Release History

By product

UI for ASP.NET (discontinued) Q4 2006

December 20, 2006

Common for all controls:

  1. Native support for Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Release Candidate (The Release Candidate of ASP.NET AJAX is not backwards compatible and therefore previous ASP.NET AJAX Beta/CTP bits will no longer work with our latest release. If you intend to use ASP.NET AJAX Beta/CTP please use our previous versions.)
  2. Full compatibility with Visual Studio .NET 2005 Service Pack 1 and ASP.NET Web Application Project template
  3. Product resources (documentation, examples, etc) have been improved and cross-linked from Visual Studio 2005 Smart Tag Learning Center
  4. Visual Studio Design-Time improvements for control builders: drag & drop for items, move items left/right/up/down, new images and new UI.

RadAjax v1.6

What’s New:

  1. Transparency of Loading Panels has been implemented.
  2. Default loading panel of AJAX Manager has been introduced (DefaultLoadingPanelID property)
  3. setMaxRequestQueueSize has been implemented and we now have support for queuing of Ajax requests.
  4. Ajax Timer now has IsStarted property.
  5. AjaxRequestError property is introduced.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Leaking input fields on Safari have been fixed.
  2. Server.Transfer now works as expected in all cases.
  3. A rare problem with AjaxLoadingPanel designer has been fixed.
  4. ServiceManager no properly handles responses larger than 4096 bytes in FireFox.
  5. Search Engine Optimization: RadAjaxManager & RadAjaxPanel crawler support now behaves as expected in all cases.
  6. A problem with Redirects to the same page has been fixed.
  7. A positioning issue with loading panels in IE6 has been fixed.
  8. ServiceManager bug where it truncates parameter values containing an "&"
  9. A memory leak with Loading Panel has been fixed.
  10. Loading panels now show properly with ResolveUpdatedControls
  11. Double javascript evals when adding a control and its parent to the updated controls have been eliminated.
  12. A specific case of losing of postback values on FireFox has been fixed.
  13. New requests during OnResponseEnd can now be properly initiated.
  14. NullReference exceptions when incorrectly ajaxifying RadioButtonLists/CheckBoxLists is now fixed.
  15. Ajaxification of textbox controls with AutoPostback+CausesValidation is now fixed.
  16. ResponseScripts now work as expected in regular postback as well.

RadCalendar v2.0

What’s New:

  1. RadTimePicker - new control in the RadCalendar suite that lets you choose specific time.
  2. RadDateTimePicker - new control in the RadCalendar suite that lets you choose specific date and time.
  3. RadCalendar Column / Row Headers can now work as selectors or as simple headers -- use the ShowColumnHeaders / ShowRowHeaders and the UseColumnHeadersAsSelectors / UseRowHeadersAsSelectors properties to customize that functionality.
  4. RadDatePicker.ClientEvents.TypingTimeOut -- new property that controls the time of firing the OnDateSelected client-side event
  5. Visual Studio 2005 SmartTags for all controls in the RadCalendar suite
  6. Support for the application/xhtml+xml content type

Breaking changes (Note that RadCalendar v2.0 will not be compatible with previous versions of the control):

- Enhanced skinning mechanism for RadCalendar

- Removed the VisualSettings appearance styling and it has been switched to a more straightforward mechanism for appearance customization where each calendar element has its own style e.g. DayStyle, DayOverStyle, SelectedDayStyle, etc.

- It is possible now to use different calendar skins on the same page.

- RadCalendar.OperationType property removed -- RadCalendar works entirely on the client-side unless the AutoPostBack property is set to true. Then RadCalendar will start making requests to the server (as in the old server mode).

- RadCalendar has no longer its own AJAX mechanism. If you want RadCalendar to work with AJAX requests, you should wrap it in AjaxPanel or set it with AjaxManager (both part of the RadControls suite).

- RadCalendar Preview functionality is now removed.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Raddatepicker -- the new value of the SelectedDate property is now available at the Page_Load stage
  2. Raddatepicker -- design-time serialization of the ImageUrl / HoverImageUrl properties of PopupButton as physical paths has been fixed
  3. RadCalendar -- issue with Orientation="RenderInColumns" and column/row headers has been fixed
  4. Raddatepicker -- cleared a couple of memory leaks in the date input component

RadChart v3.0

What’s New:

  1. Visual Studio Design Time Chart wizard.
  2. Intelligent automatic data binding.
  3. One column data grouping into a set of series
  4. Real data preview for any Data Source Control.
  5. X Axis data binding.
  6. Real-time preview of any change made from wizard and full changes rollback.
  7. The possibility to set almost all chart features from the wizard.
  8. Full VS 2005 IDE support
  9. Auto format styles and color palettes
  10. Default series type
  11. Replacing of Position with H/V alignment
  12. Titles collection

RadComboBox v2.6

What’s New:

  1. New SelectOnTab property (select currently highlighted item or leave custom text when AllowCustomText = True)
  2. Major improvements to the documentation (a lot of fresh new help topics targeting intermediate/expert developers, a fresh new Getting Started chapter for beginners, etc)

RadEditor v7.0

What’s New:

  1. New tool and spellchecking mechanism - AjaxSpellCheck, allowing the user to visually correct mistaken words right inside the content area, using AJAX to provide a smooth spellchecking experience.
  2. New RadSpell integrated - RadSpell v3.0
  3. Unified content in Mozilla and IE - eliminated a number of existing differences in the content produced in one or the other browser. Now the same commands would produce the same HTML.
  4. Improvements in ApplyClass and FormatBLock tools in more advanced scenarios with selection improving user experience.
  5. Find & Replace is now implemented for FireFox browsers
  6. Support for seeing FLASH files in edit mode under FireFox (a Flash image appears that allows for resizing and keeps the overall page visual layout)
  7. "ApplyClass" tool is now implemented for Safari

What’s Fixed:

  1. Safari - scrollbars now appear properly in the tools' dropdowns.
  2. FireFox - ConvertToXhtml, inserting an empty TEXTAREA object would "cut off" the closing tag. The problem is now fixed.
  3. IE7 - Pasting no longer show a warning message anymore.
  4. A couple of scenarios with sizing and resizing the editor in IE using percentage and different DOCTYPE settings have been corrected.

RadGrid v4.5

What’s New:

  1. New client-side delete using GridClientDeleteColumn. It supports: NoRecordsTemplate (even in hierarchy), Hierarchy (client/server or ajax), Editing, Automatic deletes in ASP.NET 2.0, DeleteCommand with ability to cancel delete, ItemDeleted event.
  2. SEO friendly paging support. To enable/disable explicitly this grid feature you can use PagerStyle.EnableSEOPaging. In case of crawler the grid will turn on automatically this feature in OnInit. Multiple grids can operate on the same page using this kind of paging and page index will be persisted via query strings similar to post-back mechanism.
  3. Columns collection editor has been introduced in grid Visual Studio 2005 smart tag.
  4. Clickable sort icon.
  5. "Drag out of the bar to ungroup" text for Group panel items + UnGroupTooltip property in GroupingSettings.
  6. AutoPostBackOnFilter property for grid columns.
  7. Status bar item and StatusBar settings
  8. GridClientSelectColumn (check box for select + check/uncheck all)
  9. LoadingTemplateTransparency property in RadGrid to define transparency for loading template.
  10. New pager modes: Slider, Advanced and NextPrevNumericAndAdvanced.
  11. New built-in commands EditSelected, UpdateEdited, DeleteSelected and CancelAll

What’s Fixed:

  1. Pager style is now properly applied in case of always visible pager.
  2. An error when rendering RadGrid inside of other control or template in design time has been fixed.
  3. CopyBaseProperties() & Clone() are now correctly implemented for GridButtonColumn.
  4. Corrupted filter menu images after Visual Studio 2003 serialization are now fixed.
  5. ExportSettings.OpenInNewWindow is now fixed.
  6. Page Load is no longer firing twice in IE with columns reorder and static headers.

RadMenu v4.2

What’s Fixed:

  1. Context menu no longer hides some html tags in IE7.
  2. Improved screen boundary detection behavior.
  3. Disposition problem when ClickToOpen = True is now fixed.
  4. JSON parsing errors are no longer thrown.
  5. UseEmbeddedScripts=False now applies for the base menu css file as well.
  6. Some minor context menu rendering improvements to support some of the skins in context menu mode.
  7. Changed the base CSS class from “.menu” to “.RadMenu” to avoid any conflicts with user CSS rules

RadPanelBar v4.1

What’s Fixed:

  1. Item contents are no longer invisible when the control is initially hidden.
  2. Unexpected gaps when using templates are now eliminated.
  3. Rare rendering issues in specific cases are now fixed.
  4. A problem with PersistStateInCookie has been corrected.
  5. JSON parsing errors are no longer thrown
  6. ToolTip property of the RadPanelItem now renders as the alt attribute of the image (if any).
  7. UseEmbeddedScripts=False now applies for the base panelbar css file as well

RadSpell v3.0

What’s New:

  1. RadSpell v3.0 has completely new internal structure, which complies with the rest of the RadControls: embedded default skin as a WebResource, embedded scripts as, WebResources, embedded default localization as a resource
  2. When used in a .NET 2.0 application, the control can be configured to avoid references to any external files, except its dictionaries. When used in a .NET 1.x application, RadSpell still needs its RadControls folder, containing its scripts, skins, localization files and dictionaries.
  3. The SpellCheck dialog does not require Session state or Cookies anymore and is much more scalable.
  4. The skinning mechanism is completely new, incorporating the latest tendencies in RadControls: semantic rendering, css based layout, etc., which leads to much less generated HTML markup and much better standards compliance.
  5. RadSpell v3.0 package contains one more spellchecking component, called SpellCheckService, used for AJAX style spellchecking.
  6. Please note that the new version is not backwards compatible with previous versions for more information please refer to our online documentation:

RadTabStrip v3.4

What’s Fixed:

  1. A problem when tabstrip is disabled in an ASP.NET AJAX application is now fixed.
  2. A problem with ScrollPosition persistence is now fixed.
  3. IE7 rendering problems in specific cases are now corrected.
  4. JSON parsing errors are no longer thrown
  5. UseEmbeddedScripts=False now applies for the base tabstrip css file as well
  6. If the tab should navigate or postback the current page view and current tab are not updated. The problem is now fixed.

RadTreeView v6.1

What’s Fixed:

  1. Templates (<NodeTemplate>) in load on demand mode are now supported (both ServerSide and ServerSideCallBack).
  2. NodeCollapse server-side event is now implemented.
  3. Major additions to our documentation (over 50 new help topics targeting intermediate/expert developers, sample code for persisting the state of ServerSideCallBack treeview state after postback, a fresh new Getting Started chapter for beginners, etc).
  4. A keyboard navigation fix (skipping open nodes while pressing key-up).

RadWindow v1.7

What’s Fixed:

  1. When in "classic" mode (using default browser windows), opening a new window would show a "null" page for a short while, and then load the proper URL. The problem is now fixed.
  2. Resizing a window with the mouse to height or width smaller than zero pixels would throw a javascript error. The problem is now fixed.
  3. IE7 - If longer than the window's width the status bar of RadWindow would continue outside of the window's boundary. The problem is now fixed.
  4. A memory leak that only occurred after a window is moved with the mouse is now eliminated.
  5. Problem with properly ordering (z-indexing) a series of windows which are opened one from the other and then being closed in arbitrary manner. This is now corrected.
  6. In a scenario involving several modal windows being shown (one opening another), it could happen that the dropdown lists on the page would stay disabled after closing the windows. This is now corrected.
  7. It would not be possible to move or resize a window after executing the following action sequence: Maximize, Minimize and Restore. The problem is now fixed.
  8. A problem with modality when opening a modal window from another modal window. This is now corrected.
  9. An error would occur when opening a window using RadAjax in a particular scenario. This is now corrected.