Release History

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Q1 2012

February 15, 2012


  • Support for the native Windows Phone 7 OS dot animation


  • Added support for horizontal scrolling. The support is implemented via the VirtualizationStrategyDefinition property which can be set to an instance of the StackVirtualizationStrategyDefinition class. This class exposes the Orientation property which defines the scrolling orientation in RadDataBoundListBox
  • Added support for Virtualized Wrap Layout – this functionality is still in BETA
  • Fixed some minor issues and polished the Item Animation support and BringIntoView logic


With this component you can receive crash reports, add specific debug information and get run-time information from your users when an issue in your application has occurred.


  • A NullReferenceException when LayoutTransform was set before Content


  • Issues with the increase/decrease timer caused by missing OnManipulationCompleted event


RadPaginationControl is a helper control that tracks the current position within an IPageProvider instance. Currently this interface is implemented by RadSlideView. RadPaginationControl differs from other data-pager controls (like RadDataPager from our Silverlight tools for example) in terms of data manipulation. Rather than paging the data and providing the current page as a source to other consumers, the control is simply a page cursor and assumes that the current PageProvider will manipulate the data.


This control will allow you to add the really essential feature for reminding your users to rate your application, thus increasing your marketplace presence.


Enable your users to rate your applications so that you can improve your marketplace presence and obtain valuable feedback about your app.

RadSlideView Official

  • Completely re-designed to meet all the user requirements
  • New API, similar to the one found in our RadDataBoundListBox control
  • ItemRealizationMode – Default vs. ViewportItem. The second mode significantly boosts the overall performance of the control, including loading time
  • TransitionMode – navigation among slides is performed with a transition. Available are Slide and Flip predefined transitions
  • Partially visible adjacent to the viewport items
  • ItemPreviewTemplate – used to give a light-weight preview of off-screen items when ItemRealizationMode is set to ViewportItem
  • LoadAnimation – when only one item is realized an animation is used to bring the item into view
  • BusyIndicator – when heavy content is loaded a busy indicator is displayed to indicate the running operation

Breaking Changes:

  • The control is no longer RadLoopingList inheritor
  • DataSource property is not available. Use ItemsSource instead
  • All data templates should be updated – each view model is now the data context of each slide. Previously the view model was wrapped in a LoopingListDataItem instance
  • The IsZoomedOut and AllowZoomOut properties are no longer available


RadToolTip allows programmers to easily show important information relevant to some UI element in a popup, with the popups positioning itself in such a way that it does not overlap the relative element. The tooltip also has a pointer that points to relative element for a clearer association with it.


  • A NullReferenceException when the windows were opened in the OnNavigatedTo virtual method of the PhoneApplicationPage

Trial Reminders (RadTrialApplicationReminder and RadTrialFeatureReminder)

Trial functionality – you can adjust the trial functionality of your application. You can add application-wide trial notifications, or feature-specific trial functionality with a lot of configurable options like Trial Period or Trial Usages of the application or the paid feature.