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Extensions for ASP.NET MVC Open Source (discontinued) 2012.31017

October 15, 2012

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Installer and VS Extensions

What’s New

  • Added: Optimized solution load times
  • Added: Made MVC templates ASP.NET MVC 4 compatible
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What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: ComboBox re-selects incorrectly item on document click
  • Fixed: Searching for item when entering an upper case letter using the shift key
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What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Console error caused by Editor iframe in IE when using HTTPS
  • Fixed: Inline styles are removed when posting content with IE7
  • Fixed: Link / image dialogs cannot be localized
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What’s New

  • Improvement: Added overloads to set text for template command buttons

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Show/hide column is not applied on grid footer
  • Fixed: Filter on enum fields fails when client operation mode is enabled
  • Fixed: Pager count is not reset after filtering if client operation mode is enabled
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What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Ctrl+click on navigatable menu items does not open a new FF tab
  • Fixed: Menu does not correctly authorize actions from different areas
  • Fixed: Menu throws exception when trying to authorize URL which does not exist
  • Fixed: Root menu item does not navigate when open on focus is enabled
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What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Clicking disabled NumericTextBox freezes the IE9 browser
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What’s New

  • Improvement: Call BindTo method's Action after the item is added to the Items collection
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What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Calling dataBind() on loaded remote nodes prevents user from collapsing them
  • Fixed: Drag & drop in AJAX treeview does not update parent state
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What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Unable to set data in upload event on retry