Release History

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Data Access Free 2014.2711

July 20, 2014


  • Data Access Profiler: Multiple profiler services on the same machine - The ProfilerServiceHost can now work with multiple ports so more than one Profiler service instances can work in parallel on the same machine.
  • LINQ: Improved processing of Include/LoadWith hints when the used IQueryable is not a Telerik Data Access type - IQueryable extension methods Include() and LoadWith() now are less strict in checking the target IQueryable and can accept non-Data Access types implementing IQueryable
  • LINQ: Support for joins based on non-column expressions on the left side - Example:
    from o in context.Orders
    join od in context.OrderDetails on new {K1 = o.OrderId, K2 = customerIdParam } equals new { K1 = od.OrderId, K2 = od.CustomerId }
  • Attributes Editor: Support for attributes nested in classes - Visible attribute classes nested in other classes are now available through the Attributes Editor.


  • Attributes Editor: Auto-complete box with redundant states - Attributes Editor auto-complete indicates the potential matches that the user input has generated. Opening and closing brackets are now automatically placed for convenience.
  • Model Operations: 'Use CUD Procedures' operation indicating wrong number of affected items - The "Use CUD Procedures" Model Operation used to count the affected procedures rather than affected classes. It now displays the correct number of classes.
  • Model Operations: Wrong visualization of attributes search fields auto-complete options based on items length - The visualization of the attributes search fields was wrong in case of very long or very short attribute names. The search suggestions drop-down is not resizable and also helpful tooltips are provided for data that is too long to be displayed.
  • Runtime: GetOriginalValues() causing unexpected concurrency issues for reference navigation properties when Changed Concurrency Control is used -
  • Runtime: UpdateAll batch operation can throw exception when source query does not involve parameters - The IQueryable extension method UpdateAll() is not throwing exception any more in the cases where the underlying LINQ query is not using parameters.
  • Visual Designer: Association Editor hiding the Association Settings property from the Property grid if the Target End navigation property is unchecked - Now the Association Editor is always visible in the association connector properties, no matter whether the Target End or the Source End of the association is generated.
  • Visual Designer: Validation Dialog throwing NullReferenceException if you try to fix a validation error for an interface property without a name - Now the Validation Dialog is processing successfully interface properties even when their name is an empty string.
  • Visual Designer: When an association is edited in the Association Editor, the congressing navigation properties settings are reset to their defaults - The Association Editor now preserves all the navigational properties settings after an association is edited.
  • VistaDB: The generated "Connection String Name" does not take the database name, so it is wrongly called "Connection" - The connection string name in the Setup Database Connection screen is now generated using the database name for Microsoft SQL Server CE 4.0 and VistaDB.


  • API Reference: The Visual Studio 2008 folder is renamed - The CHM version of the API reference is still provided for convenience, but as Visual Studio 2008 is no longer supported by the product, the folder is renamed to Standalone CHM

Samples Kit

  • Artificial API: Demonstration of automated table removal - When an artificial type is deleted, its respective table will now be dropped from the database.
  • ASP.NET Web API with Kendo UI: Better delete behavior on the cars grid - The destroy operation of the data source for the grid is enhanced with a success callback function that refreshes the grid after a car is deleted.
  • ASP.NET Web Forms MVP: A warning that SQL Server Express is not installed was displayed when the sample was opened on a machine that has other supported versions of SQL Server - The Web.config file in the SofiaCarRental.View project contained the defaultly generated connection string which points to SQL Express and specifies a sample database as a path to a file.
  • ASP.NET Web Forms MVP: Improved event handling presentation - For a proper event handling, the RadCompression module is configured with preCondition="managedHandler".