Release History

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Sitefinity CMS 5.0.2800

April 18, 2012

What's New

  • Added support for MSSQL 2012
  • Upgraded RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX to 2012.1.215

What's Fixed

Email Campaigns:

  • "Like a web page" campaigns and message templates are counted in the page count of Page Templates. Also, in connection with this bug the following improvement has been done: trying to delete a page template which has referring campaigns or message templates will show a relevant message (similar to trying to delete a template which has other templates based on it).
  • "Click rate" in Campaigns Reports shows infinity if you click the link before the message is counted as opened
  • "Click rate" in Campaigns Reports shows NaN if there is no data to display.
  • "Total recipients" and "Successful deliveries" in Campaigns Reports are not counted properly.
  • "Total unsubscriptions" in Campaigns Reports doesn't show anything.
  • "Decide the winning campaign on" time in A/B tests is displayed in UTC in the grid and in the Reports.
  • There is an inconsistency between the test sample in A/B tests Reports and actual number of subscribers that receive the test sample.
  • In A/B tests Reports, "Number of clicked links" is empty and "See which links were clicked" link is not working.
  • "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error if you open a link (in the received campaign) and you are not logged in your default browser.
  • Import subscribers dialog is not loaded properly if you open it for the second import.
  • The focus is not on the first field when creating a subscriber.
  • There is no option to insert Campaign dynamic data in campaign/message template text
  • If you select some of the Campaigns Actions menu items and then try to create a new campaign, the wizard shows the previous campaign data.
  • If you click a link to an email address (in the received campaign), a browser with a blank page pops up -  PITS
  • In Email Campaigns Settings, bounce actions for "Users mailbox is full" and "Other bounce reasons" are not saved.
  • "Suspend subscriber" bounce action is not working - subscribers with non-existent emails are not suspended.
  • "Query execution found more than one element." error if you try to subscribe with an email that already exists for two subscribers not included in any mailing list.
  • Sending a test message to invalid email address shows "Test message has been sent successfully.”
  • Test message text area is not cleared if you open the dialog for the second time.
  • Wrong mailing lists are displayed in the selector if you create subscribers for different mailing lists.
  • If you filter subscribers by mailing list and press "Create a subscriber", the mailing list is not selected.
  • When creating a mailing list “Reply to email” field is not validated and that breaks the campaign sending.
  • Performance improvements when importing a big amount of subscribers. Also, in connection to this bug a loading animation has been added during the import process
  • Performance improvements (in "Create a campaign" and "Create a Subscriber" dialogs) when you have mailing lists with a large amount of subscribers.
  • Links in the received campaign are not working (because of the extra tracking) if the mailing list contains subscribers with invalid emails.
  • When editing a campaign, you aren't able to make changes to its message template (changes made to the template don't get applied) - PITS
  • “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error in A/B tests Reports if you delete the mailing list used by the A/B campaigns.
  • "Unable to get value of the property 'getFullYear': object is null or undefined" javascript exception if you cancel “Schedule delivery” dialog.
  • Additional closing tags are rendered in “Like a web page” campaigns and message templates – for example if you declare a table and place an image in a td, the whole structure of the table will be messed up - PITS
  • Bounced e-mails in campaigns are not tracked.
  • Email validation is made for all Subscribe/Unsubscribe widgets on the page.
  • When sending “Like a web page” campaigns in Multi Lingual, the message is empty - PITS
  • When importing files with subscriber e-mails and names in Finnish they are displayed with "??" in the grid.
  • Email campaigns are not accessible in the menu for non-admin users.
  • “Create a campaign” does not work in Oracle.
  • In A/B tests, the winner campaign is not sent to the rest of the subscribers (that are not part of the test sample).
  • "So far sent messages" in A/B tests Reports displays the number of sent messages, but the percentage always remains “0.00 % of the test sample”.
  • Automatically generated plain text version for the campaign is not sent.
  • "Deliver campaign on" field is not cleared if you schedule a campaign to be delivered on a specific date and then try to schedule another campaign.
  • Sending a test message to only one email address followed by comma results in "Return code 0" exception.
  • Links with spaces after the url are not properly resolved in the received campaign - opening such a link results in “The page cannot be displayed”.
  • Changes made to “Message Subject”, “From name” and “Reply to email” fields (fields that are copied from the mailing list) are not persisted if you save the campaign as draft and later on edit it - PITS
  • “From name” field (you have an option to specify it when creating a campaign) does not appear in the “From” field of the received email.
  • When you create a subscriber from Mailing Lists Actions menu and then press “Create and add another”, the mailing list selection is not preserved.
  • Mailing lists grid is not refreshed after selecting "Create and add another" and “Cancel”.
  • Unsubscribe form returns “The input sequence contains more than one element” error when you have duplicated emails in the mailing list - PITS
  • “Like a web page” message template is treated as a home page in sites without any pages.
  • When you send a plain text campaign and view its source, you have 2 generated text versions: text/plain and text/html.
  • Test sample in A/B tests Reports does not show the correct information.
  • “Last open date” and “Last click” in Campaigns Reports are displayed in UTC.
  •  “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” error in IE8 if you view Subscriber report.

Modules and Content:

  • When creating a content item, single checkboxes are getting checked automatically after previewing the item. PITS 
  • IE7: Rad editor - Image manager - inserted image is added to the HTML, but is not displayed in Design mode. PITS
  • Fixed a bug in the UploadDialog where when trying to upload a new image (vide,doc) in a library the current library is not selected – resulting in very bad user experience. PITS
  • Inserting unneeded BR tags in the end of the content items
  • Layout editor - Resizing a layout element with more than 1 column crashes it
  • The current album is not selected while uploading images - PITS
  • The upload window is vertically collapsed when uploading image in a content block - PITS
  • Uploading two images to content modules results in never ending upload screen
  • Lists in multilingual  - link to a page from this site in a list item is not working - PITS
  • Links to pages in non-default language redirect to default language versions - PITS
  • Adding translation for Chinese Simplified for any content throws an error - PITS
  • Page set to redirect but NOT to show in navigation shows up anyway - PITS
  • Some pages migrated from 3.x, lose their .aspx extension in navigation - PITS
  • In IE, the user sees "Create a forum" screen instead of the forum's grid - PITS


  • Create a user dialog does not support multiple providers.
  • LDAP users don’t have their LDAP First name and Last name copied in the user Profile. PITS


  • Accessing the backend when site is hosted on IIS6 results in “Failed to Execute URL.”. PITS
  • LoginWidget is missing the DestinationPageUrl property.

Module Builder:

  • Adding GUID field breaks backend screen tweaks for custom modules. PITS
  • Pagination in the items master grid is not functioning properly. PITS  
  • Change the field for URL generation -> the old field is still the identifier when in the page widget you try to select one particular item to be.
  • Ability to have social sharing widget in dynamic widgets – the widgets should be updated in order to show the social sharing control. PITS
  • UX improvement: Include the module name in the warning dialog which pops up when deleting a module.


  • Cannot Edit variations
  • Deactivating payment method while user is placing an order causes an error
  • The user should not be able to check out products with inactive variation/attribute. Checkout >Click 'Place this order - 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.' is shown after Payment processor is deleted/de-activated
  • Confirmation email - new confirmation email formatting is applied.
  • Deactivating attribute value doesn’t deactivate already created variation.
  • Product Attributes > If you try to reorder manually and do not change the sort option first, the reordering will not work.
  • Product Attribute Values - Manually reordering attributes does not initially work.
  • Ecommerce - When uploading an image for a product, the “Which image to upload” text field is not considered.
  • Downloadable Goods: ‘Title to display’ field ignored.
  • ML Product - When you create a new version of a product in a different language the ‘File to download’ loses its name.
  • ML Product Attributes - there is no possibility to create attribute only for non-default language.
  • Order Info - When you view an order without any discounts and then view an order with discounts the discounts will not be displayed.
  • Products list widget - Editing detail template resets default sorting.
  • Products: Changing product type to shippable leaves weight field blank.
  • Shipping price with a period decimal separator causes yellow screen on checkout with cultures that use comma decimal separator
  • Variations - When creating/editing a variation there should be an ‘Is Active’ checkbox.
  • Upgrade from 4.4 to latest does not have the correct icon for the Departments widget in the toolbox.
  • LDAP users - click on ‘Place this order’ causes 'Value cannot be null. Parameter name: user'.
  • ‘LoginURL’ Property on Checkout widget doesn’t work in Claims Authentication. PITS
  • Oracle > Checkout> ‘Place this order’ causes error 'Telerik.OpenAccess.RT.sql.SQLException: ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into (ADMIN sf_ec_order_payment credit_card_number)'
  • Product list widget - Single Item settings, redirect not read back. PITS
  • Purchase Confirmation Email - 'Invoice Number’ field is not updated.
  • Set department filter and set Use paging causes the Product List widget to show blank page PITS
  • Weight field in cart/order tables PITS
  • When purchasing a non-shippable item, a shipping address is added to the [sf_ec_cart_address] table.
  • Your Downloads widget ‘Edit Template’ - specific for user files fields are not visible
  • Login URL Property does not work in Forms Authentication Mode (Backwards compatibility)


  • Fixed a number of bugs related to Sitefinity not functioning correctly, when the server is in Turkish and other non-English cultures – failing to start etc., and some functionalities not working. Mostly related to improper use of ToUpper() method.
  • Fixed a bug related to Open Access second level caching resulting in crashes when deleting taxonomies and taxons.
  • Removed wrapping span in JS/CSS widgets - PITS
  • sf:ImageField is resizing images when used in control designer - PITS
  • Interface & Labels: editing a label shows only 10 languages

Known Issues


  • Previewing news item does not work as expected before publishing this item for the first time
  • Module Builder's Import/Export functionality does not support modules with custom classifications field
  • Recreating a field with the same name but different type in a custom module built with the Module Builder causes exception -  KB Article
  • Back-end user cannot add Forum attachments when creating a new thread
  • NLB: Uploading several files at once in Libraries may result in “Row not found” error
  • Adding downloadable file hangs if file size is over 100MB.  2 solutions:  1) Set the MaxRequestLength on the httpRuntime can be configured in the web.config or 2) go to User Files and upload the file into Downloadable Goods library and then select the file from the Edit Product backend page.
  • In case any login widget renders white or no markup page after upgrade, just re-add this widget to the page


  • Users in Moderation role see also Pages, Content Blocks and Responsive and Web Design

Upgrade Instructions

There are certain instructions you should follow in order to successfully upgrade your web site to Sitefinity 5.0. Upgrading from 5.0 to SP1 can happen directly through the Project Manager application. Please see these instructions here - Upgrade Instructions