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UI for ASP.NET (discontinued) Q2 2007

September 17, 2007

What’s New in RadControls for ASP.NET Q2 2007:

All controls now feature new common Default and Vista skins.

RadAjax v1.8

What’s New:

  1. Sys.Application.load event now fired after execution of the scripts

What’s Fixed:

  1. RadAjaxServiceManager output issue with complex 1-item collection data is now fixed.
  2. RadAjaxPanel no longer throws an exception if LoadingPanel is in different naming container.
  3. The NullReferenceException when RadAjaxManager added to and removed from the controls collection is now fixed.
  4. LoadingPanel now behaves as expected in all cases under Safari.
  5. The NullReferenceException when ajaxifiyng a control with null ID but with UniqueID using the manager is now fixed.
  6. ASP.NET AJAX components are now properly disposed/created.
  7. RadAjaxPanel can now be properly disabled on ajax call from Button or ImageButton
  8. CheckBoxLists and RadioButtonLists duplciation issue is now fixed.
  9. RadAjaxServiceManager: Synchronous Ajax requests and encodeURIComponent typo is now fixed.
  10. Page.MaintainScrollPositionOnPostBack and RadAjax.EnableOutsideScripts are now longer causing stack overflow exception.

RadCalendar v2.2

What’s New:

  1. RadDatePicker: new rendering mechanism which allows for proper support of different width/height units (e.g. percentage)
  2. RadDateTimePicker / RadTimePicker: Shared TimeView functionality.

What’s Fixed:

  1. RadDatePicker: the ErrorMessage for the client-side validation is now displayed / hidden on focus / blur (as the standard ASP.NET controls do).
  2. RadDatePicker: the calendar component did not trigger client validation immediately but only on postback. The issue is now fixed.
  3. RadDatePicker: DateInput month single entry evaluation issue if the current month has less days than the selected one is now fixed.
  4. RadDatePicker : clearing the date in the OnError client-side event handler of the DateInput no longer sets the invalid style for the control.
  5. RadDatePicker: DateInput problem with setting DateFormat to tt hh:mm:ss is now fixed.
  6. RadDatePicker: DateInput problem with Chinese (Taiwan) culture is now fixed.
  7. RadDatePicker: issue with mootools script on date selection (Firefox only) is now fixed.
  8. RadDateTimePicker / RadTimePicker: TimeView popup above now works as expected.
  9. RadCalendar: a problem with the FocusedDate property in a MultiView calendar.

RadChart v4.0

What’s New:

The new version of RadChart comes with a number of novel features and enhancements delivering rich functionality and data presentation capabilities. Its innovative rendering engine provides remarkable performance quality and polished images, enhancing the overall user experience. RadChart introduces also:

  1. YAxis supports logarithmic scaling
  2. A new CandleStick financial chart
  3. Support for spline curve areas. The curve behaves the same way the normal spline curve does, but also offers the possibility to fill the belonging area.
  4. RadChart now features a so-called "strict mode" for bar series. All XValues will be respected and bars will be positioned according to their XValues. If, however, you don't have any series items with XValues then RadChart will resume standard sequential ordering of each item.
  5. Support for empty values approximation. If your dataset is missing a value RadChart can approximate it for you.
  6. Scalebreaks allowing you to "break off" large chunks of the axis so that graphs with great amplitudes are easier to read.
  7. New intelligent labels dramatically increasing readability in very busy charts. The charting engine now supports newline in all chart labels
  8. The new Marked Zones now provide another option for chart customization
  9. Labelstep feature which allows for spacing out labels

RadCombobox v2.8

What’s New:

  1. Improved client-side Validation.
  2. New AfterClientCallBackError client-side event.
  3. New ErrorMessage property that shows a custom error message after the Load On Demand CallBack error appears.
  4. New TextChanged server event.

What’s Fixed:

  1. The SelectedIndexChanged event fires only when the selected item has been changed. Even if the item has been changed with some custom text and the combobox gets blurred, the SelectedIndexChenged event will also be fired.
  2. The OnClientSelectedIndexChanged event also fires under the conditions described above.
  3. The OnClientBlur, OnClientFocus and KeyBoard Navigation now work as expected without any side effects and limitations.
  4. You can start the combobox with no selected item in it. If you set the Text property of the control to a text that does not match any of the items in the list (including an empty string " "), no item will be selected. The MarkFirstMatch property should be enabled in this case.
  5. When the matched item is highlighted it appears on the top of the list.
  6. When the containing div is resized, the drop-down area stays stuck to the input field. It does not freeze any longer.
  7. No empty text is persisted in the input field when the MarkFirstMatch is on and the AllowCustomText is off
  8. The Sorting mechanism has been completely removed.

RadEditor v7.2

What’s Fixed:

  1. Added code for getting the Skin property from the web.config setting when it was not explicitly set.
  2. Safari 2.x and 3.0 compatibility improvements.
  3. Improvements on Xhtml validator module.
  4. Lost 'selected' attribute in 'option' elements with Xhtml on is now fixed.
  5. A problem with Firefox and google ads - addEventListener security restriction - is now fixed.
  6. The upload and delete paths are now trimmed as well. Until now only the view paths were trimmed.
  7. Fontsize tools are now enabled in Safari 3.0.
  8. A problem with BackColor command not being properly restored when Redo was executed in Firefox is now fixed.
  9. A problem with multiple flash files in non-IE browsers is now fixed.
  10. A workaround for a bug in IE that converts imagemap area attribute values to uppercase, which is not valid XHTML is now implemented.
  11. An error, which prevented links from working in Safari in specific cases, is now fixed.
  12. The client-side editor events properties can now be set in the configuration file as well.
  13. Link manager fix for emails with “&” in their subject.
  14. In IE when NewLineBR = true and the user presses Enter while cursor is inside or at the end of a H1-H6 element, the resulting HTML was not be the same as when the property is turned off.
  15. A problem in IE when moving / dragging images that are surrounded by links is now fixed.
  16. A problem where the editor will throw a "RadControls directory not found" exception if there is no Internet connection is now fixed.

RadGrid v5.0

What’s New:

Major features:

  1. Frozen Columns - ClientSettings.Scrolling.FrozenColumnsCount to define grid frozen columns count
  2. Export to PDF and CSV format. PDF export: Provides various settings in ExportSettings.Pdf to configure the document appearance, Includes predefined pager sizes (GridPdfExportSettings), Support for all XHTML entities (use &lt;/&gt;/&euro;/etc in your grid cells to display <,>,€ respectively
  3. New ControlState feature (equivalent for the DataSourcePersistenceMode = NoPersistence functionality). Even with viewstate disabled explicitly RadGrid will keep track of its most common features and will save/recover its state on postback requests from its control state storage. This feature is available under ASP.NET 2.x only, DataSourcePersistenceMode = NoPersistence is marked as obsolete and still can be used under ASP.NET 1.x.
  4. Full support for the ASP.NET 3.5 LinqDataSource control.
  5. Full support for the Web Client Software Factory(<>) ObjectContainerDataSource control.
  6. Added support for grouping when using custom paging. Check the documentation for more info.


  1. Improved RTL support. The skinning mechanism has been extended to provide specific classes that are applied for RTL scenarios only.
  2. GridSortingSettings.SortedBackColor + GridColumn SortedBackColor is applied if column is sorted. Default value is Color.Empty
  3. Image reorder/drag&drop indicators are now applied for all skins.
  4. Richer styling for the filter menu. A separate CSS class is now applied, GridFilterMenu_<SkinName>, and the built-in skins have been updated.
  5. Edit form CSS class - GridEditForm_<SkinName> added to edit form item div
  6. AJAX Loading Template CSS class available in Grid skins - GridLoadingTemplate_<Skin>

New properties/methods:

  1. Paging tooltip (EnableAJAXScrollPaging="True") is now localizable – please use ClientSettings.ClientMessages.PagerTooltipFormatString property
  2. New AllowSorting property for GridCheckBoxColumn and GridDropDownColumn
  3. New AutoGenerateDeleteColumn & AutoGenerateEditColumn properties for the grid similar to GridView.
  4. New GridDataItem FindItemByKeyValue(string keyName, object keyValue) & GridDataItem[] FindItemsByKeyValues(IDictionary dictionary) methods for GridTableView
  5. Changed properties: The RetrieveNullAsDBNull property default value has been changed to true.


  1. Browser event object as argument for OnRowSelecting & OnRowSelected client-side event handlers
  2. ExportToCSV() & ExportToPdf() client-side methods for RadGridTable object


  1. New EditAllCommandName to edit all records in the grid.
  2. Codeless hierarchy support for any DataSourceControl with SelectParameters collection
  3. The grid now throws an informative exception when you forget to override Clone() in a derived column.
  4. New RebindGridButton & InitInsertButton ID's for the default CommandItem buttons
  5. New filter menu for System.Boolean DataType + CheckBox instead of TextBox in the header

What’s Fixed:

Binding issues:

  1. In rare cases, RadGrid binding 3 times when bound to a datasource control and using automatic deletes. The issue is now fixed.
  2. Grid sometimes not binding on postback when datasourcepersistencemode=nopersistence and viewstate is enabled. The issues is now fixed.
  3. Groups that have a NULL value for their grouping columns now work correctly.


  1. Filtering now works as expected after columns reordering.
  2. Filtering behavior with IsEmpty, NotIsEmpty, IsNull and NotIsNull is now fixed.
  3. You can now exit as expected with TAB key from filter textboxes.
  4. Filter menu now shows as expected when the website has a space in its name (in Cassini ony).
  5. Filtering now works as expected with data having percent symbol (use square brackets [%] for StartsWith, Contains, etc).


  1. Grid client-side object not created after file export when in frame


  1. GridClientSelectColumn now selects as expected if you have a CssClass applied to the checkbox.
  2. Client-side DeselectRow now properly un-checks GridClientSelectColumn's checkbox.
  3. Hierarchical grid & client row selection issues are now fixed.
  4. "Drag to Select" now works as expected with Dataformatsting="nobr {0} nobr"


  1. Column AllowSorting="false" now behaves as expected in detail table having AllowSorting="true".


  1. RadGrid now properly recreates GridClientSelectColumn and GridClientDeleteColumn from viewstate on postback
  2. Improvement in GridBoundColumn.Clone() implementation.
  3. PageSizeChanged can now be handled on initial load.
  4. MasterTableView.Width is now correctly copied to detail tables in case of self-hierarchy.
  5. Deleting the currently clicked row in SelectedIndexChanged no longer causes an exception.
  6. DeleteCommand is no longer called before Page_Load when using client-delete column.
  7. AutoPostBackOnFilter is now cloned correctly for detail tables in GridBoundColumn, GridTemplateColumn, GridCheckBoxColumn and GridDropDownColumn.
  8. Changing detail table page size no longer causes a null reference exception.


  1. Client-side object no longer receive wrong CurrentFilterFunction for not auto-generated columns in detail tables.
  2. Performance problems under IE with Show/Hide columns client-side are now fixed.
  3. Client-side objects creation and JSON serialization is now optimized.
  4. There is no client-side object anymore when no client-side features selected and the grid has a Skin.
  5. A JS error with TableLayout=Auto and the grid has no data is now fixed.
  6. TextArea can now properly gain focus in FF with EnableDragToSelectRows.
  7. Keydown and keyup are now attached to the grid and will be executed if the grid has focus.
  8. GridTable now always renders the correct client IDs (scrolling + static headers issue with autogenerated ID is now fixed.)
  9. EnablePostBackOnRowClick issues are now fixed.
  10. MasterTableView.ExportToExcel()/ExportToWord() now export with AJAX-Enabled Grid.


  1. Headers/Data misalignments when grouping with scrolling with static headers is now fixed.
  2. The grid CSS Skin file is now registered server-side in page header.
  3. GridFooter_XXX css class and other footer style attributes on footer TDs are now applied as expected.
  4. Cells content no longer overflows outside of the cell under Opera when resizing grid columns.

Localization issues:

  1. Null for DefaultValue instead of String.Empty in GridGroupByField.HeaderText no longer causes localization problems with FieldAlias.
  2. Localizable attribute is now removed from images in grid columns (problems with serialization are fixed)
  3. Localized string export is now enabled in grid when ExportOnlyData="true".


  1. Status bar now shows "loading" message as expected in all scenarios.
  2. Columns are no properly resized after columns reorder.
  3. Columns are now properly resized in case of columns with Display="false".
  4. Editing rows using enter key will now call ItemCommand/EditCommand.
  5. Resizing, reordering and grouping now work as expected in Safari (for Mac and Win)
  6. BackImageUrl is now properly applied in all cases.

RadInput v2.1

What’s New:

  1. New rendering mechanism for RadInput controls which allows for proper support of different width/height units (e.g. percentage)

What’s Fixed:

  1. RadInput controls: last character is no longer cut off when the control is updated by an AjaxTimer.
  2. RadDateInput: month single entry evaluation issue if the current month has less days than the selected one is now fixed.
  3. RadDateInput: clearing the date in the OnError client-side event handler no longer sets the invalid style for the control.
  4. RadDateInput: problem with setting DateFormat to tt hh:mm:ss is now fixed.
  5. RadDateInput: problem with Chinese (Taiwan) culture is now fixed.
  6. RadNumericTextBox: fixed parsing issues with the client-side SetValue(...) method when the decimal separator for the control is different from decimal point (also the OnValueChanged client-side event fired erroneously on certain occasions when the decimal separator for the control is different from decimal point).
  7. RadMaskedTextbox / RadNumericTextBox: the value is now restored on form reset.
  8. RadMaskedTextBox: problem with the ViewState persistance of the Mask / DisplayMask properties is now fixed.
  9. RadMaskedTextBox: Text value is no longer lost on postback when the control is set up with Mask in the code-behind.
  10. RadMaskedTextBox: problem when swapping the Mask of the control is now fixed.
  11. RadMaskedTextBox: the Text is now properly parsed if it is declaratively set before the Mask property.
  12. RadMaskedTextBox: copy / paste JavaScript error in Internet Explorer is now fixed..

RadMenu v4.4

What’s New:

  1. When RadMenu is bound to SiteMapDataSource the menu item corresponding to the current site map node is now automatically highlighted.
  2. Scrolling of the root item group in context menu mode.
  3. Scrolling for second level items

What’s Fixed:

  1. Performance improvements for Gecko based browsers
  2. Incorrect width of root level separators in RTL mode is now fixed.
  3. Incorrect item width in FireFox and RTL mode is now fixed.
  4. A JavaScript error on mouse hovering when the item has template is now fixed.
  5. A random JavaScript error during disposing in Ajax scenarios is now fixed.

RadPanelbar v4.3

What’s New:

  1. When RadPanelbar is bound to SiteMapDataSource the panel item corresponding to the current site map node is now automatically selected and its parents are expanded.
  2. A new css class (“expandable”) is applied to items which have children.

What’s Fixed:

  1. Random JavaScript error during disposing in Ajax scenarios is now fixed.
  2. A JavaScript error when the total height of root level items is larger than the height of the panelbar is now fixed.

RadRotator v2.7

What’s Fixed:

  1. RadTicker now works as expected after update from MS Ajax

RadSplitter v1.3

What’s Fixed:

  1. EnableClientDebug=true and RadTextBox no longer cause a JS error under IE.
  2. Fixed a scenario where splitter was initially collapsed and splitbar is set to Both.
  3. Fixed a problem with growing size on mouseover.

RadTabstrip v3.6

What’s New:

  1. When RadTabStrip is bound to SiteMapDataSource the tab corresponding to the current site map node is now automatically selected and its parents are expanded.

What’s Fixed:

  1. ReorderTabRows didn’t work when RadTabStrip is inside a table and AutoPostback is set to true.

RadTreeView v6.3

What’s New:

  1. When RadTreeView is bound to SiteMapDataSource the node corresponding to the current site map node is now automatically selected and its parents are expanded.
  2. Improved drag and drop support in RTL mode

What’s Fixed:

  1. A couple of memory leaks are now eliminated.
  2. Issues in RTL mode and Internet Explorer 6 are now fixed.
  3. Keyboard support issues in Safari are now fixed.
  4. Double firing of the BeforeClientToggle event is now corrected.

RadUpload v2.4

What’s New:

  1. New UploadedFile.MoveTo(fileName) method. This method should be faster than the SaveAs() method when RadMemoryOptimization is enabled.
  2. New RequestCanceled property which is true when the browser breaks the connection (the upload is canceled).

What’s Fixed:

  1. The progress is now properly displayed when you start an upload, press cancel and then start the upload again.
  2. The upload no longer ends with an OutOfMemoryException in some specific cases.
  3. The temp file is now always removed at the end of the request.