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Q2 2012

June 11, 2012

Application Templates

Design and Project Metro templates + VS Wizard - more than 50 design Metro templates including page templates and content templates, saving tremendous amount of time. On top of that you get a VS wizard helping you configure your app’s entire infrastructure. What’s left is filling it with your app’s content.


  • The StartsWithAutoCompleteProvider did not correctly calculate the filtered range's length
  • When setting the IsItemHighlighted attached property to an element without defining highlight style a null ref. was thrown


  • The Content property could not be set from Style


  • When horizontaly oriented the month selector should be smaller - like in the device
  • When using ItemTemplateSelector, the correct template was not reevaluated when the selected date was changed


  • Vertical Axis title should be automatically rotated
  • DesiredTickCount property would enter an endless loop if no data is specified
  • Indicators were skipped when determining the IsEmpty state of the chart
  • DataPoint virtualization would not work properly when vertical zoom is applied
  • The Toolltip is not displayed properly when PanOffset was applied
  • The PanOffset property could not be applied until the control was loaded
  • PanOffset not applied correctly while the control was not loaded
  • Minimum and Maximum of NumericalAxis could not be set to 0


Brings the Metro conversation experience to your app.


  • Pull to refresh
  • Reorder
  • When using an extended source collection with a AddRange method and a defined ItemCheckedPath property, clearing the collection and adding new items via AddRange would not correctly populate the checked items collection
  • Made the control update its visual state when the last Removed animation ended upon collection reset or clear. Disabled the manipulation on the ScrollViewer when in NoData state
  • Fixed issues with visual containers overlapping when using animations and removing items from the source collection
  • A NullReferenceException was thrown when using public API of the control when the style was not applied and thus no VirtualizationStrategy was initialized
  • Bug with animation Ended event handling when animations were assigned from static resources
  • Fixed issue with Item Added Animation not being played for batch scenarios when binding in unloaded mode
  • Null reference exception in TiltInteractionInfo.Clear(bool animate)
  • Setting EmptyContent from Style was not possible
  • When scrolling too fast realized items are offset in a way that caused the realization of too many containers
  • When batch add animation was scheduled and the viewport size changed animations were not played
  • Flickering caused by setting Clip to the control
  • When Item Animations were defined and the source collection was reset with larger one viewport measurements were not correctly calculated
  • Item animations not played correctly when adding items to the end of the source with defined footer/data virtualization indicator
  • When realizing items in unloaded mode layout of the items was messed up
  • Issue when having a Header and calling BringIntoView for the last item exactly after binding the ListBox


  • Default height was 49 px, while the default height of a textbox was 50x.
  • When switching between looping enabled or not according to the time step: the new IsLoopingEnabled value was not calculated in the same way on the places where it was needed
  • An ArgumentOutOfRange exception was thrown when updating the Step in unloaded mode when no visual children were created in the date time lists
  • Fixed an issue preventing devs from setting EmptyContent from styles
  • Issue when having Step defined and MinValue in a combination that made some Step clamped values out of bounds


  • When the year was next after the one in the min value, and the month and day were selected to be the same as in the min value, selecting day, smaller than the one in the min value caused wrong behavior
  • Template bindings for the ItemTemplateSelector property were missing
  • When updating the step behavior in unloaded mode with applied template, the logical count was not correctly updated


  • If ApplicationUsageHelper.Init() was called in ApplicationLaunching and the application was tombstoned, when it was activated an exception was thrown that ApplicationUsageHelper was not initialized
  • AddDebugInfo method to not print in Output window
  • When HandleUnhandledException was false a diagnostic report could not be sent
  • ArgumentOutOfRange exception when including big screenshot


A button that can have different images for pressed and unpressed states. The ImageButton control is a button which can include an image. When the button gets pressed or disabled this is also reflected in the image. The control can have different images provided for the different states or only one, which would be used as an opacity mask, in order to be able to
reflect the change in the visual states. RadImageButton inherits from the Button class, so it has all the functionality of the default button and all of its properties and events as a base.


  • Issue with the GetItemCount implementation: when header and footer were defined, the GetItemCount method did not perform the right calculations
  • When a DataDescriptor source was changed with instance of a collection that isn't ObservableCollection, an exception was thrown due to a wrong cast
  • Groups could not be checked/unchecked if the IsCheckModeEnabled was false and IsCheckModeActive was true
  • RadListSource issues with renaming data descriptor key on an item that was set as current
  • When tapping on a Sticky Header with different template containing controls that might receive input - the group picker was always opened
  • In auto check mode when selecting the checkbox, the group picker was shown instead of check/uncheck the group


  • NullReferenceException if LayoutTransform was set before Content


  • The Size of the ListItems didn’t reflect changes in the BorderThickness
  • OnManipulationCompleted - there was no check if the event was handled
  • Selected value was not shown when collapsed- 'No selection' printed
  • The inline portion was not highlighted when tapping with finger


  • Centered Item Alignment and Snap Offset Correction
  • When the size of the control was changed the centered item should be repositioned


  • RepeatIntervalDecrementStep property not working
  • Timer not stopped because of missing OnManipulationCompleted event in Trial Reminder QSF Example


  • When the PaginationControl changed its PageProvider before the template was applied the IndexLabel was not calculated correctly


An image that allows you to pan and zoom.


  • Transition Completed events
  • OrientationChanged events


  • IsPopupOpened was not updated to the previous value in case the Opening/Closing event was canceled


  • SelectedValue and SelectedValuePath support


  • Pull to refresh
  • Content overlay
  • SelectedItem incorrectly cleared in OnItemsSourceChanged
  • ItemsSource changes were not handled properly
  • When used with Caliburn.Micro the manipulation behavior was not properly attached


Extends the standard TextBox with header, watermark, validation and buttons. The RadTextBox control extends the standard TextBox and provides additional functionality like header and watermark. It also has two buttons: Clear Button and Action Button. The ClearButton is visible only when the text box is not empty and is used to delete the whole text.
The ActionButton can be used for any other purpose like search, browse, etc. The RadTextBox also includes validation and can display a different message depending on the ValidationState: Valid, Invalid, Validating and NotValidated.


  • When no CommandParamter was set the first call to CanExecute had null passed as a parameter and not with IsChecked's value
  • The events in ToggleSwitch were fired before the binding of the IsChecked property updated its source