Release History

By product

UI for ASP.NET (discontinued) Q2 2005

June 29, 2005

Features two new products – RadGrid and RadComboBox, major update of RadEditor, RadMenu, RadSpell, RadTabStrip and a minor update of Raddesigner

Product Highlights:

- RadGrid 1.0
Extensive Cross-Browser Support
Hierarchical Structure with many Tables
Outlook-style Grouping
Multi-Column Sorting
Column and Row Resizing
Column Reordering with Drag-and-Drop
Rich Set of Column Types
Scrolling with Static Headers
Multi-Row Selection and Area Selection
VS.NET Design-Time Support
Extensive Client-Side API
Custom Editors Support

- RadComboBox 1.0
Powerful Auto-complete Functionality
Load on Demand
Template Support
Keyboard Support
Flexible Binding Mechanism
Full VS.NET Design-Time Support
Rich Set of Server and Client Events
Support for Custom Attributes
Appearance Customization
Display over Windowed Objects

- RadEditor 5.0
Dockable and Floating toolbars
Multilevel Undo/Redo with Word-like action trails
Multiple Editors with a single toolbar at the top of the page
Context menus under Gecko-based browsers
Adaptive buttons
Rich Client-side API
System modules
Enhanced dialogs
New toolbars and buttons

- RadMenu 3.0
Content Template Support
Full VS.NET Design-Time Support
Extensive Keyboard Support
Support for Themes
Screen Boundaries Detection
Powerful Data Binding methods
Extensive Client-Side API
Image Preloading and Caching
Horizontal Scrolling

- RadSpell 2.0
Extensive Client-side API and events
Custom text source
Improved multiple controls spellchecking
Phonetic spellchecking algorithm
Ability to ignore various text fragments
Selection checking

- RadTabStrip 2.0
Logical Separation of Labels and Content Area
Integration with Radmultipage
Hierarchical Tab Structures
XML Content File
Keyboard Support
Multi-Language Support
Improved VS.NET Design-time Support
Enhanced Server-Side API
New Client-Side Events

- Raddesigner 1.6
RadEditor 4.07 is now added