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UI for ASP.NET (discontinued) Q2 2006 SP2

August 16, 2006

What’s New in RadControls Q2 2006

RadAjax framework provides a universal, cross-browser approach for creating highly interactive applications. The patent-pending Click-and-Go™ technology allows developers to AJAX-enable any new or existing ASP.NET application without making any modifications (placing Update Panels, setting triggers, etc.) and without writing a single line of JavaScript or server-side code.

Optimized rendering: Telerik navigation controls now implement a highly efficient semantic rendering, which uses list items and CSS instead of tables. As a result the HTML output is reduced by up to 70%, which dramatically improves performance.

Skins: RadControls suite is now shipped with a consistent set of skins that allow you to easily build slick interfaces with the look-and-feel of Windows XP, Office, Visual Studio, etc. The skin of every control can be easily switched using a single property.

Embedded Web Resources: auxiliary files (scripts, images, CSS, etc.) are now implemented as Embedded Web Resources in ASP.NET 2.0 for an effortless deployment process.

New Major Versions in this release:

RadAjax v1.0.0
What’s New:

Benefits of the Telerik RadAjax framework
AJAX-enable any existing or new application, regardless of its level of complexity
Don't have to know in details how AJAX works
Don't have to make any modification to your application
Don't have to write a single line of code (JavaScript or server-side)

Controls comprising the Telerik RadAjax framework
AJAX Manager
AJAX Panel
Loading Panel
AJAX Timer

Features of the Telerik RadAjax framework
Works with any standard ASP.NET controls and most 3rd party controls
Support for .NET 1.x and 2.0
Preservation of the page life-cycle
Proper handling of the ASP.NET ViewState and EventValidation
Persistence of form values
Persistence of JavaScript code
Support for ASP.NET Client Validation
Search-engine optimization

RadMenu v4.0.0
What’s New:

  1. Optimized HTML rendering through list items resulting in 70% less output and much faster performance
  2. Extended client-side API closely matching the server-side API
  3. Powerful DataBinding capabilities including full support for ASP.NET 2.0 Declarative DataSources
  4. Enhanced Visual Studio .NET design time support: applying skins in design time, new builder dialog, AutoFormat feature, design-time support for declarative data sources, hierarchical binding to flat data sources
  5. Improved and very easy to use single-property skinning mechanism
  6. A variety of expand/collapse animation effects

RadUpload v2.0.0
What’s New:

1. Attach a progress area to <input type=file> element - RadProgressArea can now be used with the standard <input type=file> elements without the presence of RadUpload on the page. Developers may find this scenario useful when they want to create a completely custom upload form user interface.

2. New RadProgressManager control - is used for monitoring the form submission progress and updating the progress areas on the page.

3. Monitor any measurable server process - Thanks to the new RadProgressManager you can use the progress area to monitor not only file uploads but also any time consuming tasks on the server such as heavy calculations, database queries, etc.

4. Multiple progress areas - The developers can now put any number of progress areas on a page.

5. Custom progress areas with templates - RadProgressArea contains a ProgressTemplate property, which can be used to fully customize its content and style. For example you can rearrange the progress elements or create your own progress bar.

6. Reduced server load - RadUpload now features a new HttpHandler specially designed for monitoring the process and updating its progress. As a result upon a request for progress update the server does not pass through the complete page lifecycle as this is not needed. This significantly reduces the server load and data transfer.

7. Both RadProgressArea and RadProgressManager provide rich API for client-side customization.

New Key Updates in this release:

RadDock v1.5.0
What’s New:

  1. New Client-Side events (DragStart,DragEnd, Drag, Drop, Dock, Undock)
  2. MoveTo method now allows animation effects
  3. Overlay for the docking object

RadEditor v6.5.0
What’s New:

  1. Editor scripts are now implemented as Embedded WebResources
  2. Greatly improved support for Safari (getting close to the IE and Moz support)
  3. FileBrowserContentProvider implemented to allow FileBrowser related dialogs (Document Manager, Flash Manager, Image Manager, Media Manager, Template Manager) to use files from different sources (e.g. databases) or complicated application configurations (e.g. having HttpHandlers defined)
  4. Links stripping mechanism in IE revised. The default behavior has been made more user friendly, also the flexibility of customizing the link stripping is greatly increased.
  5. Several memory leaks have been eliminated
  6. New property OnClientInit introduced - which will allow for more flexibility in certain complex scenarios on the client
  7. New tool added- FormatCodeBlock

What’s Fixed:

  1. Several editor resizing issues are fixed (when showing/hiding modules, switching to html mode and back, using % for width and height rather than px values, different doctypes inconsistencies, differences in how the editor renders in different browsers) - now the experience is smoother.
  2. Two different problems with deleting content using Backspace and Delete button
  3. IE - Deleting Media files when a file is selected with the mouse now works ok, without leaving a black box on the screen that does not disappear.
  4. Missing CSS files requested in 3 editor dialogs - problem fixed.
  5. Various other small problems fixed.

RadGrid v3.5.0
What’s New:

  1. New single-property skinning mechanism
  2. Codeless relations between grids on the page
  3. Enhanced smart tag in Visual Studio 2005
  4. Keyboard Navigation

RadWindow v1.5.0
What’s New:

  1. New server properties:
    ReloadOnShow - new property that specifies whether the page that is loaded in the window will be cached from the browser or not.
    ShowPageDuringLoad - new property that gets or sets a value indicating whether the page that is loaded in the window should be shown during the loading process, or when it has finished loading (useful in scenarios where controls on the page being loaded expect the page to be visible to properly position themselves).
    OnClientPageLoad - new property that specifies the client function to be called when a page is loaded in a RadWindow.
  2. Moved client events from the RadWindowManager level to the RadWindow level - a very common request.
  3. CallBackFunction changed to support the ability to fire on the RadWindow level and not on the RadWindowManager level.
  4. Localization support for RadWindow popups (radalert, radconfirm, radprompt).
  5. Client API Additions
    SetStatus(str) method - displays content in the window status bar.
    GetContentFrame() method - returns a reference to the window content iframe.

What’s Fixed

  1. Improved modality mechanism - when a modal dialog was shown, scrollbars used to show on the browser page. The problem is now fixed.
  2. Improved autoresize of RadWindow popups to adjust to larger content.
  3. Improved OpenerElementId behavior. Now OpenerElements can be declared after the RadWindow manager declaration.
  4. Improved back-reference mechanism (needed for dialogs and for the popups ). Now it works properly in a scenario where a new page is loaded in a RadWindow not using its SetUrl method, but directly by the browser by clicking on a link with a "target" attribute to open a page in RadWindow, and not the radopen method.
  5. Opera - Implemented Popup support (for radalert, radconfirm, radprompt)
  6. Mozilla + Atlas enhancement. There was a problem with executing the window onload code due to event mixup when used with Atlas.

New Updates in this release:

RadCalendar v1.7.0

RadChart v2.8.0

RadComboBox v2.3.0

RadInput v1.3.0

RadPanelBar v3.8.0

RadRotator v2.3.0

RadSpell v2.8.0

RadTabStrip v3.2.0

RadToolBar v1.2.0

RadTreeView v5.4.0

Changes and Backwards Compatibility