Release History

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Sitefinity CMS 4.1.1501

June 21, 2011

What is new?

  • Support for multiple instances on Azure - Documentation
  • Official support of Newsletter module
  • Official support for MySQL and Oracle
  • Localization of page templates – the user has an option to create different page templates for each of his languages
  • Localization of widgets - when editing a widget, the user now has an option to apply the changes to all translations or only to the translation in the current language
  • Over 6 fold reduction in the loading time for backend grids of the system
  • Page Base class for Sitefinity pages- Public

 What is fixed?


  • “Back to revision history” button takes you back to pages list
  • Parent page containing child pages can be deleted from Actions > Title & Properties > More actions > Delete- Public
  • Robots noindex meta tag is inserted regardless of page settings- Public
  • The CSS rules for the built-in layouts are sometimes missing in the frontend even if they are required - Public
  • Navigation with all siblings under current open page doesn’t work
  • HTML included in the <head> tag (except title, keywords, description) option doesn't work- Public
  • Creating a child page with non admin user results in "You are not allowed to modify this page"- Public
  • Paging on public Download list controls is not working correctly
  • 'Schedule Publish/Unpublish' causes error “Object doesn't support this property or method”
  • The dropdown option "Edit custom sorting..." does not always appear
  • Deleting a page deletes all child pages without warning
  • Extensibility of language selector is not possible- Public
  • Backend pages is displaying front end pages- Public
  • Empty space character is displayed when editing classes for layout element- Public
  • When editing page widget template, and selecting to insert field results in HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found- Public
  • Option to expand pages is not shown when editing navigation widget- Public
  • Add new template dialog- unnecessary scrollbars are shown- Public
  • You cannot republish a page if you reach the page limitation defined by the License


  • Cannot add anchor tags and query string parameters to links in content- Public
  • Adding a filter expression in Content and then trying to filter causes an error: Operator '==' incompatible with operand types 'Guid' and 'Int32'
  • MasterGridViewElement FilterExpression does not apply the expression and you cannot filter elements in the grid
  • Can't remove description from content items- Public
  • If you select Stop Schedule on a content item and then try to schedule the item again - Exception of type 'Telerik.Sitefinity.Workflow.Exceptions.WorkflowSecurityException'  is thrown.- Public
  • Dynamic content page should display content title in head title tag- Public
  • Closing the search does not clear the search results
  • Attempting to open comments screen causes error "Unable to cast TItem to NewsItem" in News and Pages
  • Atompub service does not work for Blogs


  • News summary is cut off on MySQL - Public

 Images, Videos, Documents and Files

  • Selecting a text excerpt in the content editor inside a <h> tag to insert a hyperlink links the whole text inside the <h> tag- Public
  • If more than 10 albums exist, title of the album in the sidebar is not displayed when clicking on an album
  • Documents are not appearing correctly when filtering by category- Public
  • Click on Merge albums button in Images results in In process of implementation message.
  • “Resize,Thumbnail” label is removed from Images upon a customers’ request


  • Z-index issue with events and datetime field in Events-  Public
  • Start Date and End Date appear in UTC on the public site for Events


  • Trying to create a form by clicking "Create and go to add content" button results in “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”
  • Form entries sorting is missing ascending and descending options


  • List items widget does not display custom fields when in Page list mode single item view - Public
  • Long titles for content items do not wrap/display properly- Public
  • List Items with status Draft are shown on the Site- Public
  • Checkbox for multiple selections of list items doesn't work as expected
  • Publishing a list item with length bigger than 255 chars in the body with no spaces inside results in Return code: 12152
  • Multiple List items widgets - The Expand all and Collapse all links do not work for the corresponding list - Public


  • “Auto generated fields” option in Profile user widget returns “Error parsing the template”.
  • SortExpression is not saved in News widget- Public
  • Clicking on 'Style Builder' in RadEditor causes error- Public
  • Clicking on the filter “My templates” breaks the “All templates”


  • Links to group pages are not resolved properly when having horizontal navigation with tabs- Public


  • Shared content block created via Pages doesn’t have title and content when you view it via Content/Content Block screen
  • FlatTaxonField, HierarchicalTaxonField are not working when placed on widget template
  • Classifications cannot be used in page while SF is in multilingual mode

 Custom fields

  • Some of the config files (SecurityConfig and ProjectConfig) are saved every time the application is initialized
  • Default properties from definitions are not passed down to field controls when you change the configurations- Public
  • Editing default fields for a content item breaks the persistence of the field- Public
  • Item's form is broken after ‘Predefined value’ for field of type YES/NO is set- Public
  • Multiple choice custom fields on Blog Post crashes the Blogs module- Public
  • Hiding the tags and category fields from a module breaks the interface- Public


  • SiteMapDataSource control advanced settings cannot be saved again if they are edited once in page templates- Public
  • Page is not updated after a nested template is changed- Public
  • Designing Page templates pops up random error message Public
  • Template layout - Modifying template layout causes error - "Object reference is not set to an instance of an object"
  • Preview a page template results in error
  • Wrong label is displayed when creating or editing a template


  • Problems with setting permissions for a custom role - Public
  • You can access a document file using its embedded link without having permissions to view the file
  • Widget permissions don't work- Public
  • Restricting access to one page is not working- Public
  • Setting permissions on layout elements does not work properly- Public
  • Creating a duplicate page restricts only administrator to view/edit/delete this page- Public
  • Content menu is visible for users in “Designer” role
  • Design menu is visible for users  in “Author” or “Editor” roles
  • User is not allowed to drop blocks to layouts
  • Permissions of controls are reset when reverting to previous version


  • Unnamed template can be created for newsletters- Public
  • The option "I'd like to follow up with people that unsubscribe" doesn't work in newsletter mailing lists- Public
  • User can only subscribe to one mailing list from the subscribe form in newsletter - Public
  • Missing back button when creating newsletter campaign in Google Chrome browser- Public
  • You can unsubscribe an user from the unsubscribe form more than once and it is counted in "Total number of subscribers "-  Public
  • Adding subscriber to a mailing list throws "Error encountered while saving the subscriber information."- Public
  • Mailing lists do not show if you delete a template and you cannot add a campaign or subscriber
  • The label "Subscribe to the mailing list" in subscribe form is too long and is cut off
  • Create a message template as a web page results in "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
  • Editing a message template as a web page and pressing “Done” results in endless loading when editing the page again
  • Back to message templates doesn't clear the template's information in a newsletter
  • User gets error "You are not authorized to 'CreateChildControls' ('Pages')." while trying to create a Template as a page
  • User gets error "Fail" while trying to create a Template as a page
  • The option "I'd like to welcome new subscribers with an email message" in mailing lists for the newsletter doesn't work
  • Campaign reports do not generate proper results in a newsletter
  • Campaign name and message template name in Cyrillic don't appear correctly in newsletter
  • The field Email in option “I'd like to welcome new subscribers with an email message” doesn't save the reply-to email
  • Clicking on Permissions for a message template results in "Command "permissions" is not currently supported"
  • Creating a campaign using search for mailing lists returns wrong result
  • Creating a campaign as a web page breaks the campaigns- Public


  • Upgrading a project with Solarflare template from  4.1 to 4.1 SP1 and adding some language for public content messes up the home page
  • Upgrading from 4.0 SP1 to 4.1 SP1 results in problem with reordering subpages- Public
  • Language selector set as dropdown menu crashes when used in domain URL strategy scenario
  • Copy from another language, which is not default, copies the widget template settings from the default language
  • URL domain strategy leads to wrong behavior in the backend - values are persisted for the wrong language
  • "Save" button does not apply the changes when editing widget template in one translation
  • Selected theme in the page template is applied only for the default language version of the page
  • Create a page template using a layout and a page with this template results in "Sequence contains more than one matching element” when viewing the page
  • When submitting multilingual form with textbox, multiple choice, paragraph textbox or checkbox elements results in an error "Type does not contain property with that name"
  • You cannot create a new event/news/blog post after adding a custom field when backend language is Turkish/German/Spanish/Italian
  • Copying widget template settings and then changing the widget template doesn’t apply the changes when working in multilingual mode
  • Using different widget templates for page template language versions causes "Parser Error Message: The tag contains duplicate 'UseWorkflow' attributes."
  • When adding a language version from the template edit option "Copy widget settings from another translation" leaves the language dropdown empty
  • Error when trying to open a page template which does not have a translation in the current language
  • Page templates preview shows only the default language content
  • Initialization of the application does not work in multilingual mode
  • Changing the backend language breaks page hierarchy
  • "Unsupported language" exception is thrown after language deletion
  • Fallback to invariant resources does not work
  • You cannot move pages or change the page parent as it results in "The specified URL is not valid"


  • Obsolete Output Cache Settings under Page settings are removed
  • The file size limitation of files uploaded through the “File Manager” can be now set - Public
  • Attaching file with "+" in its name causes 404 error- Public

User and User Profiles

  • You can delete a currently logged in admin user in ASP.NET SqlMembershipProvider: as a result you receive "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
  • Password Recovery settings cannot be created for ASP.NET SqlMembership provider- Public
  • When creating a user the grid for users is populated with his name for all users
  • In the login screen “Forgot your password” option is not listed if you have an ASP.NET SqlMembership provider
  • Profile user widget does not save values for Category/Tags
  • Logging with user from ASP.NET SqlMembershipProvider and selecting Profile link doesn’t display information
  • DateTime picker in a custom profile type is not displayed correctly
  • Saving Date and Time in User edit results in “Item could not be saved” exception
  • Editing Date field in profile widget causes error Invalid cast from 'System.DateTime' to 'System.Nullable`


  • Exception is thrown when calling ContentServiceBase.GetViewModelList
  • RadGrid cannot be bind properly on the server side, some events are never thrown- Public
  • Running older sitefinity versions versus newer database schema causes breaking schema changes - Public


  • The EditorContentManagerDialog fires multiple CustomInsert events
  • Network load balancing pages caching issues when one instance is down
  • Inserting Image as a link in a content block does not work - Public
  • Installation package doesn't work if you have a previous version of Sitefinity installed
  • Custom sorting of pages does not work
  • Custom sorting in pages is not persisted
  • Paging does not work when it is set in mode “ShowPrevAndNext” and “ShowFirstAndLast”

Upgrade notes

  • Newsletter module: Everyone who had campaign “Like a web page” may experience upgrade problems
  • Newsletter module:  If you are using Community Edition and the beta of Newsletters module, before upgrade remove all public newsletters controls from your pages. Newsletters will not be available for the CE licenses as it is not a beta anymore
  • Newsletter module : After upgrade If you change license from Community Edition to higher edition you need to remove <Newsletters> node from System.Config and restart your IIS
  • Lists module: After upgrade, replace all List controls in "Expandable" mode

 Note: The release notes do not include all bug fixes and changes due to their sensitivity or irrelevance to the end user perspective of the System.