Release History

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UI for Windows Phone 7 (discontinued) 2013.31329

January 27, 2014

Important Changes:
  • Common
    • New NuGet package name. In order to update, please remove the old nuget package and install the new one.
  • DataBoundListBox
    • The EmptyContent holder within the RadDataBoundListBox’s and RadJumpList’s control templates is moved to be within the scrollable content so that the PullToRefresh experience works when no items are available in the source.
What's Fixed:
  • Chart
    • Selection was not working as expected in landscape mode.
  • DataBoundListBox
    • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when using DynamicGridVirtualizationStrategy with ItemRemovedAnimation and removing the last item from the viewport.
  • ListPicker
    • The first time the popup was opened it was not animated.
  • PanAndZoomImage
    • In landscape mode, the image was not zoomed in the correct place.
What's New:
  • DataBoundListBox
    • Support for displaying the PullToRefresh indicator when no items are available in the listbox via the ShowPullToRefreshWhenNoData property.