Release History

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Sitefinity CMS 5.2.3700

October 17, 2012

What’s New

Multisite management
Multisite management capabilities in version 5.2 allows easy management of an unlimited number of web sites, hosted in a single Sitefinity instance. Different languages can be configured for different sites, web sites can share content or templates and each site has its own sitemap. 

Content Personalization
Content Personalization allows different content to be served to different types of users (user segments). Segments are built on rules. Different user segments and their personalized pages are managed in a centralized UI. 

Announcing Sitefinity Lightning
As you may have noticed, we promised a surprise around the release of Sitefinity 5.2 – meet the Sitefinity Lightning project. It is a desktop application helping users to create and publish content quicker. Sitefinity Lightning will be demonstrated for the first time during the Sitefinity and Beyond Conference this week in Boston. We’ll unveil it in the week after the conference for everyone else.

Dropbox provider for Libraries
A new provider for Libraries makes it possible to sync Dropbox files with a Sitefinity Library of your choice. The synchronization is bidirectional: any files added through Sitefinity will appear on your file system and Dropbox storage, and/or any file added through a Dropbox web account or local file system will appear in Sitefinity.

Ecommerce goodies
The Ecommerce module is enhanced with new Multicurrency, Shop-by filters, USPS real-time shipping rates, Product List sorting, documents and files that can be attached to a product, Cyrillic support and more! Apart from that, developers can enjoy the hooks to checkout events and order status events.

New Lightweight installer
The new Sitefinity installer allows you to download just a small executable from the web site. Upon launching, you will be presented with options to select what to be installed. Over the time, we’ll be adding all productivity resources and supporting applications as options in this installer.

Other new features
Part of this release also took options for exporting Email Campaigns subscribers to a text/csv format. Developers can enjoy API events for dynamic content items, updated and improved code-reference for dynamic modules and types. OpenAccess has been upgraded to version 2012.3.1012.1.

What’s fixed


  • In multilingual, redirecting pages to external sites do not work after URLs are changed
  • Modifying a page template is not always reflected on the site
  • Revision History - Error parsing the template if you have forum control on the page
  • Cannot save content item if there's an apostrophe symbol in the title 

Module Builder

  • Saving dynamic items using transaction throws an error - PITS
  • The validation of the urls of dynamic content items in hierarchy is not correct - PITS
  • Richtext fields in dynamic modules do not resolve dynamic links
  • sfref attribute of links in rich text fields is rendered on the public side by DynamicContentView widgets
  • BaseContentPluralFacadeWithLifeCycle has a method named "Publihed"
  • Fix in AddImage extension method to fill the ChildItemInfo
  • When you have a Details page for the details view of a content item from a dynamic module, the page title doesn’t get updated with the title of the dynamic module.
  • Deleting media items assigned to an assets field (multiple media) throws an error in the frontend dynamic widget
  • When deleting dynamic content item content links should be deleted as well
Content Modules
  • Blogs: Editing titles and properties for a blog from the blog posts grid returns 
  • Email Campaigns: Tracked links do not work if the campaign is deleted
  • Email Campaigns: Test message body is empty when you have Global.asax in the project - PITS
  • When all countries except US are deleted, no states are populated
  • Filtering isn't possible using the product list widget when custom classifications are used.
  • Changed OrderDetail API documentation so that developers do not need to set the deprecated fields:  VatTaxId and IsVatTaxable
  • Countries/States on Tax drop-down displaying invalid provinces or states based on country selected.
  • Sitefinity 5.0 Community edition allows downloadable goods
  • Remove extra postback that happens on Shopping Cart Summary widget


  • If you move forum (title & properties) to another forum group, forum group change name to "General discussions”  
  • Non-Latin characters in user names are displayed as “?” 
  • If you rename title in the forum, by default “All additional URLs redirect to default one..” isn’t checked in the thread 
  • Missing validation message when you attach image in post with size more than max image size and post automatically close 
  • Forums: Html encoding in Forums backend if you create thread with apostrophe in title from public page 

Site Sync

  • Group page does not sync
  • Redirect page does not sync
  • Categories, Tags – Synonyms field does not sync
  • Deleting list items in non-default language does not sync
  • When syncing the entire site 9 items failed to be synced  
  • deleted taxonomies are not synced     
  • Syncing entire site fails when site is Multilingual and when there's a redirect or group page
  • No progress indicator during synchronization 
  • "???" symbols in Synonyms when syncing Categories and Tags in ML


  • Changing the title of page does not reflect in the search index
  • Login widgets are indexed in search index
  • Unpublishing of forum threads and posts does not affect the search indexes  
  • Reindexing page content does not work when switched from mono to multilingual mode
  • The selected page in the search page selector is not highlighted upon selection
  • Problems with indexing of news items when news item is unpublished, in multilingual mode
  • Searching with wildcard(*) does not work in 5.1
  • Publishing a split page in a non-default language creates several documents in the search index
  • Indexing a page with SearchBox widget fails
  • A scheduled for publishing page goes to the search indexes
  • Split page appears twice in search results
  • Waiting for approval page is indexed 
  • The search module indexes and displays all HTML tags in Long Text field of modules created with the Module Builder
  • Issues with re-indexing an index with products in multilingual mode


  • Inbound pipes with blog posts content can't be filtered by category - the create wizard is not working 
  • Editing filters by categories for content inbound pipes doesn't list the available categories
  • Publish as ... > Add more ... - missing default selections 
  • Content to include - Sitefinity Content - List items - Error when selecting only one list 

  • Registration widget: creating a new template for Account activation results in error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
  • LoginWidget: Usernames and passwords containing '&' or '+' are rejected - PITS
  • The URL evaluator for authors does not work with LDAP membership in some cases
Known Issues and Breaking Changes
  • “Export Content” for dynamic modules is not supported in multi-tenancy scenarios
  • Changes in the PageWorkflow - KB Article
  • List of all API is attached to this thread.