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Sitefinity CMS 4.2.1733

September 27, 2011

Release Notes for Sitefinity 4.2. SP 1

What’s New

  • Publication for content and pages can be set to a date in the past – PITS
  • Import project in the Project Manager application
  • New Actions and Resource menus in the Project Manager application

What’s Fixed


  • 404 is not returned if users requests an invalid page URL  - PITS
  • Page links are not resolved properly when a project is accessible from two different domains, and of them is a subdirectory of the other – PITS
  • Copying a page with multiple URLs, copies the URLs to the new page as well 
  • In Multilingual mode with Domain strategy enabled, if the home page is cached, browsing the other language domain does not show proper content
  • Extensibility: PageSiteNode -> Clone() method throws a NotSupportedException
  • Page Editor: Applying ‘Insert the link’ action on an existing link duplicates the link – PITS
  • Page Editor: When a fixed width is set to the HTML tag in the front-end theme, the width is applied to the page editor and the layout is broken - PITS
  • Page Editor / Images Widget: Inserted link to image contains the name of the web site (static link instead of dynamic) and sometimes renders the sfref attribute.
  • Widgets> Content Block: Edit a hyper link in Chrome 11 – the result link’s html code is duplicated - PITS
  • Widgets> Download list:  Selecting  to sort items as they appear in the album library is not applied – PITS
  • Widgets> Navigation: In ‘Horizontal with tabs’ mode, hovering off of the navigation doesn’t remove the most recent hover state – PITS
  • Widgets> Events: In Edit mode clicking on ‘Narrow selection’, 'Selection of events' by Categories and then on ‘Select’,  results in error when the user starts typing the category – PITS
  • Widgets> RSS: If you add html tags in RSS widget ‘Text to display’ property it is not encoded and is rendered as HTML
  • Widget Templates: Editing a widget template strips the JavaScript
  • Widget Templates> Navigation: When using <navcontrols:SiteMapNavigationMenu> control for custom navigation templates, user should add a JavaScript which is inline in the NavigationControl.ascx


  • Inserting image or file in content, inserts an absolute path to the file in the HTML
  • Underscore and ~ are allowed in the additional URLs for content – PITS
  • Classifications: Adding a custom classification to Content (News) and disabling multiple selection for the classification in the backend, results in error when editing content – PITS
  • Classifications: Filter by tags and categories displays incorrect count  - PITS
  • Images: Setting the caching of Image Album to be different from the default doesn’t apply the change – PITS
  • Images, Videos, Documents and Files: Cancelling the upload results in corrupted files w/o proper notification to the user – PITS
  • Images, Videos, Documents and Files: ‘Move to another library’ dialog has unnecessary scroll and thumbnails without source are shown in the Backend
  • Custom Fields: Creating a field with custom interface widget for entering data throws an error
  • News: Creating news item with ellipsis breaks the details link to this news item
  • Lists: Using a special symbol in the title of a List item results in error upon save – PITS
  • Lists> IE8: List doesn’t display correctly when in Expandable list mode – PITS
  • Forms: Very long responses cannot be read in the module’s backend UI
  • Forms: Exported excel files contain text that is not always user friendly
  • Documents: Tag added to a document through the API does not get reflected in the backend

Email Campaigns

  • Campaigns: When creating a Campaign in Rich text format, selecting 'Manually enter plain text version' doesn’t display a text area – PITS
  • Campaigns: When creating a Campaign and selecting a template, the incorrect template is displayed – PITS
  • Campaigns: If there is a Campaign associated to a Mailing List, deleting all Subscribers in the list results in error when accessing section Campaigns – PITS
  • Campaigns: Images inserted in a Campaign in Rich text format are not displayed properly in the resulting message – PITS
  • Campaigns> IE8: Campaign is sent but remains with status Draft – PITS
  • Campaigns: Creating a Campaign of type ‘Like a web page’ and clicking on ‘Done’, doesn’t save the  template name and selection
  • Message Templates: Editing a Message Template of type ‘Like a web page’ and adding and removing a layout elements results in error
  • Message Templates: Preview message template like a web page in multilingual mode results in 404 - Not Found error
  • Campaigns widget:  'Click edit and select mailing list' text is shown when nothing is set


  • Security improvements
  • Payment methods: Entering an URL without ‘http://’ causes checkout failure. Verification was added
  • Checkout: User cannot go through checkout when Offline Payment method is set
  • Checkout: the input fields for the Credit Card number and security code have autocomplete disabled
  • Checkout: Widgets related to checkout have JavaScript issues
  • Order Info: Clicking the ‘Back to Orders’ button does not reload the Orders page properly
  • Customer Info: Clicking the "Back to Customers" button does not reload the Customer page properly.
  • Shipping method: Section doesn’t display the correct currency symbol when working with a price
  • Orders: Clicking on 'View order details'/Print invoice links causes an exception if product is deleted
  • Departments Widgets: Browsing page causes 'Value cannot be null.' error after department value has been deleted
  • Products: Filter Products by Type is not working
  • Other small fixes


  • Backend Localization in Small Business Edition cannot be used
  • Firefox 6: Editing Content and Pages in Backend results in errors
  • Performance: Optimized the number of database queries performed by the List Widget
  • Users: Paging in the Users list does not work properly
  • Search: Indexing speed performance optimizations and exposing internal methods for extensibility
  • Search: Re-indexing fails if there are ScriptManager and RadWindow in the .master template
  • Search: Search do not work with redirect pages - PITS
  • Search: Deleting page from the web site does not remove the page from the index
  • Themes: Applying a new backend theme causes errors when accessing Sitefinity backend
  • Backend pages are not working properly if you have LowerCase URL Rewrite and Remove Trailing Slashes settings in IIS – PITS
  • Custom layout controls inheriting LayoutControl do not work correctly in the frontend – PITS
  • Workflow: Items in Awaiting approval/Awaiting publishing state can be opened in Edit mode
  • Settings> Appearance:  When MinimalEditorConfiguration is set to the path of a tools file in the website, the HtmlField does not resolve the file properly – PITS
  • Publishing: Content inbound pipe cannot provide more than 25 items
  • Publishing: Blog feeds do not have item links
  • Publishing: Images are not displayed in the RSS viewed in Chrome browser
  • Analytics: 'First Time setup and Configuration' form fields are inaccessible in some cases due to missing vertical scrollbars
  • More actions menu: Renamed menu option "Schedule Publish/Unpublish" to "Publish/Unpublish on Specific date"
  • Error Logging: Incorrect logging to Migration.log file instead of Trace.log
  • Extensibility: Adding a module configuration (with OnApplicationStart startup type) missing its Type property causes Sitefinity to crash on startup.
  • Migration module: Migration of pages fails when executed 2 times sequentially
  • Migration module: Images are not imported from all providers in 3.7
  • Migration module: Images attributes are not preserved (alt, custom sizes)
  • Migration module: Library size limitations are not migrated properly.
  • Migration module: Comments creation date is wrong.
  • Migration module: Visibility of migrated comments is not persisted


  • Content: Disabling option "Allow multiple URLs for this item..." is not applied – PITS
  • Images, Videos, Documents and Files: Uploading files in the non-default language always saves them with status Draft
  • Widgets> Language Selector: When the URL contains query string parameter, changing the language through the widget makes a redirect to the original URL for the selected culture – PITS
  • Languages List: Selected languages to be added are cleared when searching for another language