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Data Access Free 2010.31125

November 25, 2010

Telerik OpenAccess ORM Q3 2010 SP1 Release Notes (v2010.3.1125)


  • Support for Foreign key constraints with same name in PostgreSql - Foreign Key constraints with the same name (in different tables) can now be correctly mapped using OpenAccess.
  • A new menu item has been added for the Linq2SQL converter - It is no longer necessary to have a rlinq item in the project in order to run the converter.
  • Backend type and connection string settings have been added to the Model Settings dialog - The backend type and connection string are now displayed under the Model Settings tab of the Model Settings dialog.
  • Validation rule for invalid type mappings has been added - Added a validation rule that verifies that the CLR property type is compatible with the sql type.
  • Validation rule for non synced backends has been added - Added a validation rule that verifies if the backend of the model is correctly defined.
  • Improved connection settings handling - The Add New Item wizard can now skip the connection string when starting from an empty model, however the backend is still required.
  • New create and edit table commands in the visual designer - Added Create Table and Edit Table commands to the context menu of classes in the diagram.
  • DSW: Introduced validation for types not supported by WCF Data Services - A warning for unsupported property types is introduced.
  • OpenAccess SDK: Introduced an ASP.NET version of the Sofia Car Rental application - This sample shows how to integrate the Telerik ASP.NET Ajax controls with OpenAccess. A recommended approach for handling database interaction logic is on the spotlight.
  • OpenAccess SDK: Introduced the LINQ 101 examples - This application demonstrates how easy it is to use Telerik OpenAccess ORM when combined with the capabilities of LINQ.
  • OpenAccess SDK: The send feedback button now opens the site feedback page - The send feedback button now opens the feedback page instead of the default mail client.
  • LINQ: Casting parameter values in queries is now possible - Expressions containing casts are now correctly handled and do not cause exceptions.


  • The help menu entries in the OpenAccess menu are now working - In the Q3 release the menu links were broken. They are now fixed and point to the correct URLs.
  • Setting the inheritance modifier to final for a class is now working. - When the inheritance modifier is set to final the properties of the persistent class are generated without the virtual modifier.
  • Improved the exception handling in the RIA wizard. - The "Exception has been thrown by the target of invocation" has been replaced with more specific text.
  • The OpenAccessDataSource works with composite identities - An exception was thrown when using the OpenAccessDataSource with a type that has a composite identity.
  • TypeConverters are now correctly initialized. - In order to read values from columns, TypeConverter instances are used. These instances must be created and initialized, which failed under certain circumstances.
  • The Update From Database wizard is now reading length property correctly - The wizard picked up changes in the column length when there were no changes made.
  • The Update From Database wizard now resolves references correctly. - In some cases the wizard would set references between model items to null.
  • Map to Persistent Type is now displaying all the properties corresponding to association ends in the diagram. - When an entity is involved in associations with other entities which are already mapped and “Map to Persistent Type” is chosen for the table of the entity, all properties shaping the association ends are displayed in the diagram for the participating entities.
  • An issue was fixed concerning AUTOINC BIGINT column on MSSQL - The type converter associated with this type was throwing an exception and a decimal type was incorrectly resolved.
  • PostgreSQL schema read issue resolved - Sequences that have mixed-case names are now resolved.
  • An issue with the default mapping has been fixed - The default mapping is now not crashing when a connection string is missing in the model.
  • Oracle varchar2(40) type is now correctly resolved - The varchar2(40) type is now correctly resolved to string and not to GUID.
  • Invalid foreign key constraint issue has been resolved - Foreign keys that refer to non primary key columns are now not detected as valid references.
  • Fixed assembly load failure under medium trust - The OpenAccess assembly is now validated by peverify and is now correctly loaded under medium trust.
  • LINQ: Resolved issue with projections to dynamically created types - When projecting to a dynamically created type and the same query is executed again from a different assembly an invalid cast occurred.