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Extensions for ASP.NET MVC (discontinued) 2011.1414

April 13, 2011

Common for all extensions

What’s New

  • Improved: jQuery validate plugin upgraded to version 1.8 due to compatibility issues with jQuery 1.5.1

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: ScriptRegistrar and StylesheetRegistrar render their output before the page DOCTYPE in some scenarios
Visual Studio Extensions Icon

Installer and VS Extensions

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Project Wizard copies the WebForms editor templates in Razor projects
  • Fixed: Wrong jQuery registration in the Master Page (Layout Page)
Calendar MVC Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: The calendar is not fully visible in IE7 when inside a TabStrip
ComboBox MVC Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: ComboBox bound via AJAX throws exception when open() method is called
  • Fixed: AutoComplete incorrectly appends comma separated value even when multiple selection is stopped
  • Fixed: ComboBox does not send correct numbers of "spaces" in IE8 or lower
  • Fixed: ComboBox does not stop filtering after end user removes auto-filled text and presses TAB key
  • Fixed: ComboBox throws an exception when end user presses repeatedly up/down arrows and the data is not loaded yet
DatePicker MVC Icon

Date/Time Pickers

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: DatePicker value() returns old value instead of a new value when Change event is raised
  • Fixed: DateTimePicker value() returns old value instead of a new value when Change event is raised
  • Fixed: TimePicker value() returns old value instead of a new value when Change event is raised
Editor MVC Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Auto-linking does not work in IE8
  • Fixed: JavaScript error is thrown by the editor if the user clicks in another input element quickly
  • Fixed: Pasting text from notepad fails if the text contains line breaks
Grid MVC Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Batch editing does not work when the grid is grouped
  • Fixed: Invalid markup is generated when the grid is sortable and a column's HeaderTemplate is set
  • Fixed: New rows are added for every group if the grid is server bound
  • Fixed: GridTableBuilder does not render <col> tags as self-closing
  • Fixed: AutoComplete values are not correctly extracted from grid's edit form
  • Fixed: DateTime model properties are posted in invalid format if not shown in a column with ajax editing
  • Fixed: DefaultDataItem should be serialized only if ajax or webservice binding is enabled
  • Fixed: DetailsView's colSpan is not calculated correctly if the grid is initially hidden and a row is expanded
  • Fixed: Grid does not post value from TimePicker or DateTimePicker components on update
  • Fixed: Grid grouping is broken in RTL mode
  • Fixed: Grouping fails when bound to DataTable through ajax binding
  • Fixed: Grouping on Int values fails if bound through EntityFramework code first provider
  • Fixed: HtmlAttributtes set during CellAction are applied for all cells of that column
  • Fixed: Insert item is send to the server if deleted while it is opened using batch editing
  • Fixed: Javascript error is thrown if custom ClientFooterTemplate is used and the grid is empty
  • Fixed: Javascript error is thrown when filtering on invalid date value
  • Fixed: Metadata provider throws exception if unobtrusive validation is enabled and the grid is bound to a data table
  • Fixed: Misplaced columns when filling new record in grouped grid
  • Fixed: NullReferenceException is thrown when the Name() of the grid is not set
  • Fixed: Only extracted values should be posted if not in InCell edit mode
  • Fixed: Remote validation does not work as expected when validation request takes long time
  • Fixed: RowDataBound should not be raised when insert action is cancelled
  • Fixed: The default MVC editor template for nullable boolean is not populated as expected
  • Fixed: Hidden() method does not hide the column with client-side binding
  • Fixed: Custom Command column CSS classes do not render
  • Fixed: Custom column CSS classes overwrite native column CSS classes
  • Fixed: Last column CSS class does not take into account hidden columns
NumericTextBox MVC Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Globalized NumericTextBox does not parse correctly decimal number
  • Fixed: NumericTextBox does not copy custom CSS classes from input element to the DIV, which contains formatted value
  • Fixed: NumericTextBox value() returns old value instead of a new value when Change event is raised
  • Fixed: Textbox value is seen twice in WebKit browsers when the component is disabled
Upload MVC Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Dropping a file over a synchronous Upload should not be allowed
  • Fixed: Dropping a file does not fire the Select event
  • Fixed: Error when uploading second file in an asynchronous upload with Multiple set to false
Window MVC Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Added: Scrollable option for the window’s open client method

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Window does not load protocol-less URLs in iframe
  • Fixed: Window does not render an iframe automatically when contentUrl is set and it gets created on the client