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UI for ASP.NET (discontinued) Q4 2006SP2

March 1, 2007

What’s New in RadControls for ASP.NET Q4 2006 Service Pack 2:

RadAjax v1.6.2

What’s Fixed:

  1. Script evaluation logic is now fixed in the latest Firefox release.
  2. The increase of the body scroll width and height that occurred sometimes on Internet Explorer 6 and 7 is now fixed.

RadCalendar v2.0.2

What’s New:

  1. New property DayCellToolTipFormat is now introduced.
  2. RadCalendar now has SpecialDays.RadCalendarDay.Repeatable.WeekAndMonth
  3. RadCalendar now has Repeatable.Week

What’s Fixed:

  1. Client-side OnLoad event is now passing its calendar instance as a first parameter (like all other client-side events).
  2. Repeatable.Today problem when using templates is now fixed.
  3. With ShowOtherMonthsDays=false SpecialDays are no longer styled as other month days.
  4. MultiView calendar with ShowOtherMonthsDays=false issue is now fixed (When selecting a date at the end of a month (i.e. 30 Jan) in one of the views, in the next view you got the 30 Jan empty cell that looked selected. It is now fixed.)
  5. Dates in December 9999 are now allowed-- RangeMaxDate="9999-12-01" no longer throws an exception.
  6. Enhanced design-time serialization for the DateInput (no more serialization for the IWebPart interface members and for the default values for the PromptChar).
  7. Calendar popup flicker in DatePicker when shown/hidden is now fixed.
  8. SelectedDateChanged event for DatePicker no longer fires twice when the date is changed from the Calendar popup.
  9. DatePickers with SharedCalendar dependence is now eliminated (pickers with SharedCalendar were erroneously dependent on the previous picker's selected date -- clicking the popup button of the next picker would load a selected date from the previous DatePicker that used the shared calendar. It is now fixed.)
  10. DatePicker date selection is now properly persisted on postback in Firefox.
  11. TimeView.HeaderText property for DateTimePicker now works as expected.
  12. Enhanced design-time serialization for ImageUrl / HoverImageUrl properties (the popup buttons) of DateTimePicker.
  13. TimeView control - end time now behaves as expected in all scenarios.

RadChart v3.0.2

What’s New:

  1. Secondary Y-axis is now implemented

Important, please read carefully:

Breaking changes:

RadChart has been evolving into a separate charting engine that will be used both by the Telerik WinForms, ASP.NET and Reporting suites. The first step in this direction is to move several classes to a separate namespace. The affected classes are:

enum AxisVisibility

class ChartAlignedLabel

class ChartAxis

class ChartAxisItem

class ChartAxisItemCollection

class ChartAxisLabel

enum ChartAxisLayoutStyle

enum ChartAxisVisibleValues

class ChartBackground

abstract class ChartBaseGridlines

class ChartBaseLabel

class ChartBasicLabel

enum ChartGridlineLayoutStyle

class ChartGridlines

enum ChartHAlignment

class ChartHorizontalGridlines

class ChartLegend

class ChartLegendItem

enum ChartLegendItemMark

class ChartLegendItemsCollection

enum ChartLinesPenStyle

enum ChartLocation

class ChartMargins

class ChartPlotArea

enum ChartPointMark

enum ChartPosition

class ChartRectShape

class ChartRotatingLabel

class ChartSeries

class ChartSeriesCollection

class ChartSeriesCustomPaletteCollection

class ChartSeriesItem

class ChartSeriesItemCollection

enum ChartSeriesLegendDisplayMode

class ChartSeriesLegendSettings

enum ChartSeriesOrientation

class ChartSeriesPalette

class ChartSeriesPaletteCollection

enum ChartSeriesType

class ChartShape

enum ChartTextDirection

class ChartTitle

class ChartTitlesCollection

enum ChartVAlignment

enum ChartValueFormat

class ChartVerticalGridlines

class ChartXAxis

class ChartXAxisLabel

class ChartYAxis

class ChartYAxisLabel

enum ChartYAxisStyle

enum ContentHorizontalAlign

enum ContentVerticalAlign

class Corners

enum CornerType

enum DrawType

class EmptySeriesMessage

enum FillStyle

class FillTypeSettings

enum GradientFillStyle

interface IBorder

interface IChartComponent

interface IColors

interface IGradientFill

interface IHatchFill

enum ImageAlign

class ImageMap

class ImageMapConverter

enum ImageMode

enum ImageQuality

interface IMapAreaBuilder

interface IRectangular

interface ITextureFill

class LegendDataTable

enum LegendItemsPositionType

class PaletteElement

class PaletteElementCollectionEditor

enum PositionType

class SeriesAppearance

class SeriesLabel

class Shadow

enum TableRenderType

enum TextQuality

struct Unit

enum UnitType

class Values

enum YAxisType

If you are using any of them, please add a using (C#)/Imports (VB.NET) directive in your code.

The new namespace will require you to add another <%@ Register %> directive at the top of your .aspx and .ascx files. The RadChart-related directives should look like this:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="radc" Namespace="Telerik.Charting" Assembly="RadChart.NET2" %>

<%@ Register TagPrefix="radc" Namespace="Telerik.WebControls" Assembly="RadChart.Net2" %>

Property Name Changes:

RadChart.DataGroupsColumn becomes RadChart.DataGroupColumn

ChartBackground.ImageUrl becomes ChartBackground.BackgroundImage

RadComboBox v2.6.2

What’s New:

  1. ShowWhileLoading property - determines whether the input should be shown while the combobox is being loaded. Thus, a flickering effect might be avoided when the ShowWhileLoading property is disabled.
  2. ShowDropDownOnTextBoxClick property - determines whether the drop-down area should be shown upon clicking the input field.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Parameters passed to the query string of the ExternalCallBackPage can now be accessed in the ItemsRequested event.
  2. There is no longer a flickering effect when the combobox resides in an RadAjax panel/MS Ajax panel.
  3. The SelectedIndexChanged event now fires only for the comboboxes that are subscribed to the event.
  4. If the EnableViewState is disabled, the combobox is now working as expected.
  5. Backspace is working as expected now. The text in the input field can be deleted with the Backspace key.

RadEditor v7.0.2

What’s Fixed:

  1. IE7 paste problem is now fixed. Right-clicking on selected text to show context menu no longer deletes the selected text. Pasting from the context menu no longer throws an error in certain cases. Pasting content when StripFormattingOnPaste is specified and a Paste tool is used (not the keyboard command) - the result was that the tool only did a default paste, and content was not stripped because the OnBeforePaste event is not fired when execCommand('Paste') is called in IE7. The issue is now fixed.
  2. Find and Replace now works as expected if it is called from the toolbar and the editor is not having the focus.
  3. Fixed a problem where when editing full page HTML <html>, the spellchecker would 'corrupt it' and then <html><head> tags would disappear.
  4. Fixed an exception that would appear when the editor was not visible on the page on page load in Firefox.
  5. The window position when in non-standards mode in Firefox is now fixed.
  6. Using the AjaxSpellChecker no longer converts the links in the content area from relative to absolute.
  7. The AjaxSpellChecker algorithm is now changed to accommodate for Unicode content.
  8. Misspelled word positioning in long texts when the AjaxSpellChecker is used is now fixed.
  9. While in AjaxSpellcheck mode, and when content is long - in IE the last line of text was not accessible, because the scroller would not scroll to it. The problem is now fixed.
  10. A problem with height under a specific scenario in IE is now fixed. (IE with XHTML doctype and editor with Ribbon toolbars in a table) Toolbars are rendered one under the other on page load, and the size is incorrectly calculated.

RadGrid v4.5.2

What’s New:

  1. Default IDs for PerformInsert, Update, Cancel and Edit buttons are now implemented: PerformInsert = PerformInsertButton, Update = UpdateButton, Cancel = CancelButton and Edit = EditButton.
  2. ValidationSettings are now included.
  3. ClientSettings.EnablePostBackOnRowClick is now implemented.
  4. Shift key now selects multiple rows
  5. GridDropDownColumn.EnableEmptyListItem, EmptyListItemText and EmptyListItemValue are now implemented.
  6. Bind() and Eval() are now implemented instead of DataBinder.Eval in templates when converting BoundColumn to TemplateColumn with the property builder.
  7. New client-side events: OnHierarchyExpanding - can be canceled, OnHierarchyExpanded, OnHierarchyCollapsing - can be canceled, OnHierarchyCollapsed (only in HierarchyLoadMode="Client") and OnGroupExpanding - can be canceled, OnGroupExpanded, OnGroupCollapsing - can be canceled, OnGroupCollapsed (only in GroupLoadMode="Client").
  8. RadGridTable.ReorderColumns(index1, index2) client-side method is not implemented.
  9. ClientSettings.ColumnsReorderMethod is now introduced to select from Reorder or Swap.
  10. ExportToExcel2007() and ExportToWord2007() without parameters are now implemented.
  11. New client-side events: OnActiveRowChanging(can be canceled) and OnActiveRowChanged

What’s Fixed:

  1. GridTemplateColumn no longer prepends a no-break space to the rendered ItemTemplate.
  2. ApplyStylesOnClient no longer expands hierarchy in client load mode.
  3. GetNestedStateManagerProperties now works as expected in medium trust.
  4. EventValidation error when the grid is in NoPersistance mode, EnableAjax is false and submission is from Button or ImageButton is now fixed.
  5. JavaScript error when clicking on combobox toggle image in case of filtering is now fixed.
  6. GridCheckBoxColumn CheckBox is enabled even if ReadOnly is set to True in InPlace editing. The issue is now fixed.
  7. GridCaption_SKIN class name is applied by default to the CAPTION tag in case of !EmptySkin().
  8. GridClientSelectColumn CheckBox does not get selected in case of e.Item.Selected = true in ItemDataBound. The issue is now fixed.
  9. NullRefence exception is now fixed in design-time when inside of a template.
  10. GridTemplateColumn now properly clones DataField and AllowFiltering.
  11. ENTER key in filter text box now behaves as expected in all scenarios.
  12. "undefined" JavaScript error when expanding last row in client-side hierarchy is now fixed.
  13. DeselectRow() now properly sets Selected to False client-side.
  14. Filter menu now properly shows when AllowFilteringByColumn is set only on MasterTableView.
  15. AutoPostBackOnFilter now works as expected with CurrentFilterFunction.
  16. Column settings are no longer missing when converting GridBoundColumn to GridTemplateColumn using the property builder.
  17. Grid dimensions are now correctly initialized when in unselected page view.
  18. <%=%> Expressions and LinkButtons now behave as expected in CommandItemTemplate, PagerTemplate and NoRecordsTemplate
  19. AllowNaturalSort is now moved in GridTableView.
  20. Apply Filter when Pressing ENTER now works as expected for template columns.
  21. Grid footer is now positioned correctly when exporting to excel.
  22. OnRequestEnd is now correctly fired under Firefox
  23. "Next” page command does is now working correctly in case of custom paging and CurrentPageIndex = PageCount.
  24. Scrolling with static headers rendering is now optimized.

RadMenu v4.2.2

What’s New:

  1. RadMenu can now bind to custom HierarchicalDataSourceControls which do not implement the IDataSource interface.
  2. New client-side methods of RadMenuItem – Show/Hide/IsVisible.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Design time errors in medium trust are now fixed.
  2. CSS conflicts in specific scenarios are now resolved.
  3. A problem with menu items gradually increasing their width is now corrected.
  4. RadComboBox no renders as expected in front of RadMenu.
  5. Rendering issue in Mac Firefox is now fixed.

RadPanelBar v4.1.2

What’s New:

  1. RadPanelBar can now bind to custom HierarchicalDataSourceControls which do not implement the IDataSource interface.
  2. OnClientContextMenu new client-side event.

What’s Fixed:

  1. RadPanelBar_None is no longer rendered as a CSS class when the skin is set to None
  2. Design time errors in medium trust are now fixed.
  3. CSS conflicts in specific scenarios are now resolved.
  4. Error in design time when both PersistStateInCookie and DataSourceID are set is now fixed.
  5. A couple of memory leaks are now eliminated.
  6. A rare problem with disappearing items in IE under certain scenarios is now fixed.
  7. FullExpandItem now works as expected inside a table.
  8. SingleExpandItem now works as expected inside RadSplitter.
  9. A problem with gradually increasing height on expand/collapse when animation is enabled is now fixed.

RadRotator v2.5.2

What’s Fixed:

  1. Disposition when put inside RadPanelBar is now fixed.

RadSpell v3.0.2

What’s Fixed:

  1. The window position when in non-standards mode in Firefox is now fixed.

RadSplitter v1.1.2

What’s Fixed:

  1. EnableResize property is now properly set to true at design time.
  2. IconrUrl on sliding pane and ASP.NET Themes is now properly supported.
  3. The Splitter is no longer resized to its content height after postback.
  4. Vertical sliding panes UI fixes in Firefox.

RadTabStrip v3.4.2

What’s New:

  1. RadTabStrip can now bind to custom HierarchicalDataSourceControls which do not implement the IDataSource interface

What’s Fixed:

  1. RadTabStrip_None is no longer rendered as a CSS class when the skin is set to None. The CSS class of the tabstrip root html element is no longer set if the skin is None.
  2. Design time errors in medium trust are now fixed.
  3. CSS conflicts in specific scenarios are now resolved.
  4. SelectedIndex now behaves as expected in all scenarios.
  5. ReorderTabRows now work as expected in IE when the tabstrip is inside a table.
  6. Performance issue with multipage switching is now fixed.
  7. A problem in tab selection is now fixed – the correct levels are now shown.

RadTreeView v6.1.2

What’s New:

  1. RadTreeView can now be bound to custom HierarchicalDataSourceControls that do not implement the IDataSource interface.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Improved keyboard support for Mozilla and Safari.
  2. Context menus now work without width and the text gets properly wrapped.
  3. Node.TextElement() no longer returns null in AfterClientEdit.
  4. Dragging nodes onto the image is now working as expected.
  5. Design time errors in medium trust are now fixed.
  6. Fixed “first chance” exceptions while parsing context menus

RadUpload v2.2.2

What’s New:

  1. The file inputs now have a tooltip, containing the name of the selected file.
  2. RadMemoryOptimization and RadProgressArea now support the VS2005 Web Development Server (Cassini)
  3. The examples are now reworked to show more relevant usage scenarios.
  4. Documentation is now significantly improved.

What’s Fixed:

  1. IndexOutOfRangeException when uploading files with long sequences of new line characters (CrLf) is now fixed.
  2. When RadProgressManager is placed on a page, the ScriptManager component (ASP.NET AJAX) no longer disables the partial rendering.

RadWindow v1.7.2

What’s New:

  1. ClientCallBackFunction property is now exposed on the client.
  2. SetOffsetElementId and SetOpenerElementId methods are now added to the client-side public API.

What’s Fixed:

  1. RadWindow no longer ignores Top property if window height is bigger than browser height.
  2. When “Maximize” is executed and then “Restore”, it is now possible to move a window as expected.
  3. A user-friendly message is introduced if RadControls/Window is missing.
  4. If a window is created programmatically and then its SetSize method is called to set it to a smaller width -- the width is now properly changed.
  5. The window no longer changes width by a couple of pixels when clicked on the title bar.