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Sitefinity CMS 5.1.3450

September 4, 2012

Hello all,

Sitefinity 5.1 SP2 has just been released. This is a service release that brings updated Analytics module, which was malfunctioning due to Google™ Analytics™ API changes. The service pack also provides some bug fixes requested through the support channel. Thank you for all the feedback!

What's fixed:
  • Analytics module updated to work with the new Google Analytics services
  • Additional security enhancements in some of the webservices 
  • Module uninstalling was crashing for some of the modules
  • Publishing and saving a page leaves orphan records in the database
  • Scheduling stops working after application restart
  • Anonymous posting in Forums doesn't work
  • Security API doesn't allow to authenticatie a user without providing a password - PITS
  • Workflow guard activity doens't work with more then one workflow permission
  • Deactivating Module Builder module breaks Administration ->Permissions page - PITS
  • Dynamic items filtered by taxonomies in the front end widget was not possible when filtering by View permission is enabled and the user is not authenticated - PITS
  • Cannot check out\check in dynamic items using the code reference sample
  • Users comming from ASP.NET membership providers can`t be updated or created from within Sitefinity - PITS
  • Deactivating module builder module breaks frontend pages that have dynamic widgets in them
  • Site Sync fails when there are invalid xml characters in the synced content
  • Media content cannot be synced to more than one destination server
  • Wrong handling of files bigger than the maximum allowed during uploading - PITS
  • "Potentially dangerous request" error message when inserting a document in an ordered list item, in a content block - PITS
  • Cannot edit title and properties without having permissions to create pages
  • Private event raised during checkout and purchase status change is now exposed as public one