Release History

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Extensions for ASP.NET MVC Open Source (discontinued) BETA2009.3.1210

December 9, 2009


  • Removed the Grid<T>(T item) overload to avoid type inference problems
  • Filtering works for more than two columns simultaneously
  • Empty grid cells are now displayed
  • Fixed problem with pager being improperly updated when bound to empty data
  • The filtering menu detects the bounds of the grid and opens in the opposite direction if there is no room
  • Optimizations in JavaScript file size and performance


  • Windows 7 theme
  • Updates in the look and feel of themes – using softer gradients
  • Shared web asset groups are enabled by default now
  • Items with content set were not rendered expanded if they are selected
  • Improved highlightpath functionality
  • Load on demand items will be automatically populated on initial render (panelbar, tabstrip)
  • Hierarchical binding support (panelbar, menu)
  • Highlightpath and selection implemented for menu and tabstrip
  • Introduced LinkHtmlAttributes for setting the html attributes of the link rendered by navigation items (panelbar, tabstrip, menu)
  • Added support for route values for LoadContentFrom (tabstrip, panelbar)
  • Expanding panel items were not expandable in IE7 when the url contains #
  • TabStrips can be nested now