Release History

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Sitefinity CMS 10.1.6500

July 9, 2017

What’s New & Improved

Connector for Oracle Eloqua

Sitefinity CMS Connector for Oracle Eloqua enables marketers to easily create and configure online forms to send data to and trigger automated workflows in Eloqua. Sitefinity gives marketers full control over field mappings and they can easily reuse the same form across hundreds of campaigns just by changing the associated Eloqua campaign ID.
DocumentationIntegrate data with Oracle Eloqua

Extensible Online Forms Mapping for 3rd Party Integrations

Sitefinity developers can easily extend the list of systems offered in our Forms Mapping solution with other systems based on their custom logic, while utilizing the field mapping experience offered for the marketing user when connecting to Eloqua.
DocumentationConnect to 3rd party marketing automation system

Automated Personalization Reports

Marketers do not have to manually define reports for their personalization campaigns anymore - instead, Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud now creates a report for every running personalization automatically. All they need to do is to create personalized page or widget in Sitefinity, wait a bit to gather enough statistics and the report is already created for them. In the Personalization Report they can find insightful data showing how many times a given segment has been served and how the different personalized segments attribute towards important for the website conversions. 
Personalization: Track, measure, and compare
Define personalization reports

Integrated Personalization Reporting

Links to the personalization report are now available in the Sitefinity CMS pages grid, making it easier than ever to analyze the results by bringing them closer to the personalized content.
DocumentationCreate a personalized version of a page.

Personalizable Content Lists

Content Marketers can now serve personalized instead of generic lists of content items: blogs, news, events and lists. They will be able to benefit from that capability for their dynamic content as well. Content Lists can be personalized just like any content block - based on contextual criteria or customer journey data.
Overview: Personalization
Personalize widgets
Tutorial: Personalize a widget
For developers: Personalize Feather List widgets

Personalization for Web Lead Nurturing 
Digital Marketers and Campaign Managers can now implement top-funnel lead nurturing on the web site by configuring behavior-based lead scoring personalization. With this segmentation capability, new or existing leads can be targeted based on their engagement level while they are still browsing the web site.
DocumentationProgress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud based personalization

[BETA] Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Support

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) increase the success of Content Marketing on mobile devices by decreasing significantly the page open time and improving SEO ranking. They are web pages designed according to an open source specification, and once validated, they are cached in Google AMP cache for faster access. Sitefinity AMP module allows for the automatic generation of AMP pages based on content types, with little to no coding required.
DocumentationMobile formats (BETA)

Data Processing Framework

A new framework for processing all data that gets sent to the database is introduced in Sitefinity. It allows the user to define data processors which are used to track or modify the database entities upon their creation or modification.
DocumentationGlobal data processing

What's Improved

System Startup Optimization

  • Reduced startup time 
  • Better logging on startup
  • Startup diagnostics improvement
  • Marketo Connector caching improvements


  • Segmentation based on IP ranges
  • Segmentation based on Referral Domain  
    DocumentationUser characteristics
  • Optimized personalization for cases with multiple Personas


  • Security Fixes & Improvements


  • Discard draft option is added for Dynamic items
  • Option SentForApproval  is now added when items are published with non-default workflow
  • Scheduled publish/unpublish is now always an option in two-level and default workflow before the publish step

Updated Developer Tools

  • Telerik AJAX UI Controls for ASP.NET - 2017.2.621.40
  • Kendo UI - 2017.2.504
  • GeoIP database upgraded with latest changes since June 2017
  • Service Stack upgraded  - 4.5.8

What's Fixed

  • Updated Analytics module to support Google Analytics API v3 metrics and dimensions
  • Caching: varyByCustom is not preserved after the upgrade to 10.0 (FP)
  • Ecommerce - product information is not updated in page view
  • Ecommerce checkout in Anonymous mode is messing up orders
  • CreateApplicableCartDiscounts not properly scoped to CartOrder (FP)
  • Form email notification silently fails when the Notifications SenderProfile is not set
Dynamic Modules
  • Dynamic Module permissions for non-default custom providers do not work (FP)
Documents and Files
  • Replacing a document with a document with different title does not add the old url as additional url (FP)
  • Libraries: Link for non-default library does not work (FP)
  • Pages: SEO Title doesn't change when the page is duplicated in multisite environment (FP)
  • Wrong translation of pages' revision history
  • Cannot change the language in case the pages in the different languages are equal (FP)
Permissions and Authentication
  • Layout control permissions are set as administrators only on the target when permissions sync is disabled. 
  • Emails for Ldap provider are case-sensitive (FP)
  • Users cannot upload documents using HtmlField when they does not have permissions for the default library (FP)
  • Authentication: Login with Facebook does not work.
  • SiteSync test connection: Log the output returned by the Destination server.
  • SiteSync test connection considers HTTP code 500 as OK.
  • SitefinityExceptions.ItemNotFoundException does not give details about the item.
  • SiteSync: Email notification control on Synchronization page says that the smtp settings are not configured, but they are
  • When sync a scheduled for publishing Item then two Items will be created. (FP)
  • Manual SiteSync starts even if a sync is already running
  • Search functionality does not work for Norwegian language.(FP)
  • Sitemap contains item urls from other sites for shared content items. (FP)
  • Lionbridge Freeway connector mixes items from different projects when sending for translation (FP)
  • Importing a feed containing category element throws an error.(FP)
  • Bad request is thrown when create News Item using oData (FP)
  • Cannot delete Page templates from Delete button and Action menu in Multilingual setup
  • Modification of page's search engines title in non-default language does not log the page for sync
  • Wrong images count in album when there is some broken image
  • Marked items for taxonomy shows incorrect number of marked items and displays 0 items in details view (FP)
  • Taxonomy statistics are not updated after a custom field of type Classification has been deleted (FP)
  • Navigation widget do not shows properly restricted page nodes.(FP)
  • Content Block: RadEditor Table Wizard dialog has incorrect size and position (FP)
User Management
  • Roles selector: Unchecking a role from the selector is not working.
  • Roles selector: Unchecking 'Explicitly deny this to selected roles and users:' is not working properly.
  • Roles selector: Reopening the selector is not showing you the first page, but the one selected last
MVC Framework
  • Dynamic Content widget>dynamic item details are still visible on frontend , after it's been unpublished (FP)
  • Social networks login URL is incorrect when using Domain URL Localization Strategy (FP)
  • Card Widget: Image Folders do not load (FP)
  • Form widget template is missing from the Bootstrap package
  • Exception is thrown when using custom Feather Ninject Module
  • Small fixes of markup, removed table in Card widget template - #1700
  • Add missing bootstrap classes to form widgets - #372
  • Layout files placed under root MVC folder generates taxon with empty name. 
  • Feather: Dynamic content MVC widget list view is filtered by taxonomy from URL, when the dynamic content type does not have a taxonomy field (FP)
  • Error on Sitefinity backend login page when using HTTPS and behind an SSL Offloader
  • Resolved performance problems when non-admin user loads document's library
  • Optimizations in Sitefinity login
  • Windows 10 Creators Update breaks Custom Membership providers
  • Background task service lock result in slow document upload/publish operations
  • Application status page does not show stack trace
  • Reply field is not usable on iPad (FP)
  • "Add to wishlist" error when the sfproductOptions are not added

Breaking Changes

MVC Framework

  • feed.css and sf-ratings.css located in the FeatherWidgets project have been removed. All references to these files are replaced with references to their minified versions (feed.min.csssf-ratings.min.css). Changes affect the following templates:
    • Feed.FeedLink.cshtml (located in FeatherWidgets project)
    • Reviews.Default.cshtml (located in FeatherWidgets project)
    • Reviews.Count.Default.cshtml (located in FeatherWidgets project)
    • Feed.FeedLink.cshtml (located in FeatherPackages project/Minimal package)
    • Reviews.Default.cshtml (located in FeatherPackages project/Minimal package)
    • Reviews.Count.Default.cshtml ((located in FeatherPackages project/Minimal package)
  • sfPublicWrapper css class and PublicWrapper id have been removed from layout files in Minimal and Bootstrap packages, because they are redundant and they do not follow the Feather naming convention. If you are using sfPublicWrapper class or PublicWrapper id in your css or javascript, you can add them back to your layout files.
  • Nodejs dependencies and grunt configurations for the following projects, located in FeatherWidgets project, have been removed:
    • Publishing;
    • Comments;
    • Forms;
    • Search;
    • Social Share


  • The old Sitefinity Default Theme will not be available anymore in the next release (10.2). The new Light Theme will be the default and only option.