Release History

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Data Access Free 2014.31027

October 26, 2014


  • Performance counter installation scripts - Ready to use PowerShell scripts for registering the Data Access performance counters are added to the default installation


  • Problem with enhancement in x64 environments and multiple RLINQ files - Currently projects with multiple RLINQ files are successfully enhanced in x64 build configurations
  • Service Stack Integration: Wrongly named region for the in the service message class - The region containing the response messages for a service is now properly named. The AppHost class has been refactored so that different configuration settings are done in their own separate methods.
  • Data Services: Project not buildable when the default namespace of the web project contains "Telerik" - Such projects are now buildable, since the using statements in the svc.cs file of the Telerik Data Access Data Service OData v3 have been moved outside the file namespace definition.
  • Service Stack Integration: Discrepancies in some of the comments in the ServiceImplementation classes and Message classes - The comments are now fixed
  • Service Stack Integration: Documentation link missing - A documentation link for the Service Stack integration is now added


  • MySQL driver excluded from the default installation - The MySQL driver that was previously included in the default installation of Telerik Data Access is now removed. The MySQL integration is intact and fully functional, when the driver is installed manually.