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Extensions for ASP.NET MVC (discontinued) 2010.1518

May 17, 2010

Common for all extensions

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: IsAuthorized method was not called if a custom attribute implements IAuthorizeAttribute.
  • Fixed: The Zip extension method conflicts with .NET 4 existing method
  • Fixed: Initially disabled items does not render href attribute of the link and the LOD does not work.
Calendar MVC Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Next month arrow is disabled if Value is less/bigger than 1 month from MaxDate/MinDate
DatePicker MVC Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: DatePicker does not accept string.Empty as parameter in Value method.
  • Fixed: DatePicker popup throws javascript error when opened in Firefox 3.0
  • Fixed: DatePicker stays occupied when using effects
  • Fixed: Exception is thrown when DatePickerFor(model => model) is used
Grid MVC Icon


What’s New

  • Improved: URL rendered for the refresh icon

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: Cannot clear initial filters in server binding mode
  • Fixed: Custom server binding does not populate the GridCommand action parameter
  • Fixed: Filtering does not work with umlaut characters
  • Fixed: Filtering icons are not visible under IE8 when sorting is disabled
  • Fixed: Incorrect filter expression when filtering a numeric column
  • Fixed: Input server paging does not work with custom route
  • Fixed: Pager textbox does not work with server binding
  • Fixed: Server filtering breaks after applying a filter which contains aposthophe
  • Fixed: In-line edited columns are mis-aligned when column widths are in percentages
NumericTextBox MVC Icon


What’s Fixed

  • Fixed: When input is empty the change event is not triggered.