Release History

By product

Sitefinity CMS 4.0.1098

January 13, 2011

What’s New

Newsletters (Beta)
The module is designed to provide a rich set of functionality ranging from subscribers management, newsletter composing all the way to the marketing features.

The scope includes:

  • Recipients management
  • Campaign management
  • Reporting & Tracking
  • Subscription management

Page Output Cache
This feature improves the sites performance by providing a caching mechanism upon initial page rendering. All subsequent page loads become faster because the controls on the .aspx page do not need to run again to generate the HTML.

Other Features

  • Advanced options in pages for:  ViewState, SSL, Search indexing, Caching, Script Manager.
  • Added Discard Draft option to Pages and Content
  • Permissions for Custom Fields and Inline Editing
  • Added support for custom providers in Feeds
  • New Visual Studio Extensions for Sitefinity custom modules


  • Starter Kits for the following industries:
    • Real Estate
    • Intranet
    • Education
    • Charity
  • New SDK sample modules: Products module, Intermediate module

What’s Fixed

Pages and Content

  • Error when publishing page in a site on port 8080
  • Adding custom layout element is not reflected immediately on the page
  • In the Content Block Widget  the Image selector is limited to 20 images
  • Error when renaming page templates
  • Widget toolbox stays collapses and cannot be expanded when editing a in the Page Editor at 1024x768 resolution
  • Adding a widget to a placeholder in the  Page Editor and clicking its title shifts the widget to another placeholder
  • Page hierarchy in the Page Selector is not the same as the one in section Pages
  • Items with status "draft newer than published" are not displayed under Draft filter in the right pane
  • "End element 'item' from namespace ''  error appears when trying to move category up or down

Documents and Files

  • Sorting order problems
  • Attempt to use invalid character in the URL doesn’t cause conversion to valid characters
  • Image widget height cannot be set


  • When user has no permission to view page, the error should be 403 not 404
  • User with no permissions to manage posts is able to delete Blog with Posts


  • Name for developers is not saved
  • Non-latin text in field confirmation options breaks the encoding
  • Forms with duplicate names can be created


  • Running import of external RSS twice duplicates the items in Sitefinity
  • When importing content from external RSS, running  the feed in Sitefinity throws an error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

Multilingual Support

  • Incorrect URL generation for sub pages on 4th level
  • URL selector in the content block widget shows the site structure in the default language and not in the current language
  • 404 error upon loading the home page
  • Adding another language breaks the hierarchy in pages
  • All language versions of pages show in the Navigation widget after upgrade


  • 1 level of approval: deletion of draft pages results in error "Workflow rules do not allow to delete"
  • 1 level of approval: Uploading an image via the image widget causes error “Cannot save the file…”
  • Multilingual is on:  Creating a custom workflow results in error
  • Multilingual is on:  sending for approval a translation causes error  "Exception of type 'Telerik.Sitefinity.Workflow.Exceptions.WorkflowSecurityException' was thrown."

Inline Editing

  • Updating a Tags/categories field  and editing content item after that causes error
  • Adding Predefined value =today for Date field causes error
  • The content editor does not show a cursor in the content area
  • Updating content block does not update the page
  • Browsing image galleries widget causes error
  • Login problems


  • QL Server SqlConnection doesn`t support simultaneous transactions
  • Error when navigating to “sitefinity/services/content/ContentItemService.svc/help/GetContent/response/example”
  • 'LicensingPage' already in route collection problem when restarting application during module installation
  • IIS 404 redirect causes route handler to break
  • Dead lock on startup after pool recycle
  • Group page with child pages in different statuses is not displayed correctly in the Navigation Widget
  • minRequiredPasswordLength parameter is not considered when creating a user password
  • Error 404 if you search label and try to edit it in Administration> Interface Labels & Messages

Known Issues  


  • Page Edit screen is broken if you add HTML iframe tag to a Content Block widget
  • Attempt to use RadAjaxManager on a custom master page results in error in design mode (100443)


Multilingual Support

  • Publishing content items (or page in synchronized mode) in one language, publishes all translated versions
  • Deleting page in Page Edit screen deletes all translated versions (104800)
  • Versioning is not supported (77507)
  • Setting backend language to Arabic causes breaking of backend pages (77797)
  • In Forms module localization is not supported for the following widgets: checkboxes, radio buttons and drop-down (100162)
  • Adding more cultures to a language (i.e.: en-GB and en-US) results in error when creating a page (51377)

Load Balancing/Web Garden

  • Issues with caching and configurations.
    Note: Fixing is planned for Q1.

Medium Trust

  • Not supported


  • “Database connection closed” error appears when data base server is restarted (103780)
  • Clicking more than one time on Publish in Forms results in error
  • Backend pages templates cannot be accessed
  • User with view permissions for Content can Publish/Unpublish a content item (104875)
  • Videos on public site cannot be maximized
  • Applying restricted permissions to a group of pages, hides the ability to create a page

Custom Providers

  • Tags/Categories added  to items from custom providers are not shown in section Content> Tags/Categories (77109)
  • Custom fields cannot be set per provider