Release History

By product

Sitefinity CMS 5.2.3800

November 12, 2012

What's New

  • jQuery - 1.7.2
  • Windows Azure SDK - 1.8 (October 2012)
  • Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX - Q3 2012
  • Telerik RadControls for Silverlight - Q3 2012 (Silverlight 5)
  • Telerik RadControls for WPF  - Q3 2012


  • Shop by filters can now be used to filter multiple custom classifications
  • Paging controls are displayed on top and bottom of product list, with the ability to remove if not needed
  • Number of items in each filtered view of products list control


  • Change password widget: the template is now registered under Widget Templates section
  • Ability to sort albums in the sidebar of Images module and sorting libraries in the Libraries dropdown, which appears when you edit the image (PITS)
  • Added FAQ section for language settings in multi-tenancy.
  • Added FAQ section to the content type create wizard in multi-tenancy.

What's Fixed

Pages, Templates and Widgets
  • After upgrade from v4.1, pages with '.' symbol in the URL name throw 404 Not Found exception
  • "Request timed out." error if you create a page with template that has the same base template
  • Change owner dialog doesn't show the page title
  • SSL not applied with Google Chrome (PITS)
  • Image manager, Document manager, Media manager > From already uploaded:  clearing the search string results in error "Expression expected"
  • HtmlField: "Rad Editor new line 'br' tags" setting doesn't apply (PITS)
  • Editing a redirect page from the default language creates a language version of the page in the first language of the project
  • Problem with ordering pages
  • LoginWidget: the widget is not initializing correctly when used with Forgot password
  • Breadcrumbs widget does not show Details page crumb
  • Search results widget > Create a widget template:  the list box is not updated
  • The Full Story link in TitlesDatesSummariesListView.ascx is hardcoded (PITS)


  • News: Filter news  by category: only the first 10 categories are displayed and there is no pager
  • Blogs: Problem with using of the known page extensions .aspx
  • List items initial order is not correct
  • Lists: Reordering of pages with Actions -> Move Up/Down stops working after 1 move
  • Forms: Sitefinity Installation with two databases throws error "Connection string has to be specified." if you create a form or add field
  • Forms: Cannot view form responses when the backend language is Arabic
  • Taxonomies: Custom classifications can be deleted even if there are marked items

  • Authors role cannot create a new page when there are no pages in the site
  • User in the designers role does not see Responsive Design in Design menu
  • User in the designers role does not see Images in the Content menu
  • User in the authors role cannot create libraries
  • User in authors and designers role cannot modify and upload images in the Default library and cannot modify its properties
  • ML: View permissions on split pages return 404 when requesting the page, instead of 403 (PITS)

Load Balancing
  • Not wokring in Forms authentication - system user was not authenticated
  • Not working with applications instead of sites

Email Campaigns & Notification Service
  • Notification Service: Long running jobs always timeout
  • Email Campaigns: Sending is not resumed when the server is restarted
  • "Unsubscribe link" merge tag is visible in the plain text template
  • Mailing lists: if you delete the unsubscribe page you are not able to add a new one
  • A/B test winner is not sent if the server stops while sending test sample
  • Suspended subscribers are still counted in the confirmation message when you send an issue
  • Scheduled issue is not visible if you have sent an A/B test before it

Module Builder

  • External templates for module builder widgets do not always handle additional controls events in the code behind (PITS)
  • Deleted taxonomies from the taxonomies page break the details view of a module builder module (PITS)
  • Field labels in Cyrillic or any other alphabet with symbols different than English are not displayed in the frontend widget properly
  • Dynamic widget- single item - object reference error if you delete content item
  • Export content breaks when forms module is deactivated
  • If a content type is edited and cancel is selected then when creating a new type a prompt asking for updating widget template is displayed
  • Media fields have their field name displayed in create/edit items screen not their labels
  • When adding date and time field in the limitations tab images for the select dates dropdown are missing


  • Shop by filters: paging may show no products when filtering, clearing filter doesn’t clear the paging property, clearing filter when used with department control does not clear filter.
  • Department control loses paging when sorting, Parent department disappears from the URL when switching pages in product lists (PITS)
  • When using Project Manager, filtered URL’s returned 404 when creating new currency, creating a new product and getting external exchange rates.
  • In Internet Explorer, editing the Checkout/BuyNow widgets and clicking Save causes error
  • Deleting a product does not delete relations between the product and attached files
  • List widget type “Expandable list” doesn’t work on pages/message template

  • If you delete a provider and create a new site, its provider displays items from the deleted one
  • Cannot export content of a dynamic module from providers different than the default one -> Known issue -> 5.2
  • When activating a dynamic module widget templates are assigned for the current site although the site is not using the module
  • Content selector shows error when initialized with wrong provider
  • Default provider is visible when configuring permissions for a dynamic module even if the provider is not used
  • Unused providers are visible when configuring permissions for a dynamic module in screens different than Administration->Permissions
  • Video widget designer throws console errors when opened
  • Category title is not updated after "Edit taxon" in Marked Items for Categories

  • JSON values are not correctly parsed when the result contains double quotation marks (PITS)
  • When  using Html.ActionLink with url parameter the link doesn`t include the url parameter when you have action with HttPost above the same named action with HttpGet


  • In the evaluation console “Time of day” time line is outside of the boundaries
  • Landing URL characteristic is not working
  • Evaluation console does not display personalized page for Purchases > Price range
  • Evaluation console does not display personalized page for Purchases >Type of products
  • Custom tab in the evaluation console is not working as expected
  • Pages: Links in Personalized Dialog don't work correctly
  • Changing existing characteristic in And condition is not working
  • When editing a segment the “Cancel” button should not save changes
  • “Go to create a segment” button does not appear if you try to personalize a page that is already personalized with all existing segments
  • Evaluation console throws “Parser error” if you delete a widget from the original page and add another one to the personalized page
  • Used in pages dialog is not loaded correctly if you open it more than once
  • Location characteristic is populated from the previously created segment
  • Service call returns "404 Not Found" if you choose "Characteristic" drop down default option
  • IE: “View as site...” opens the screen for creating a new user segment if you click “Back to Personalization” link before that
  • Cassini: editing a segment throws "400 Bad Request" error
  • FF: Used in pages dialog shows pages from the previously opened one for few seconds
  • Removing a segment from personalized page is not reflected immediately on the Pages screen
  • It’s possible to create a segment with already existing name
  • Time of day segment is not working
  • Users segments should be visible only for the site for which they were created
Search & Feeds
  • Performance issues with RSS feeds
  • Search Results display CSS styles
  • Failure to index DOCX files with pictures in them

Responsive Design
  • Settign mobile redirect rule for iPhone always redirects you to the mobile version of the site

  • Awaiting approval filter issue
  • Sitefinity approval workflow issues with custom culture

  • The demo site credentials are now shown as a hint in the Sitefinity login screen
  • In case of an expired license there is no user-friendly message
  • When installing Thunder and click on Cancel button Installation freeze for a minute
  • Corrected the URLs for the cases of (1) an older version of the installer, (2) user being offline and (3) “get help” link
  • MSSQL Express - Installation failure if a database named “Sitefinity” exists prior to installation
  • VS Gallery communication is signaled in a user-friendly manner
  • Database version checks are added for versions above 9.0
  • The “oops” screens after some non-fatal errors like license expiration and VS gallery communication issues are removed.
  • Added an additional DB auto detection check whether the user is grated database creation privileges

Breaking Changes

Publishing System
  • The return type of IPullPipe.GetData is changed from IList to IQueryable (IPublishingPointBusinessObject.GetPublishingPointItems is also made to return IQueryable). Any custom pull pipes that have no IQueryable implementation to return, may use the AsQueryable extension method to provide one.

Load Balancing
  • The default value of the "Disable host headers" (LoadBalancingConfig.DisableHostHeaders) setting is changed to true, thus disabling them by default, as we identified it causes more troubles than it solves.

    If you don't know about it, you should be fine. Your current settings will also be kept if you've explicitly disabled it (as described in step 2 of the setup documentation). The only breaking change is in the case when you know about it and you've intentionally left it as it enabled, because you need the host headers inference. In this case, you'll need to go and re-enable it after the upgrade.

Known Issues

  • Script Combining: Errors when disabled (combineScripts="False" combineStyleSheets="False" in PageConfig.config): Assembly 'Telerik.Sitefinity.Forums, Version=5.2.3780.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b28c218413bdf563' does not contain a Web resource