Events widget list view does not provide information for recurring events marked as all day
  • Events widget list view does not display the end time of the recurring event
  • Events widget > Calendar view: user cannot go back to Month view by clicking “more…” link and  “Allow users to change view mode” option is disabled
  • Multilingual: adding translation to an event from the frontend calendar results in error "The item is in an invalid state. It should be master (draft)."
  • Creating recurring event from the frontend - the event has no default values for time, day and week
  • Events widget > Narrow selection by calendar: all calendars are displayed on the frontend
  • Events widget > Calendar view: Having occurrences starting from the previous day - end date is not correctly displayed in the current Day view
  • Create an event: Event end date is not saved if only hour and minute is selected through the date picker
  • Events widget > Calendar view: no message is shown when all calendars are deleted and user try to create an event on the frontend
  • Create an event: selecting "All day" option resets the selected start date
  • Create an event: checking “All day” option clears the selected end date
  • Multilingual  > Calendars: Creating a calendar for non-default language opens the dialog with a title filled in with the default language version of the calendar


  • Cannot add custom characteristic to segment
  • Removing characteristic from And condition results in error “Unable to get property 'get' of undefined or null reference"


  • Pages: Search filter in backend pages throws an error when Cyrillic letters are used
  • Images: Items with the same title are uploaded with the same URLs
  • Forums: "Post a reply" should not show in reply mode
  • Feeds:  Importing Facebook feeds does not work (blog post)
  • Forms: Search in "Select a form" on a page, doesn't work
  • Forms: Editing a form response changes the response ID (PITS)
  • SSL: When a page does not require https and is requested via SSL, it should redirect to the non-secured page
  • Email campaigns: When form assigned to mailing list is deleted the Email Campaign screen is not accessible
  • Blogs: Changing Settings for blogs  throws “Object doesn't support property or method 'get_dataItem'” error

Known Issues


  • The old version of the Navigation Widget using RadControls is not present in the Page Edit Toolbox by default. (KB on how to show it)

Site Sync

  • In multisite mode, providers created upon the addition of dynamic modules are not synced (KB)
  • Upon upgrade some of the titles of deleted items pending for sync may remain empty
  • Deleting a split multilingual page in all languages logs an additional pending "deleted" item with no title
  • In the library selector Search is activated only when you enter 3 or more symbols
  • Max length restriction of SingleLine field in SharePoint is not transferred in Sitefinity
  • Category in SharePoint is not synchronized in Sitefinity
  • Folders and items inside these folders are not synchnorized when a SharePoint Document library is mapped to a Sitefinity Dynamic Module

Upgrade Instructions