Release History

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Kendo UI Web GPL 2011.31129

November 28, 2011

Framework Constructs

What’s New

  • ThemeBuilder - a powerful tool that gives you the ability to customize the appearance of the Kendo UI Widgets, build your own themes, etc. and see an instant preview of the applied styles directly in real time
  • Validation - easy-to-configure validation extension optimized for usability and speed. In addition, an endpoint for other popular third-party validation frameworks (like jQuery.validate) is exposed for those who prefer to use them
  • Globalization - integral globalization mechanism fine-tuned for best performance. Yet, an external plug for popular third-party globalization libraries (like Globalize, also known as jQuery.globalization in the past) is present
  • Enhanced mobile support - additional features/improvements for the UI widgets targeting mobile devices
Kendo UI DataSource Icon


What’s New

  • Added: Support for nested filter expressions
  • Improved: Filtering performance

New UI Widgets

Kendo UI Web NumericTextBox Icon


Kendo UI Web Time Picker Icon

Time Picker

UI Widgets Features and Updates

Kendo UI Web ComboBox Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Text isn't copied from the input tag when autoBind=false
  • Fixed: Broken combo filtering after focus is lost
  • Fixed: Selecting item by index and then filtering items using startswith breaks ComboBox
Kendo UI Web Date/Time Pickers Icon

Date/Time Pickers

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Incorrect date focused in date picker on date range selection
  • Fixed: Not able to set Max date after value was null
Kendo UI Web Grid Icon


What’s New

  • Added: Filtering feature
  • Added: InCell editing feature
  • Added: Support for hierarchy presentation
  • Added: Toolbar template
  • Added: Support for unsortable and unfilterable columns
Kendo UI Web Splitter Icon


What’s New

  • Added: layoutChange event

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Panes resize incorrectly when they have sub-pixel pane sizes
Kendo UI Web Upload Icon


What’s New

  • Added: removeField setting
  • Improved: Set autoUpload value to true

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Upload progress indicator does not reach 100% in FireFox 8
Kendo UI Web Window Icon


What’s New

  • Added: Deactivate event

Kendo UI DataViz


What’s New

  • Added: Export to SVG
  • Added: Labels Rotation Angle

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Series data is not cleaned up when data source returns empty view
  • Fixed: Transition animations don't work with jQuery UI on the page

New Chart Types

Kendo UI DataViz Scatter Chart Icon

Scatter Chart

UI Widgets Features and Updates

Kendo UI DataViz Line Chart Icon

Line Chart

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Line chart error when markers are hidden