Release History

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UI for ASP.NET (discontinued) Q1 2005

January 16, 2005

Features a major update of RadTreeView, RadPanelBar, RadChart and a minor update of RadSpell

Product Highlights :

- RadTreeView 4.0
Client-side load on demand
Flexible sorting mechanism
Powerful DataBinding methods
Appearance customization for a single node and group of nodes

- RadChart 2.0
Rich set of new chart types
Numerical X axis
Custom legend items
Image Maps
Postback Events
Rotating Axis Labels
Axis label formatting
Improved VS.NET Design Time Support

- RadPanelBar 3.0
Content Template Support
VS.NET Design Time Support
Keyboard Support
Flexible Data Binding methods
Extensive Cross-Browser Support
Support for Themes
Switchable Content Flow (Alignment)
Ability for inline definition of PanelItems in .aspx/.ascx files

- RadSpell 1.3
IE on Mac Support
Ignoring inline scripts and style definitions in html text