Release History

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Sitefinity CMS 4.3.1885

November 9, 2011

Release Notes for Sitefinity 4.3

What’s New

Hotfix 1

  • Images: Upon upload in section Content>Images, image quality and size is reduced

Performance Optimizations

  • Front End: Reduced database queries with 40%
  • Backend: Reduced database queries with 45%
  • Page Load: Reduced page loading times by about 10% for regular CMS pages
  • CPU times: Reduced CPU times by about 25%


  • Products: Added multilingual support for product titles and descriptions
  • Taxes: Reworked taxes to offer greater flexibility
  • Taxes: Added new tax settings for displaying taxes on the site
  • Taxes: Added Tax Classifications
  • Department Widget: New widget in two modes - horizontal menu with dropdowns and vertical  list
  • Department Widget: Added sorting - alphabetically or by department order defined by the user
  • Order Receipt Widget:  New widget showing on checkout confirmation page
  • Checkout: Added email to merchant
  • Checkout: Email to customer is template driven
  • Checkout: Added Google Conversion Tracking
  • Checkout: Added UPS real-time rates
  • Checkout: User’s shipping and billing information is populated from their Sitefinity profile if they do not have a customer profile yet
  • Checkout: Added “Change info” links when reviewing the order
  • Checkout: Countries on checkout page are driven by the configuration settings
  • Checkout: Added option to redirect the last page to a confirmation page
  • Coupons: Implemented coupons in the shopping cart.  The same criteria as for discounts apply.
  • Shopping Cart: Added coupon entry at shopping cart and payment page of checkout
  • Shopping Cart: Merchant can set the “Add to Cart” to redirect to the shopping cart page
  • Payment Providers: New Payment Provider Model allows developers to implement multiple payment processors
  • Payment Providers: Added SagePay Direct Sale method implementation
  • Payment Providers: Added PayFlow Pro Authorize, Authorize & Capture transactions
  • Payment Providers: Added Authorize.NET Authorize, Authorize & Capture transactions
  • Payment Providers: Added option for merchant to offer 12 credit cards


Email Campaigns

  • Navigation: Email Campaigns is a separated in a new section of the Backend Menu
  • Message Templates: Improved editing process by splitting it in two steps – create and edit
  • Subscribers: Added option to import subscribers
  • Subscribers: Added ability to see subscribers included in a mailing list
  • Search: Added options to search in list of subscribers, and mailing lists
  • Mailing Lists: Enabled option to import subscribers in multiple mailing lists
  • Mailing Lists: Added ability to see in which campaign a mailing list is used


  • Image Widget: Added advanced image editing with options to crop, resize, and rotate images
  • Blog List Widget: New widget which displays navigation links to blogs created on a site
  • Facebook Like Widget: New widget used to add a Facebook Like Button to a Sitefinity page
  • Facebook Feed Widget: New widget used to add a Facebook Feed  to a Sitefinity page

Migration Module 3.7 to 4.x

  • Finalized migration of all Content - Libraries, News, Events, Lists, and Generic Content
  • Finalized migration of content data - custom fields, URLs, and other meta data
  • Added support for migration of URLs with non ASCII characters
  • Added migration of Categories and their original hierarchy
  • Added migration of Tags and their association to content
  • Added authentication in the Migration service for SF 3.7  
  • Added a setting to migrate page URLs as either default or additional URLs
  • Added option to set the Migration options in Project Manager “Actions” menu  in Sitefinity 4



  • Content Blocks: Added Tags and Categories

Developer Tools

  • Upgraded RadControls for AJAX to build 2011.2.915
  • Upgraded RadControls for Silverlight to build 2011.2 920
  • Upgraded jQuery to version 1.6.3

What’s Fixed


  • Shipping Methods: When changing the default currency the main grid view Price column does not update
  • Shopping Cart: Shopping cart summary doesn’t update product's price
  • Discounts: Maximum subtotal cannot to be blank field
  • Products: Clicking the "View original size" button from the Actions menu does not display a full size image
  • Coupon Codes: Customer can enter more than one Coupon Code per Order
  • Orders: The "Registered" label in the customer details view shows when customer is an anonymous user
  • Orders: Next order number increases on every attempt instead of on every order
  • Orders: Discounts with an end date in the past show as active
  • Orders: Order information of anonymous user is not shown in the backend – Public
    • Orders: Registered user viewing an order sees the order of the previous customer – Public
    • Orders: Customer name is not displayed in backend when the order is made by anonymous user – Public
    • Orders: Customer list doesn't refresh on clicking back to customers link – Public
    • Orders list widget: Offline payment methods for orders display as “Undefined”  in the widget
    • Orders invoice widget: Deleting a Product after it’s been ordered causes an error in the widget
    • Checkout: In step 2 of checkout the tax and total field lose formatting when shipping option is selected – Public
    • Check Out: Assigning a customer to a role and deleting the role results in error during checkout– Public

Email Campaigns

  • Campaigns: After creating the first campaign, user sees "there are no campaigns" and "campaign successfully created" messages at the same time (Ticket#440071)
  • Campaigns: Attempt to send a campaign with missing mailing list or invalid subscriber emails causes an error
  • Campaigns: Campaign creation fails  with errors occasionally under IE and Chrome
  • Message Templates:  Using the Image Widget in message templates results in broken image references in the sent emails – Public
  • Message Templates: Editing the template in IE causes styling issues
  • Message Templates: When using the option “Like a web page”, users cannot change the base template
  • Subscribers: Subscriber report does not have a back button for navigation purposes (Ticket#432330)
  • Statistics: Incorrect value is displayed for messages sent so far
  • Statistics: The number of Total messages is not equal to the sum of Opened + Unopened sent messages
  • Statistics: The amount of subscribers in a particular mailing list is not updated correctly
  • Settings: The test email has a hardcoded sender which causes errors in some SMTP servers
  • Settings: Using SMTP server port outside the range of 0 – 1023 results in validation error

Migration Module 3.7 to 4.x

  • Images: Problem with image upload results in generic GDI error and exception
  • URLs: Issues with transfer of additional URLs and redirects to the default
  • Metadata: Problems with migrating DateTime values
  • Templates: Migrated templates are with incorrect status
  • Users, Profiles: When first/last name is not available,  profiles are not migrated properly
  • Transactions errors during migration


  • Pages> RSS Widget: Missing option to specify no text in the widget – Public
  • Styling: On 1024x768 screen resolutions some action elements and buttons cannot be clicked. Horizontal scroll was added - Public
  • Images: Thumbnails are not cached for files with size greater than the max cache items size
  • Multilingual: Search doesn’t work in Italian language
  • Multilingual> Document & Files, Images – Uploading and publishing file to the non default language breaks the grid in the backend
  • Threading: Race condition in PermissionAttribute constructor causes IndexOutOfRangeException (Ticket#440071)


Known Issues


  • Pages, Content: When a content is locked for editing by a user, other users get error “Row not found…” upon accessing it
  • Images: Image inserted in a Content Block does not invalidate the browser cache 
  • Videos: Embed this video feature doesn’t show the correct URL to embed
  • Ecommerce: In multilingual mode, the tax is not applied to  a product in language other than the default
  • Ecommerce: In multilingual, when UPS shipping is set, checkout results in error
  • Facebook Like Widget: Different display in page edit and page view modes
  • MySQL: Multilingual is not supported
  • Oracle: Ecommerce module is not supported

For a list of issues tracked publicly see this link