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UI for ASP.NET (discontinued) Q2 2008

July 20, 2008

What’s New in RadControls for ASP.NET Q2 2008:

RadAjax v1.8.6

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed an error appearing with validators on the page and disabled event validation
  2. RadAjaxServiceManager under Firefox 3 issues is fixed

RadCalendar v2.2.6

What’s Fixed:

  1. [DatePickers Design-time] Fixed absolute positioning problem of the inputs
  2. DatePickingInput hidden textbox style fixes for Safari
  3. Ajaxified RadCalendar with Skin="None" freezing browser problem is now fixed.
  4. An IE missing border issue in some DatePicker skins is fixed

RadChart v4.1.4

What’s Fixed:

  1. Candlestick charts now respect XValue
  2. Fixed issues with nullable data source
  3. Fixed issues with DefaultLabelValue
  4. Fixed OutOfMemoryException caused by certain gradient settings
  5. Top left pixel is not grey anymore
  6. Fixed issues with chart series item label margins
  7. Fixed some calculation issues with rotated label dimensions.

RadEditor v7.3.4

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed an IE problem with flash urls (when they contain Hebrew characters)
  2. Fixed an IE problem with links/emails
  3. Fixed an IE problem with the relative URLs
  4. Updated the Ajax Spell checker tool to ignore special content (e.g. scripts)
  5. Fixed a bug in the indent HTML filter when there are $ characters inside scripts in the editor content
  6. Fixed a Firefox 3 bug when pasting content in the editor
  7. Fixed an IE problem when inserting empty paragraphs (they were not rendered correctly)
  8. Fixed an IE problem with XHTML client filter (align attribute, empty href attribute)

RadGrid v5.1.4

What’s New:

  1. Support for System.Char on filtering
  2. Support for TimeSpan data binding
  3. [CSV export] File extension added for CSV export

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed EnablePostBackOnRowClick on clientselect column
  2. Fixed wrong paging message when no records are displayed with "always visible" pager
  3. [Design-time] Serialization of some properties will no longer change the markup
  4. [CSV export] No additional column separator at the end of the header/item
  5. [CSV export] GridExpandColumn, GridRowIndicatorColumn, GridGroupSplitterColumn columns are no longer exported to CSV
  6. Fixed multi column edit form layout - wrong column span order
  7. Fixed IE cell borders missing when the cell is empty in read only mode

RadInput v2.1.6

What’s Fixed:

  1. Input controls absolute positioning in VS 2005 is fixed.
  2. Fixed RadMaskedTextBox XHTML validation error
  3. Fixed RadMaskedTextBox with RequiredFieldValidators issue - inproper triggering of validator error message on focus/blur action
  4. Fixed a problem with RadTextBox and AutoCompleteType="None"
  5. Fixed not applied ButtonsCssClass

RadMenu v4.4.6

What’s Fixed:

  1. The StyleSheetHolder span is no longer rendered.

RadTreeView v6.3.6

What’s Fixed:

  1. The user could no longer select more than one node from codebehind even when multiple selection is disabled

RadWindow v1.9.6

What’s Fixed:

  1. Fixed a bug in the Default skin when a Radwindow is maximized.
  2. Fixed a false positive detection from certain anti-virus software