Release History

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Sitefinity CMS 4.0RC 2 (4.0.1030.0)

December 20, 2010

What’s New

In-line Editing

  • Ability to browse and edit the content of your website if you are authenticated in the backend.


  • Ability to create search indexes for News, Events, Blog Posts, Content Items, and Static HTML pages
  • Search and Search Results widgets

Custom Fields

  • Ability to create custom fields for all content items
  • Ability to hide/show default custom fields in different views

Twitter Publication pipe

  • Ability to associate multiple applications and users in order to feed messages into twitter

POP3 Publication pipe

  • Ability to configure Sitefinity to pull content from POP3 mailbox, so that you can publish content to Sitefinity by sending e-mails.

Analytics Improvements


  • Integration of geographical maps on report level
  • Metrics on each map dashboard
  • Full-screen map support
  • Support for demo credentials for evaluation purposes - Email: Demo, Password: Demo

Performance improvements

  • JavaScript/CSS minifying
  • CSS/Script combining

Scheduling with Workflow

Support for Session State

Documents were renamed to Documents & Files and modified to include files with any extension

RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX were upgraded to 2010.3.1109.40 (Q3)

RadControls for Silverlight were upgraded to 2010.3.1110.1040  (Q3)

What’s Fixed


  • Small Widget editor fixes
  • JavaScript error "Object expected" if you edit Navigation control in IE7
  • Download Link widget> From Already Uploaded tab sets wrong html tags for date and author
  • Removed unnecessary auto-generated inline style of Video widget wrapper
  • ContentBlock Widget: Clicking on the Advanced button erases the text in the RadEditor 
  • Navigation Widget:  Published page which has a draft version is not displayed in the Navigation
  • Creating a custom template for Events and BlogPosts widgets using the Custom Designer results in incorrect data selection in the widget designer
  • Navigation control - Setting role different than Everyone results in exception
  • Cannot change default css class of Categories widget and Tags widget
  • All widgets for content automatically filter by date when the URL is for a single item
  • If you try to insert data in widget template using Internet Explorer all information will disappear
  • Navigation control option for SiteMapNavigationTabStrip does not persist its state after post back
  • Navigation control in Tree View mode adds an empty item bellow pages with children
  • Cannot add Language Selector control 


  • Scheduling dialog shows incorrect publication and expiration dates
  • "More actions" menu doesn't close if you click on the "Cancel" link of the Scheduling dialog
  • Loading progress indicator is not displayed during blog creation
  • Incorrect count of categories and tags in the filter by category/tag in the right pane
  • Publishing a scheduled content item doesn't appear on the public site immediately

Images, Videos and Documents

  • "Insert an image", "Insert a document" and "Insert a video" dialogs allow the selection of files with any extension
  • "Ambiguous match found" error when creating content items
  • Loading process proceeds indefinitely when a video is saved as draft
  • Loading doesn't finish and buttons are not displayed when more than one library exists and the user uploads an item without specifying in which library it should be stored
  • Unnecessary upload button appear in Images, Videos and Documents modules when localization is on
  • Manage albums link redirects to a screen with items from the Default Provider, when there is more than one provider in a module
  • Grid View icon always redirects to a screen with items from the Default Provider, when there is more than one provider in a module
  • Resizing Video through the Advanced settings does not get applied on public pages
  • Resizing is not working properly for videos uploaded before an upgrade 
  • Available extensions are hardcoded


  • Trying to revert to an older content item version shows a message that an item with the same url already exists
  • Return code: 12031 error when trying to Unlock an item


  • 2 level approval workflow: updated changed status messages in Pages
  • Error "Undefined" in workflow with 1 level of approval when the user saves a content item sent for publishing 
  • "For Approval" button is not shown for a page created from another language version of this page
  • Items in "waiting for approval" state cannot be processed after upgrading from RC
  • Comments cannot be deleted when workflow is activated 
  • Items can be deleted by author after they are send for approval or published
  • After item is approved and published the author cannot edit and send for approval
  • In a two level workflow editing a published/scheduled content item cannot be deleted
  • In a two level workflow users without rights for publishing can edit and publish again previously published items.
  • Trying to add a widget in a page edit after closing the page preview causes an error "The request channel timed out while waiting for a reply after ...".
  • Approval workflow cannot be started again after an item is published
  • Cannot delete a content item that is sent for approval error "Return code 12031" appears

Multilingual Support

  • ScriptManager null reference exceptions when creating copies of a page in another language, and any of these widgets are on the page: News, Content or Blog
  • When language different than English is set as default users can create blogs in English only
  • Trying to add a page translation inside page edit causes an error "'this.get_baseList()' is null or not an object"
  • Clicking on "Revision History" link throws an error "baseList.getFormattedBackLabel is not a function"
  • Adding new language versions to tags and categories, while creating a content item prevents the user from saving
  • Working in SV-sv culture causes the Analytics application to crash. Introduced fallback for parsing culture specific data
  • “Value cannot be null” error when trying to navigate to a group page
  • 404 Error when creating a translation copied from another language for a child page
  • 404 Error when previewing templates
  • Publishing a page with a one language version and then adding new version locks the first version by your user.
  • Adding Language Selector control causes and  "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error
  • Page Edit doesn't look good when you are in multilingual mode
  • Adding two synced language versions of a page and then adding another one by selecting stop syncing locks the first version
  • Removing a language and clicking on the pages for template you can see the pages that should have been deleted with the language.
  • Having a page with draft status appears with <li/> tag in html of that page
  • Opening page causes error after language has been removed
  • Bulk editing doesn’t with properly with multiple languages, only the English version is edited.
  • Saving changes of a language version of a page doesn't return you to the language version you are editing, instead you are navigated to the default language.
  • Editing language version of page with user that has no rights to edit pages - "This type of page is not served" error appears


  • Adding a toolbox section causes page editor to hang
  • Deleting default configuration produces no result


  • When creating a child page, the parent page doesn’t display properly
  • Unpublishing a page doesn’t hide it from the navigation
  • Scheduling doesn't work as expected
  • Buttons in Pages doesn't have a proper layout and size on the page

Design Templates

  • Error when opening  a template which contains News and Events widget


  •  Publishing event which contains a number in the name causes a URL causes an error
  • There are two "Search…" buttons


  • Error when logging off another user using LDAP


  • Users with no access to the Backend Role cannot be authenticated on public pages
  • Permissions on Media and Documents files are not reflected on public pages 
  • Logging with user that has Editors or Authors role and go to page that uses master template you get  "You are not authorized to 'View {0}' ('PageTemplates')." exception


  • Filtering by Published and Draft states causes an error
  • Creating a Form with name that already exists causes an error
  • There is no possibility to create a single checkbox

Feeds & Notifications

  • Items are not ordered by publication date in the RSS feed


  • RadEditor inserts wrong HTML for tables
  • In WebResource images changed the value of "Content-Type" from img/gif to image/gif 
  • Do not link Layout controls CSS file to pages that do not use layout controls

Known Issues

  • Layout elements created with the layout designer will not save the content until:
    • The page is published
    • Save as draft, click on back to pages, and navigate to your page from the Pages screen.
  • Custom Fields: Hiding a default field for specific views results in a “Sequence contains no elements” error, e.g. hiding Summary in News from view NewsBackendEdit.
  • Cannot create search indexes for Static Pages that are using custom master pages