Release History

By product

Sitefinity CMS 6.0.4200

May 19, 2013

What’s New

  • Sitefinity back-end no longer forces Internet Explorer 8 compatibility which allows IE9 and IE10 users to benefit from new features including HTML5, CSS3, etc. (Link to PITS)
  • Removed requirement to explicitly register sub-domains starting with “www” in license. Registering domain "" will activate "" automatically.

What’s Fixed

  • Content Blocks: Wrong encoding when an image with title or alternative text containing special symbols is inserted in content block (Link to PITS)
  • Breadcrumb Widget: Exception is thrown when AllowVirtualNodes is set to true
  • Design: Column resize in layouts doesn’t work in pages, page templates and forms
  • Libraries: Added support for multiple files upload and drag & drop  under IE10 (for the HTML5 Upload mode)
  • Events:  Exported events to Outlook always have start and end dates in UTC format
  • Events: Creating consecutive events from the frontend doesn’t reload the add event dialog
  • Module Builder: Auto navigate for country and state doesn’t work in Address field
  • Module Builder: OutOfMemory Exception is thrown when there are more than 30 dynamic items with assets field in front end
  • Ecommerce: Creating product causes Undefined error when standard license is applied
  • Ecommerce> PayFlow Pro: Removed shipping and tax, included only amount to be charged
  • Cloud Services: Modules without Title field cannot be synchronized
  • Cloud Services: Serializable attributes cannot be resolved
  • Cloud Services: Wrong source for accounts coming from Sitefinity
  • SharePoint Connector: Synchronization log on site level is broken
  • Multilingual: Errors are raised when adding a custom culture to Sitefinity
  • Multilingual, SharePoint Connector: Sharepoint list with multiline fields is not updated upon sync
  • Multilingual, Canonical URLs:  When a synced page is split, and news widget is deleted from it, the page continues to show as displaying news items
  • Error log: Malformed referrer header spams error log
  • MySQL Support: Indexes idx_sf_url_type (DynamicModules) and idx_sf_url_data are not created