Release History

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UI for ASP.NET (discontinued) Q4 2005 SP3

February 7, 2006

Q4 2005 release includes 5 new products, major updates to our flagship products RadGrid, RadComboBox and Radcallback, extended AJAX capabilities and full support for the official release of Visual Studio 2005.

RadCalendar- New Product

Telerik RadCalendar is a lightweight yet extremely advanced date input control for ASP.NET. The product offers 3 modes of operation (AJAX mode, Client mode, Server mode) as well as unique features like prev/next month preview, multi-month view, etc.

Key Features

  • AJAX Mode, Client Mode, Server Mode
  • Customizable Day Matrix you can set the FirstDayOfWeek and the days x rows matrix
  • Multiview Presentation - RadCalendar can show more than one month in the calendar area.
  • Multiple Selection Options row select, column select, view (month) select
  • Preview areas - "read-only" preview panes, showing the previous and next calendar views (months)
  • Template Support customize special days, as well as the calendar header and footer through HTML templates
  • Horizontal and Vertical Orientation
  • Scrolling and Navigation go to previous/next month, jump X months forward/backward, select month and year directly
  • Keyboard Support
  • Localization and Support for System.Globalization Namespace

RadWindow – New Product

Telerik RadWindow is an unique component that can replace the standard browser dialogs and alert/prompt/confirm boxes. Developers can easily build modal and non-modal dialogs and windows, individually or in groups that mimic the behavior of the Windows taskbar.

Key Features

  • Full Customization of the Visual Appearance using skins
  • Full Control Over Window Visibility and Location
  • Rich Client Event Model
  • Various Minimization Modes - floating or docked to a "taskbar" area
  • Keyboard Support switch between active windows, maximize, close the currently active window. You can map every public API method of the client RadWindowManager that does not require parameters to a shortcut.
  • Circumvents the Windows XP SP2 Popup Blocker Mechanism
  • Implement Cross-Browser "Modal" Dialogs
  • Implement Splash Screens
  • Predefined Alert, Confirm, and Prompt Dialogs
  • Window Caching - if you close a window it is not destroyed so it can be reopened instantly
  • Localization Support
  • Templated Windows

RadToolBar – New Product

Telerik RadToolBar is a flexible component for implementation of tool strips found in most web applications. When integrated with the Telerik RadDock control, RadToolBar mimics the versatility of desktop toolbars, which can be floating, dockable, re-ordered, with automatic orientation adjustment, and advanced databinding.

Key Features

  • Rich Collection of Toolbar Items - Regular Buttons, Toggle Buttons, Template Buttons, Separators
  • Text-only, Image-only, or Mixed buttons
  • Button Groups that simulate radio-button functionality `
  • Horizontal or Vertical Orientation
  • Keyboard Shortcut Support
  • Advanced Skinning Mechanism
  • Several Ways for Binding
  • Template Support
  • Interoperability with Radcallback
  • Integration with RadDock
  • Transition Fade Effects for IE

RadInput – New Product

Telerik RadInput is a highly customizable component for controlled data input in ASP.NET applications. The product consists of two controls, Masked TextBox and Date Picker, which offer top-of-the line features like selectable hint-boxes, keyboard support, copy-paste support, etc.

Key Features

  • Consists of two controls - RadMaskedTextBox and RadDateInput
  • Keyboard Support facilitates navigation across the input field and spinning of enumeration mask parts
  • Copy-Paste Support the mask is still applied when users copy/paste input values
  • Validation - can easily be used with the RequiredFieldValidar and RegularExpressionValidator controls
  • Hints for Inputs with Enumeration Mask - an unique feature, which mimics the behavior of AutoComplete in modern browsers
  • Support for Multi-line TextBoxes
  • Integration with RadCalendar bidirectional integration by setting a single property
  • Interoperability with Radcallback add AJAX functionality to RadInput thanks to Radcallback controls

RadUpload – New Product

Telerik RadUpload is a specialized file-upload component, employing a highly efficient proprietary HttpModule. The product allocates a minimum amount of server memory, while enabling optimized and completely configurable single- and multi-file uploads.

  • Optimized Memory Usage thanks to a highly efficient proprietary HttpModule
  • Automatic File Validation - size, extension and the MIME type
  • Automatic Storing of Files you can to specify the folder where the files will be stored after upload
  • Multi-file Upload
  • Customizable Appearance set appearance through skins. Easily switch the visibility of interface elements.
  • Customizable Progress Area - displays various information about the status of the upload progress:
    • progress bar and count for the uploaded bytes
    • the name of the file being currently uploaded
    • progress bar and count for the uploaded files
    • the elapsed and the estimated times
  • Each of the progress area elements can be easily hidden

RadGrid v3.0 – New Major Version

  • Full Support for ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005
  • AJAX Support for controls inside RadGrid
  • Improved API for updating
  • Extracting values from template columns
  • Built-in support for Inserting new records
  • Ability to set the default values for Item prior insertion
  • Filtering
  • Virtual scrolling and paging with AJAX
  • Scrolling with static headers
  • Declarative support for custom editors
  • Significantly improved design-time support and property builder
  • Loading template
  • Support for images in button columns
  • New command row
  • Pager with templates and command API
  • Keep in edit/insert mode

RadComboBox v2.0 – New Major Version

  • Full Support for ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005
  • Support for Multiple Columns
  • Support for Headers
  • Enhanced End-User Restriction Policies
  • Expand Effects
  • Multiple Autocomplete Separators
  • Load on Demand - External Streamline
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Optimizations

Radcallback v1.5 – New Major Version

  • 2 new controls (RadioButton & LinkButton) with QSF examples.
  • Full support for ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005
  • Radcallback now works with cookieless sessions.
  • Improved handling of page's url - Radcallback now works with URLs with query strings.
  • Response.Redirect works when redirecting to page which contains callback controls.
  • Redirection to Login Page when session has expired.
  • ControlsToUpdate property for explicit update of multiple controls.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.